Best Restaurants in Atlanta

The best restaurants in Atlanta come together to provide anything your tastebuds can dream up. It's one spot in the south where you don't have to think, "Wow, I wish there was a good Moroccan restaurant around here..." or "I could really go for a 32 ounce beer right now...with fish and chips." With the best restaurants in Atlanta at your fingertips, there's always something for everyone, and you can even eat a great meal for as low as $6.

1. Noodle

Asian Fusion

Noodle is one of the best restaurants in Atlanta because of its surprisingly low prices, extensive menu of large noodle and rice concoctions and its warm, funky atmosphere. It is also located right downtown, within walking distance of coffee shops, a museum, condos and workplaces. It makes a great meeting spot for all.

Price: $6-$12

2. Loca Luna

Tapas--Central/South American

Creative Loafing, an Atlanta newspaper, named this one of the best spots to dine. It's a club, a bar, and a restaurant all in one and creates a community feel with the tapas-style menu. The plantains melt in your mouth and even if you're on the Atkins diet, you won't be able to resist the potatoes. The music is lively, and the parking is free or cheap, depending on where you park. Kids are welcome, but on the weekend nights, it does turn into more of a bar/club scene.

Price: $10-$20

3. El Myr

Burrito bar

This Atlanta restaurant is the place to go if you're a pepper lover. The pepper lovers' nachos make it worth the trip, not to mention the chunky burritos. They even have an all green (even the tortilla!) burrito for vegetarians. The price is reasonable per person, and you can enjoy your meal on a screened porch.

Price: $8-$15

4. The Brewhouse

Fish, chips and 32 oz. beers

You can enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner here. Their specialties include fish and chips, and, of course, beer. They have quite a selection, and request that you actually sample beer before you buy. The fish is beer-battered and fried to a perfect golden brown. Not a beer drinker? There's a wine list and a signature drink list, as well.

Price: $6.95 and up

5. Dante's Down the Hatch


If it's date night and you're looking for a somewhat upscale place to go without breaking the bank, Dante's Down the Hatch is a great fondue place with live piano music and a nautical theme. Take your pick from cheese fondues, meat fondues and vegetables. It's the ultimate finger-food dinner, without the happy meal feel.

Price: $25 and up

6. Lush

Vegetarian cuisine

For those who don't eat meat, this place is a godsend in a world of BBQ, burgers and chicken dishes. The Creative Loafing critics gave this one five out of five stars. This vegan restaurant is one of the few places where you don't have to wade through a menu to get a true meat-free meal. The atmosphere is intoxicating with its bright wall colors and smooth lighting. Most of the food is on the sweet side, but the taste is still divine.

Price: $10-$20

7. The Vortex Bar & Grill


When it's time to grab a burger, fast food doesn't always sound so great. Sit down at the Vortex and enjoy a giant, juicy burger to put the fast food chains to shame. Part of the allure of the Vortex is how scary it looks outside. One of the best restaurants in Atlanta has you enter through a giant skull around the doorway.

Price: $10-$20

8. Fellini's


Also on Creative Loafing's' Atlanta restaurants list, Fellini's offers some of the best pizza around. They're crispy and reminiscent of NYC pizzerias, but the building makes you wonder if you've somehow stumbled into a Mediterranean country. A beautiful building on a busy city street, with promising pizzas and salads inside. What more could be expected of a top Atlanta restaurant?

Price: Under $10

9. Imperial Fez


The Imperial Fez is more than a restaurant; it's an event. They have contests, belly dancing lessons and more to maintain a north African feel. Choose from main dishes like mouthwatering lamb, cornish hen and black angus beef tenderloins wrapped in spices and herbs like cinnamon and saffron.

Price: $6 and up, with five-course dinners starting at $45/person

10. Geraldine's Fish & Grits


You can't visit Atlanta without a good dose of Southern cooking. This restaurant is owned and operated by a married couple, residents of Stone Mountain. They serve grits, a Southern must-have, and fish galore.

Price: Under $10

Best Restaurants in Atlanta