What Is the Best Ski Resort in the World

Blackcomb Glacier
Blackcomb Glacier

What is the best ski resort in the world? This is a subjective question. Many people are concerned about costs. Others want the most challenging terrain. Families may be looking for family-friendly activities. Everyone enjoys edible on-mountain food. If you take all of these preferences into account, there is only one answer to the question, "What is the best ski resort in the world?" Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada trumps all other resorts in just about every category.

1. Elevation

Low base elevation

You don't often find a mega-resort with a base elevation of 2,214 feet. This means that even people who live at sea level can enjoy Whistler Blackcomb without needing to acclimate.

2. Skiable Terrain

8,171 acres

As its name implies, Whistler Blackcomb consists of two, side-by-side mountains - Whistler and Blackcomb. Together, the two mountains have over 200 trails.

3. Varied Terrain

Whistler/Blackcomb is suitable for all levels.

Whistler's terrain is rated 20 percent beginner, 55 percent intermediate and 25 percent advanced. Blackcomb's terrain is rated 15 percent beginner, 55 percent intermediate and 30 percent advanced. This means that there is an abundance of terrain for every level. Furthermore, on trails such as Burnt Stew on Whistler, beginners can take a cat track that starts at the top and winds to the bottom, while their expert friends and family members can ski in the bowl. The mountain set-up allows novices to see their friends while skiing the bowl's perimeter.

4. Cuisine

A vast number of cafeterias

Whistler's cafeterias are set up like food courts, with various ethnic specialities. However, unlike typical ski resorts, the food at Whistler Blackcomb is downright delicious. Then, there's the Crystal Hut Waffle House on Blackcomb. Hidden on the Crystal Ridge, this small mountain hut serves Belgian waffles all day long. Sushi lovers should be sure to check out Sushi Village, located in Whistler Village. This is probably the best sushi in North America. If you visit, be sure to try the sake margaritas.

5. Ski Season

Summer skiing

In addition to a ski season that lasts from November to April, the Blackcomb Glacier stays open over the summer.

6. Apres Ski

Bars and restaurants

Whistler Blackcomb has an infinite number of bars and restaurants.

7. Special Events

Sunday night reception

Don't miss the Sunday evening torchlight procession down the mountain. While most ski resorts have something of this sort, Whistler ups the ante by having their expert instructors ski through a ring of fire.

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What Is the Best Ski Resort in the World