Best Kenya Camping Tour

Learn more about camping.
Learn more about camping.

Plan an unforgettable vacation with the best Kenya camping tours. Consider the following companies when planning your trip.

1. Adventure Travel Desk

Adventure Travel Desk was named one of the top three deluxe Kenya safari operators by African Safari Journals, making it an easy pick for the best Kenya camping tours. The company provides scheduled and custom safaris. One specialty tour, GAMEVENTURE, is designed especially for photographers, understanding their need for extra equipment room and the time to capture the perfect shot.

Website: Adventure Travel Desk

2. Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel strives to live up to its name by assisting local communities through tourist visits. Home-stays are also possible through these connections. A review page offers testimonials from satisfied customers who enjoyed their time in Kenya observing the wildlife and getting an up-close look at local culture.

Website: Responsible Travel

3. Suntrek Safaris

African Safari Journals listed Suntrek Safaris as one of the top three budget safari operators. Two special features the company offers are its own fleet of safari cruisers for quality control and a pre-safari orientation to help travelers prepare for the experience. They also offer custom-designed safaris for specific interests like fishing and ecology.

Website: Suntrek Safaris

4. Southern Cross Safaris

Southern Cross Safaris brings 50 years of experience to the table. The company offers a wide range of highly-customizable travel options, essential in the best Kenya camping tours. They also make a special effort to provide opportunities for travelers with disabilities, including a tented camp designed for accessibility.

Website: Southern Cross Safaris

5. East Africa Shuttles & Safaris

East Africa Shuttles & Safaris offers trips ranging from three to eleven days. A unique opportunity is the Africa Wildlife Migration Safari, a trip focusing on the spectacular wildebeest and zebra migration.

Website: East Africa Shuttles & Safaris

6. United Travel Group

United Travel Group offers the best of both worlds with trips combining tented camping experiences with stays in luxury lodges. Trips focus on the biggest game areas in Kenya, including the Masai Mara and Samburu.

Website: United Travel Group

7. Rhino Africa Safaris

Rhino Africa Safaris features two safaris designed for first-time visitors, giving travelers a quick but unforgettable impression of Kenya's highlights. The company offers a price guarantee - if you find the same vacation for less, they'll match the price.

Website: Rhino Africa Safaris

8. Sardius Tours and Safaris

Sardius Tours and Safaris has a complete line of Kenya camping safaris, allowing for stays from 3-10 days.

Website: Sardius Tours and Safaris

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Best Kenya Camping Tour