Best Preschool Television Shows

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Looking for wholesome TV viewing for your preschooler? Whether you are looking for educational content or just shows with appropriate content and values for your kids, you want to know what they're watching. Check out these shows that are educational, entertaining and fun television watching for your preschool-aged kids! .

1. Dora the Explorer

On Nickelodeon and Noggin, Dora the Explorer is a cartoon about a Hispanic problem solver.

The bilingual heroine, Dora, helps children use problem solving and memory skills in these interactive cartoons! Don't think TV can be interactive? Ask a preschool parent how often their kids yell

2. Little Einsteins

A music based cartoon on Disney Channel

Little Einsteins interweaves classic music, art and architecture with modern preschool adventures and problem solving dilemmas.

3. Lazytown

Wacky live action fitness from Nick Jr.

Take a former gymnastics star, a pink-haired manga princess, a comedic villain and a group of puppets and use them to teach about exercise and fitness? I know, it doesn't sound good, but it is indescribably fun and effective.

4. Bob the Builder

CBS Saturday mornings bring you this construction charmer

Can we do it? Yes we can? Bob the Builder's can-do attitude encourages self-reliance and hard work.

5. Sesame Street

Evergreen PBS classic

Kermit may not hang on Sesame Street anymore, but Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Super Grover and your other Sesame friends are still teaching pre-reading and counting skills...

6. Go, Diego, Go

Nickelodeon spun off Dora's cousin Diego to his own show

Diego is charming and the shows are smarter and more "real" than Dora. Animal lovers will adore Deigo's adventures helping his wild critter friends.

7. Higglytown Heroes

Playhouse Disney show, devoted to teaching about community helpers

Who are the people in your neighborhood? The oddly shaped nesting dolls of Higglytown will help you meet the police officers, firefighters, artists, vendors, dog trainers, repairpeople, teachers and talking squirrels in your town!

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Best Preschool Television Shows