Best Pottery Web Sites


Whether you're a skilled artist or simply a connoisseur of the craft, the best pottery web sites can provide inspiration, support, materials, and techniques - not to mention some great pottery pictures.

1. Sites from Individual Artists and Studios

While there are too many to list individually, many of the best pottery web sites come from individual studios and artists. If you're a fellow artist, they can provide inspiration and a peek at new techniques. Some sites also feature tutorials and informational articles for beginners. If you're in the market to purchase some pottery, you'll find a variety of pieces to fit any home or office. Simply do a web search for "pottery artist" or "pottery studio" to begin browsing.

2. Pottery Supply Stores

Online shopping allows you to buy all the pottery supplies you need without ever leaving your home. You don't have to be confined to the selection of your local craft store, and you can search for items and compare prices much more easily than you ever could with a stack of catalogs. Online pottery stores include Axner Pottery Supply, Bailey Pottery Equipment and Ceramic Supplies, Sheffield Pottery, and many more.

3. Pottery Making Illustrated

Pottery Making Illustrated is a helpful publication in the field, but the magazine's online presence is easily one of the best pottery web sites. A comprehensive index allows readers to search the contents of issues past and present, with downloadable PDF versions of many articles. Other downloadable resources include a kiln firing chart and a buyers' guide. The safety section provides helpful tips on topics like venting electric kilns and using respirators. Links to related organizations, a list of pottery and ceramics books, and classified ads round out the useful content on the site.

Website: Pottery Making Illustrated

4. How to Make Pottery

Created by Out of the Fire Studio, this site is one of the best pottery web sites for demonstrating the pottery-making process. Step-by-step instructions, including images and videos, take readers from purchasing the clay to preparing the finished products for shipping and selling.

Website: How to Make Pottery

5. The Potters Council of the American Ceramics Society

The American Ceramics Society provides professional development and networking opportunities for its members. Membership is required to access some features, like quarterly newsletters, but other resources, like the career center and educational resources, are available to the public.

Website: The Potters Council of the American Ceramics Society

6. American Art Pottery Association

The American Art Pottery Association is intended for pottery collectors rather than pottery artists. The association seeks to unite collectors and dealers while promoting the craft and encouraging ethical buying and selling. Highlights of the site include a discussion group, a database of forgeries and reproductions, and numerous links to member sites offering even more information on American art pottery.

Website: American Art Pottery Association

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Best Pottery Web Sites