Best Grilling Tips

Top Grilling Tips
Top Grilling Tips

Before reading over these best grilling tips, you'll have to make a decision. Will you grill using charcoal or gas? Which method you choose is a matter of personal preference, influenced by considerations of flavor, cost and even convenience. From the perspective of taste, most grillers prefer the rich, smoky flavor you get when grilling with charcoal. However, for environmentally-conscious grillers, gas burns cleaner. Grilling is promoted as a way to cook healthier food, so no matter which method you choose, fire up the grill for some great meals!

1. Marinating

The F.U.N Place lists marinating at number one on its list of grilling tips. Marinating not only tenderizes your choice of meat, but it also provides extra flavor. For the best results, use about one to two cups of marinade for one and a half to two pounds of meat or vegetables. It should totally cover the food being marinated.

2. Use the Touch Method to Determine Doneness

Chef2Chef's number two tip is to use the touch method in order to determine doneness of your steaks. If you want to pull your steaks from the grill when still rare, they suggest the following technique. Poke the fleshy part of the palm (between index finger and thumb) with the index finger of the opposite hand. This is the "feel" of a rare steak. For the medium rare touch, spread the fingers of your left hand and follow the same procedure. It feels a little firmer. To test for medium steaks, make a fist and poke the same spot. It only gives a little, and for well done, steaks will feel very firm.

3. Turn, Don't Stab

Number seven on Steven Raichlen's "Top 10 Tips for Great Grilled Steak" is to turn your steak with tongs. Don't stab it. He recommends long-handled, spring-loaded tongs about 14 to 16 inches in length.

4. Choose the Right Cut

Number two on the list of best grilling tips at The F.U.N. Place is the importance of choosing the best cut of meat or fish. When choosing steaks to grill, one inch is the best thickness.

5. Clean Grill Grates

The fourth tip on Grilling Companion's "10 Important Grilling Tips" is to never neglect your grill's grates. Clean them with soap and water after each use. Your food will taste better and your grates will last longer.

6. Trim the Fat

The F.U.N. Place recommends trimming beef steak fat to 1/8 inch to lessen grease drippings and to reduce the occurrence of open flames. When grilling burgers, use beef that is 15 to 20 percent fat.

7. Select Firm Vegetables

When choosing vegetarian fare for grilling, "How Stuff Works Grilling Tips" tells you to choose vegetables or vegetarian versions of meaty foods that are firm. This helps them hold up to slicing and grilling. It is best to slice them in thick pieces at least ¼ inch thick or larger so they won't slip through the grill grate. Some vegetables like bell peppers can be grilled whole and then sliced and peeled after they are cooked.

8. Season Chicken Beneath the Skin

Number six among the best grilling tips provided at Chef2Chef is to only season the skin of chicken if it is going to be eaten. Seasoning rubbed on the skin will not permeate into the meat of the chicken, so if you want to season the meat, rub butter, seasonings or herbs beneath the skin, and baste it with butter before placing it on the grill.

9. Use a Plastic Spray Bottle

Listed on Food & Wine's "Expert Grilling Tips" is the plastic spray bottle. Fill it with water and keep it handy if you're grilling with charcoal or wood to tame flare-ups and cool the grill if it gets too hot.

10. Check Fuel Before You Start

The number five tip at Grilling Companion is to make sure you have enough fuel. You don't want to find yourself halfway through grilling and then learn you're out of fuel.

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Best Grilling Tips