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A beagle is one of the best family dogs.

Before inviting a furry, feathered or finned friend into your home, check out some of LoveToKnow Best's helpful pet tips.

Helpful Pet Tips

Selecting the Right Pet

Keep the following questions in mind before bringing home a new companion:

  • How much space do you have? A large dog will need lots of room to exercise, so if you live in a small apartment, you may prefer the company of a cat.
  • How much attention can you give? You don't want your new pet to be lonely or act out because of pent-up energy if you frequently work late or travel. A fish is a low-maintenance choice.
  • How much energy do you expect from your pet? Some families want a puppy for hours of play, while other pet owners would prefer an older lap cat.
  • Do you have children or will children frequently visit your home? Some animals are just better with kids due to their temperament. You want a pet that will accept your child's attention, not get nervous or bite.
  • Are there any tasks you would like the animal to perform? If you're looking for a guard dog, you'll want different qualities in your pooch than if you're purely seeking companionship.

Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy

One of the top pet tips for potential owners is making sure you're feeding your new friend properly. Ask your veterinarian about the nutritional needs of an animal of its age, size and breed. Buy top-quality food or seek out natural and holistic food alternatives.In addition, owners must safeguard the health of their pets. This means staying up-to-date on immunizations and check-ups. Keeping an eye out for changes in appearance or behavior can help you notice the first signs of potential illness. Prompt treatment can prevent any undue suffering or ill effects.

Make sure you're also devoting proper time to your companion's exercise. This helps keep animals at a healthy weight while also providing opportunities for pets and owners to bond. In the end, attention and affection will go a long way toward keeping your new family member happy and contented.

Pet Tips