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Whether you're looking for the best movies of all time, the best songs for your wedding, or the best shows in a niche genre like anime, our lists of the best TV, music and movies will help you find the perfect titles for your needs.

The Appeal of TV, Music, and Movies

We all love to be entertained. Some of us like to laugh. Some of us like to cry. Some of us like to scream in terror. The best TV, music, and movies have the power to move us in a profound way. They're also a great way to escape, to turn off your mind for a few hours, and just let the stories or songs wash over you.

Best TV

While it has been decried for creating a generation of couch potatoes with short attention spans, few things have the enduring power and cultural impact of the best TV shows. We laugh, cry, and rejoice over shows transmitted into our living rooms. From Lucille Ball to Simon Cowell, we welcome the icons of television into our homes. We connect over TV, sharing our thoughts on the latest reality shows and soap operas with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family.

Best Music

Some songs perfectly capture a moment in time and take us back to that event or decade instantly. Others are timeless testaments to human emotion and experience. It doesn't matter if your favorite musical artist is Elvis Presley or Snoop Dogg - we all have a song in our hearts.

Best Movies

Movies immerse us in new worlds and experiences like no other media can. From sentimental favorites like It's a Wonderful Life to modern classics like The Godfather, there's a place for everyone's top movies on our lists. Did you miss that great movie when it hit theaters? Don't worry - it's available on DVD!

TV, Music and Movies