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The best electronics and gadgets give you the most for your money while also providing the functions you need to make your life easier and get the job done.

Best Electronics and Gadgets

There's always something better just around the bend - a smaller mp3 player, a PDA with more memory, a cheaper GPS unit. How can you keep all your choices straight and determine the best selections for your lifestyle and budget? The "best of" lists at LoveToKnow Best, culled from the top electronics and gadgets reviews and mixed with personal experience, are a great start to navigating the maze of potential products.

At Home

The best gadgets are a vital part of your everyday home life. They can entertain you, keep you connected to friends and family, and even keep your house clean. That's why you'll find reviews of everything from DVD players to cell phones to vacuum cleaners. These top electronics will help you get the best picture for your television, the clearest sound from your mp3 player, and best reception on your cordless phone.

On the Job

Of course, the best gadgets are also important to your productivity at work. Whether you're keeping your appointments organized in your PDA or taking care of business on the run with a cell phone, you want the latest features and consistent performance. Because of the different environment and their constant use, the top electronics and gadgets for work may not be the same ones you would use at home, and LoveToKnow Best considers both personal and professional use in compiling reviews and lists.

Electronics and Gadgets