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Is your best friend like a sister?
Is your best friend like a sister?

While they are often created just for fun, the best friend quizzes help you examine the important relationships in your life.

1. Custom-made quizzes from sites like QuizYourFriends

Why bother with the questions in magazines and on websites when you can make your own personalized quiz? It's fast and easy - just fill in the blanks and post the code on your website, blog, or MySpace profile. The site takes care of everything else. It can be a fun way to see how much your friends know about you, and it also gives you a chance to share little known facts about yourself.

Website: Quiz Your Friends

2. "What Kind of Friend Are You?" from Blogthings

This quiz may be short, but it packs a lot of information in six questions. A wide variety of response options also make this test stand out.

Website: What Kind of Friend Are You?

3. "What Kind of Friend Are You?" from Quibblo

What do you like to do with your friends and how do you react in sticky situations? While most of the questions are fairly standard, the personality behind response choices like "Sneak her the heck out of there" puts it a step above other quizzes of its type.

Website: What Kind of Friend Are You?

4. "How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?" from

Unlike most of the best friend quizzes, this test doesn't ask you to select pre-set answers or categorize you as a particular type of friend when you're done. Instead, it is a set of questions designed to see how much you and your best friend know about each other. From mundane topics like shoe size and preferred hot dog condiments to more serious questions about your best qualities, the quiz will be a great conversation starter.

Website: How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?

5. Are You a Good Friend or a Bad Friend from

How do you deal with your friends' marital problems, gossip, and the changing dynamics between friends with and without kids? While many of the best friend quizzes are targeted at teenagers, this quiz was designed with an adult woman in mind.

Website: Are You a Good Friend or a Bad Friend?

6. Who's Your TV BFF? from

Would you be more likely to hang out with Phoebe from Friends or Lucy from I Love Lucy? Find out which TV character you'd mostly likely get along with. While the results are designed to entertain, answering the questions can help you take a deeper look at your friendships and whether they areeverything you would like them to be.

Website: Who Is Your TV BFF?

7. "Are You a True Friend?" from Quibblo

Even though the quiz is from Cosmo, it's not all about bar hook-ups and your friend's sex life. Presenting real-life dilemmas, the questions will help you examine your friendship priorities. The results stand out above other quizzes by referencing experts in mental health and relationships.

Website: Are You a True Friend?

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