Best Catches in Football

Who is the best football player?
Who is the best football player?

In this technological age, football fans debating which are the best catches in football history, or who the best college team of all time is, can now watch many of these spectacular athletic events again and again. You can watch them on YouTube and at other video outlets where you'll find compilations and highlights of fantastic football plays available with just a click of your mouse.

1. Tyrone Prothro's Catch Against Southern Mississippi

Tyrone Prothro's catch behind the defensive player's helmet is spectacular. He holds on to the ball as he is tackled and flipped, lands on his neck and doesn't drop the ball. Prothro's catch against Southern Mississippi was the official winner of the final Pontiac "Game Changing Performance" of the Year.

2. Dwight Clark of the 1982 San Francisco 49ers

With 51 seconds left in his team's quest for the N.F.C. title, Joe Montana threw the ball to Dwight Clark who made a remarkable catch in the end zone to win the game for the 1982 San Francisco 49ers.

3. Chris Moore from Western Washington University

Chris Moore from Western Washington University puts a smile on the face, but it truly is one of the best catches in football. As Moore dives for the catch he uses his hands but doesn't quite get a grasp on the ball. As he tumbles and rolls, he uses his foot, heel, derrière, his other heel, then his left hand, right hand and finally his gut to make the catch. This great catch garnered Chris Moore an ESPY award.

4. Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception

No list of best catches in football would be complete without mentioning the immaculate reception that occurred in the 1972 divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders. 22 seconds remained on the clock in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Three Rivers Stadium and Pittsburgh trailed the Oakland Raiders by one point, 7-6. It was fourth down. Situated at the 40-yard line, they needed 10 yards for a first down. The Raiders rushed Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw who fired the ball over the middle to John Fuqua. Fuqua and Raiders safety Jack Tatum reached the ball at the same time and the ball popped out. While the Raiders began to celebrate, Franco Harris had plucked the ball out of the air just before it hit the ground and started running down the left sideline. A few Raiders chased him but couldn't stop him from making a touchdown. After Pittsburgh kicked the extra point they led 13-7 with five seconds left in the game.

5. Lynn Swann’s 64-Yard Super Bowl Catch

Lynn Swann's 64-yard catch against the Dallas Cowboys, in Super Bowl X in 1976 is another historic feat. Swann tipped the ball to himself, twisted through the air and grabbed it before his feet hit the ground running for the winning touchdown.

6. David Tyree's Catch of Super Bowl XLII

David Tyree leaped head and shoulders above the players around him and wrestled the ball from New England's Rodney Harrison. His catch kept the game alive and today it goes down as one of the best plays in Super Bowl history.

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Best Catches in Football