Best File Sharing Software


The best file sharing software can help you share important documents, find great new recording artists, and connect with other users with similar interests.

1. SoulSeek gives the program a 4.5 out of 5. They praise its chat room feature, one of SoulSeek's biggest draws. The program aims to provide a community for its users, with a people-matching system and virtual rooms.

Website: SoulSeek

Price: Free - earn a month of priority downloading privileges with a $5 donation

2. μTorrent (also written uTorrent) gave μTorrent 4 out of 5 stars, while 108 users averaged a rating of 4.5. μTorrent is often considered the best file sharing software because of its small size. The entire program is less than 170 KB, and it runs without bogging down system resources. Using BitTorrent file-sharing standards allows for quick downloads, and RSS feed downloading capabilities make it easier to find the latest files you need.

Website: μTorrent

Price: Free

3. eMule

Among the most popular P2P software, eMule accesses the extensive eDonkey network to find nearly any file imaginable. The program checks downloaded files for corruption, allows users to prioritize downloads, and gives download preference to those who upload back to the network.

Website: eMule

Price: Free

4. XoloX

XoloX allows users to search for and download files across multiple networks, for the ultimate in convenience. The program was designed for inexperienced users, and it comes with several safeguards, including adult content filters and automatic virus scanning.

Website: XoloX

Price: Free

5. Ares

Ares is designed to download content from multiple sources for increased speed. A built-in player lets users preview content as it downloads or create a playlist to enjoy anytime. The program's library allows you to easily sort files and select shared folders.

Website: Ares

Price: Free

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Best File Sharing Software