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The best free people finder will help you track down anyone you are missing from your life. From digital phone books to social networking sites, it's easy to begin your search with the help of the following online resources.

1. Pipl

Pipl is a top choice for the best free people finder because it compiles results from other search engines. It claims to search the "deep web" to obtain listings that other sites don't access. When you search for a name, results include sections for contact details, personal profiles, quick facts, web pages, blog posts and documents. The site also provides alternate names, such as forum usernames, that can help you expand your search.

Website: Pipl

2. is your online phone book. You only need to input a last name, although a first name and location will help you narrow down your search. There is also a separate business search interface, if you are looking for someone you know through business connections or company name.



When you look for the best free people finder, it's often because you want to get in touch with an old friend. is the go-to website for finding your fellow graduates, old military buddies and former coworkers. Once you create a profile, you will be directed to others with the same affiliations, such as students who attended high school as the same time as you. You can also search for any name. The site is free to use, but some features require a paid membership.


4. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is notable for offering an advanced search option, which is especially helpful for common names. Add a middle name, approximate birth year, city and state to refine your search results.

Website: ZabaSearch

5. Facebook

Facebook isn't just a social networking site, it's also a way to search for familiar faces from the past. In the Find Friends interface, you can search by name and email. You can also browse listings based on your affiliations, including past schools and places of employment.

Website: Facebook

6. LinkedIn

If you're familiar with someone professionally, LinkedIn may be a more useful social network site for seeking them out than Facebook. You can search by name or browse the alphabetical directory.

Website: LinkedIn


In addition to compiling street address information, also lets users search for email addresses. If you prefer electronic communication, this may be just the people finder for you.


8. AnyWho

AnyWho is an online directory powered by AT&T. Check out the site's search tips for suggestions on refining your query.

Website: AnyWho


If you are looking to reconnect with others who served alongside you in the military, then the "buddy finder" may be of help. You can only search with first and last name, so the site isn't as flexible as other options, but its specialized listings can help you avoid the clutter of other sites' results.


10. NetTrace

Although not a search engine, NetTrace is still a useful resource for those on the hunt for lost friends and family. The site's list of free people searches includes many international options that can expand your search around the globe.

Website: NetTrace

Best Free People Finder