Top Teen Lesbian Web Sites

Read some of the best books for teens.
Read some of the best books for teens.

The top teen lesbian web sites allow young women who are struggling with their sexual identity to find useful resources, supportive peers, and helpful advice from those who have been in their shoes. They can also be a great source of information for parents of gay and lesbian teens, and teachers who would like to reduce homophobia in their schools.

1. National Youth Advocacy Coalition

The National Youth Advocacy Coalition is a clearinghouse of information for and about LBGT youth. The Youth Connections section of the web site is especially helpful, with links to hotlines, support groups, and special resources for gay youth who are also disabled or members of minority groups.

Website: National Youth Advocacy Coalition

2. Safe Schools Coalition

The Safe Schools Coalition is designed to improve the climate for LBGT students. In addition to resources teens can share with teachers and parents, the site's youth area includes resources for students who are questioning their sexuality and advice on issues like prom and activism.

Website: Safe Schools Coalition

3. Gay-Straight Alliance Network

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network provides resources for students looking to create Gay-Straight Alliances in their local schools. Alliances can provide safe havens for gay and lesbian teens while also planning campaigns to combat prejudice and raise awareness.

Website: Gay-Straight Alliance Network

4. The Cool Page for Queer Teens

Unlike many of the other sites included in this selection of the top teen lesbian web sites, The Cool Page for Queer Teens is actually a personal web site. It was created by a man who knows what it feels like to be a teen facing issues of sexual orientation. He includes links to numerous online resources, organized around key topics like "Just who am I, anyway?" and "When you're having trouble at school."

Website: The Cool Page for Queer Teens

5. Author Web Site - Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez, author of Rainbow Boys, a groundbreaking young adult novel about homosexual teens, also provides a list of additional books featuring gay and lesbian teens, advice on coming out, and a list of links to help teens reconcile homosexuality and their religious upbringing.

Website: Author Web Site - Alex Sanchez

6. Coming Out Stories Gallery

The Coming Out Stories Gallery is one of the top teen lesbian web sites for providing inspiration. Teen lesbians can read stories from girls just like them to find out when they realized they were attracted to girls, how they came out to family and friends, and how it felt.

Website: Coming Out Stories Gallery

7., the web site of the print publication The Advocate, is a news source lesbian teens should consider checking out to learn about relevant news and issues. While gays and lesbians have become increasingly visible in the mainstream press in the past decade, provides unique insight into the LBGT community.


Top Teen Lesbian Web Sites