Best Gifts for a Man to Give a Female Friend

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The best gifts for a man to give a female friend are far from the flowers, chocolates, or jewelry a man might give a woman he's interested in dating. When giving a gift to someone, it's important to make sure that it doesn't convey the idea that you're interested in pursuing something more (unless you really want it to and you think she's interested as well). In general, it's best to keep things on the inexpensive side.

11 Best Gifts for a Man to Give a Female Friend

1. DVDs

If she has a favorite movie that she has yet to purchase a copy of or she needs the DVD replacement for an old VHS tape, you can show that you know her well without spending a fortune or purchasing something too sentimental. This also works well if there's a movie you watched together that she loved and would enjoy watching again.

2. CDs

If you're a friend, there's a good chance you know who her favorite bands are. If one of those bands has a new CD coming out soon and there's a gift-giving occasion looming soon after that release, a CD makes a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that doesn't suggest that you're looking for more than platonic friendship.

woman reading book

3. Books

If there's a book she's been wanting to read, a topic she's fascinated by, or if her favorite author just had a new novel published, picking a book up for her on your next trip to the store could be a good move. You may even want to write a goofy Happy Birthday note on the inside.

4. Household appliances

For most women, there's almost nothing romantic about receiving a household appliance from a man. If you're worried about giving the wrong impression, purchasing a blender or something similar could be just the safe bet you're looking for. Try to listen for things she actually needs or could use, at least, so that it's not a completely impersonal gift. For example, if she's on a new health kick and wants to make smoothies, that small blender could be perfect.

5. Photo frame

A beautiful photo frame is a good gift for almost any relationship. Put an artsy picture inside if you don't feel comfortable framing one of the two of you for fear that she'll think it's meant as a romantic gesture.

woman with red coffee mug

6. Coffee mug

If she loves coffee, a mug is one of the best gifts for a man to give a female friend. You can get something personalized, but because it's just a mug, it doesn't seem like a romantic gift—just a friendly one. Check sites like for mugs that seem almost as if they were custom made for your female friend.

7. Keychain

A keychain works in the same way a coffee mug might. You can find funny ones, cute ones, or even some with characters she feels a little nostalgic about. Do you both share a love for 80s cartoons? Picking up a She-Ra keychain for her will show that you know her interests but aren't necessarily interested in her as anything more than a friend.

8. Nice pen and stationery

Does she like to write? Is she trying to do better about keeping a diary in order to feel less frazzled in her everyday life? Is she working to keep in touch with friends more, vowing to use something other than Facebook status updates and text messages? A nice pen and stationery (or a diary, notebook, or planner) could work perfectly as a gift for a female friend.

9. Funky jewelry

Jewelry is a difficult gift to give a woman because it often comes off as sentimental or it's so expensive that could seem that you're trying to give her the message that you'd like to take the friendship to a romantic level, even if you're just very generous when it comes to purchasing gifts for friends. Funky styles made from beads rather than semi-precious stones may be acceptable, depending on your relationship and her sense of style.

10. Toolkit

If your female friend is single, she may appreciate a toolkit for quick fixes around the house. A toolkit allows you to show that you care enough about her safety and comfort. It also demonstrates that you see her as a capable, independent woman.

11. Gift card

A gift card is somewhat impersonal, but you'll probably have a good idea of the types of stores she loves, so it won't be a complete miss. You also will be allowing her to buy herself something nice without worrying about the connotations a certain gift could give. For example, if she uses your gift card to buy a new perfume or to contribute toward a designer handbag purchase, it's doesn't have the same romantic overtones that buying a sensual perfume or nice handbag for her yourself would have.

Keep It Neutral

Keeping gifts neutral is important. If you choose very sentimental gifts, it could give her the wrong idea. If you've been friends forever and you're absolutely sure you could give her almost anything without her thinking you were looking for a relationship with her, the rules change a bit. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, a nice dinner, or even taking her shopping for something you know she needs but would never purchase without her there (shoes, for example) are fair game.

Best Gifts for a Man to Give a Female Friend