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High gas prices have people looking for anything to help them get the best gas mileage possible, including the best fuel saver products. Unfortunately, companies are selling products claiming to help save fuel but that are really just scams. Popular Mechanics tested several of these devices and additives and found that none of them worked as advertised. In fact, in many cases, they actually hindered fuel efficiency, in addition to being potentially dangerous. However, there are a few surprisingly practical items that can instantly save you fuel and money.

1. Clean air filter

The air filter must be clean in order for a vehicle to run at peak efficiency. Dirty filters impede the flow of air to the engine. The U.S. Department of Energy claims that replacing a dirty air filter can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%. It's a simple purchase that can produce great results.

2. Tire gauge

Properly inflated tires are another key to getting better gas mileage from your vehicle. A tire gauge is easily a best fuel saver product because it allows you to quickly and easily get an inflation reading. To get a true read, you should measure the tires' inflation when the vehicle has not been driven in at least three hours - driving increases pressure inside the tire. Check your car's owner's manual for suggested inflation levels.

3. Fuel system cleaner

Build up of deposits such as carbon prevent your car from achieving its top fuel mileage. A fuel system cleaner can help you avoid future problems by keeping gas flowing smoothly and efficiently.

4. A good pair of walking shoes, a bike or a bus pass

Do you really need to drive? The best fuel saver product can prevent you from using any fuel at all, which is the ultimate in savings. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and get some exercise while you get closer to your destination. For longer distances, a bike may be more practical. Explore public transportation options in your area to keep your car off the road.

5. A carpool

Depending on where you live, public transportation may not be feasible. You can still save gas on your daily commute by joining a carpool. Ask your co-workers and neighbors if they would be open to the idea, drop your spouse off on the way to work, or visit a carpool connection site, such as eRideShare. You may have to sacrifice a bit of convenience, such as a few extra minutes of sleep, but in the long run, the savings will be well worth it.

6. A notepad, calendar and map

Consolidate trips to make great strides in saving fuel. A notepad allows you to list errands, from picking up a gallon of milk to dropping off library books. With a calendar, you can look ahead to future driving needs. For instance, if you need to buy a new pair of shoes, and the dentist's office is near a shoe store, why not wait until next Tuesday's dental appointment to enjoy some shoe shopping? A map will allow you to plot the most direct route to your destination, especially if you're planning an all-inclusive trip with several stops along the way.


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Best Fuel Saver Product