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New year, new you! That's the saying anyway, but this year you can actually make it come true. With these 35 things that'll help you get stuff done in 2022, you'll be checking off your list left and right!

From magnetic dry erase boards to keep you organized, to power scrubbers that'll deep clean problem areas around the house, to super popular fleece joggers your WFH wardrobe's begging for, we've got details on everything you'll need for a successful year. Start living your best life in the new year with clever products that'll help you get more done, save more money, and feel more comfortable while doing it all!

This Dry Erase Board Is Magnetic

I'm a note maker, whether it's the weekly grocery shopping list or the menu if I managed to meal plan. This magnetic dry erase board lets me stick it right on the fridge and jot down what I need to whenever I think of it. A bonus is then the whole family can see at a glance and stop asking what's for dinner!

This Car Decal Remover Works So Fast

If you've got a car decal you want removed, this car decal remover is the tool you need. Just attach it to your existing drill and it gently removes decals and stickers in minutes with no damage to your paint job. Over 5,000 happy reviewers swear by this thing!

This Power Scrubber Gets Things Super Clean

If you've got a heavy-duty cleaning job, or just a stubborn one, this power scrubber set has your back. The battery-powered brush comes with four replaceable brush attachment heads for cleaning tough places, like under the toilet bowl rim and grout. This is my go-to for bathroom and kitchen cleaning jobs where I need a little more elbow grease!

This Wall-Mount Bag Saver Is So Handy

We have this wall-mount bag saver on the back of the basement door, and it has totally transformed our under-sink area where we used to stuff all those plastic bags. We've tried to get better about bringing reusable bags, but sometimes it can't be helped. I reuse the plastic ones as small trash bags, so having them all in one place that's out of the way is so convenient.
Made with real volcanic stone, this oil-absorbing face roller helps your complexion glow, not shine. It works better than those flimsy sheets with less waste and won't mess up your makeup. All you have to do to clean is take out the stone and wash with a gentle cleanser, then air dry and pop it back in - totally reusable!

This Power Bank Gets Major Love

With over 39,600 reviews, this Anker power bank is one of the best you can buy. Its slim, lightweight design easily fits in your bag and the durable construction resists scratches. It's got amazing safety features, too - the MultiProtect safety system includes overcharge and short circuit protection, temperature control, and more so you can rest assured your tech's safe while you charge.

Your WFH Wardrobe Wants These Joggers

This year, I'm going to stop wearing my ratty old yoga pants and slip into something a little nicer, like these fleece joggers. They keep me perfectly toasty while I'm working from home, and I can easily walk the dog or run errands in them without feeling like a schlub. Available in 31 colors and patterns and sizes from XS to 6X, there's bound to be your perfect pair in store.

Safety First With This Bagel Slicer

I may be klutzier than most in the kitchen, but I've cut myself many a time while trying to half my bagel. This bagel slicer makes it quick, easy, and safe to get the perfect cut! The high-quality serrated knife glides through breads, croissants, bagels, and more - my favorite part is that it doesn't squish your food.

These Car Coasters Absorb Drips

No matter how careful I try to be, I always end up spilling my drink in my car's cup holder console. These car coasters help me keep things cleaner by absorbing both spills and condensation from my year-round iced teas. They come in a set of six so it's enough for a minivan or more than one car.

This Patio Umbrella Light Lets You Stay Outside Longer

Keep the conversation going after dark with this patio umbrella light. It's battery powered, so you don't need to be near any outlets to plug it in. You can even use it in the tent when you're camping because it's so portable and can be hung anywhere with the included clamp and two hooks.

Gain Space With This Sink Topper

I want less bathroom counter space, said no one ever. This sink topper lets you gain valuable real estate while you're getting ready - it can hold all kinds of makeup, brushes, hair tools, and more. Plus, you can use the textured surface for cleaning your makeup brushes - I love when things pull double duty!

This Mask Bracket Keeps You Cooler

It can get pretty stuffy wearing a mask, especially in a warm, crowded environment like the grocery store. These mask brackets help keep the mask from touching your nose and mouth so you get some breathing room and can finally wear lip products again! You'll get a set of 10 brackets that work with disposable masks and cloth masks alike.

These Silicone Travel Bottles Are Great for Hand Sanitizer

I got this set of three silicone travel bottles for my kids and me to use as hand sanitizer bottles. They just clip them on their backpack and go, and mine's attached to my purse. Of course they're great for traveling, too for all your necessary products like shampoo and body wash.

This Body Glide Balm Stops Chafing

Chafing is the worst, no? Get some relief with this Body Glide balm that provides a protective barrier. So much better than messy, oily creams, gels, and powders; it won't leave a stain on your clothes and is made from allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients.

Stop Bad Breath Fast With This Tongue Scraper

Bad breath is such a bummer, but there's something you can do that'll really help. Along with brushing and flossing regularly, use this tongue scraper to get rid of nasty bacteria that causes odors. It's easy to use and easy to clean, and has north of 6,500 glowing reviews on Amazon right now!

These Fridge Shelf Liners Extend Produce Life

You try to do the right thing and buy healthy fruit and veggies, but then they end up going bad before you even take the first bite! Keep your produce viable longer with these refrigerator shelf liners. I tried them and I swear my greens stayed fresh way longer than normal.

This Soap Saver Bag Is Economical

I love using those fancy-schmancy, bougie soaps, but I feel bad throwing the last chunk away when it gets too small to use properly. But with these soap saver bags, you can get every last bit of use! The fabric is also exfoliating, so you'll have super smooth skin as a bonus.

These Oven Rack Shields Prevent Burns

Ever burn your wrist or forearm when the oven mitt wasn't long enough? These oven rack shields prevent that problem the easy way. The silicone gadgets just pop onto the front of racks and protect you from burns and scars.

Stop Ruining Dessert With These Pie Shields

My husband is on a big pie baking kick, but god love him, he always burns the crust. I got him this pie shield and now dessert tastes great again since it protects the edges from overbrowning. So much easier than trying to piece together tin foil to do the job!

This Safety Nailer Prevents Smashed Fingers

I'm a certified klutz when it comes to home improvement, so when I was hanging a bunch of pictures, I got this Safety Nailer tool to help. It securely holds your nail in place while protecting your fingers so you don't end up with painfully-smashed digits. You can use it with either hand and it works with both screws and nails.

This Ponytail Baseball Cap Saves Bad Hair Days

Don't let a BHD get you down. Manage to look put together and stylish, even though it only took you five seconds to get ready with this ponytail baseball cap. It comes in eight pigment-washed options for the perfect casual look that'll go with all your athleisure.

These Swedish Dishcloths Never Stink

As the fourth most popular Swedish export besides IKEA, ABBA, and the Skarsgard family, these Swedish dishcloths are a kitchen MVP you don't want to miss. They take the place of sponges for washing up and cleaning up spills, and they'll never get that gross smell that sponges often do. They're also an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels since they're made with 70% wood pulp and 30% cotton.

This Gratitude Journal Gives You Perspective

I love keeping a gratitude journal to gain perspective at the end of a long day, but it can be hard to think of what to write. This 52-week journal makes it easy though, with its daily prompts to list three things you're thankful for. There are also larger sections with questions to help you delve deeper and reflect.

This Essential Oil Diffuser Goes In Your Car

Forget those air fresheners shaped like trees, this car essential oil diffuser is where it's at. It simply clips into your vent to circulate gorgeously-scented air that you can customize with your own oil blends. It comes with pure lavender essential oil, but feel free to get creative and formulate your own signature scent!

This Down Alternative Comforter Works In All Seasons

I was tired of changing our whole bedding set out with the weather - out with the fleece blankets and quilts, in with lightweight sheets and bedspreads. But with this down alternative comforter, I can leave the same one on all year-round! It somehow manages to be cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter (perfect in the shoulder seasons, too), and doesn't trigger my allergies.

This Calf Stretcher Feels Amazing

I love spinning, but it definitely takes its toll the next day! I use this calf stretcher to help get a great stretch and prevent injury. It'll also provide relief if you have shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, or other exercise-induced or chronic conditions.

These Highlighters Won't Bleed Through

I originally got these highlighters for my daughter to help her study, but I've been stealing them for noting important passages in books or in my work notes! The bright colors won't bleed through, making them excellent for thin pages like in the Bible. I also love that they don't dry out when left uncapped, as my daughter is wont to do!

This Cast Iron Oil Protects Your Investment

My husband built up a little collection of cast iron skillets, and he's quite protective over them ever since I tried using dish soap on his preciouses. He swears by this cast iron oil to keep his cookware in top shape. The organic flaxseed oil seasons and prolongs the life of cast iron, so this is a must-have if you like cooking with it.

This Dog Puzzle Ball Keeps 'Em Busy

We didn't escape the pandemic puppy craze, and are now the proud owners of a wild labradoodle. She's constantly trying to get me to play with her while I'm working, so I needed a way to keep her entertained for a while. This dog puzzle ball does the trick - she gets a snack and stays busy for a while!

This Magnetic Knife Block Is a Sleek Storage Solution

I like to have our knives on hand out on the counter, but the dusty old knife block just wasn't cutting it (see what I did there?). This magnetic knife block is a sleek storage solution that beautifully displays knives and a pair of scissors. It's got nearly 3,500 rave reviews for working well and looking amazing.

This Multitool Is Ever-Useful

What can't this multitool do?! It's a 14-in-1 gadget that combines an axe, pliers, hatchet, screwdrivers, bottle opener, knife, and more into one compact design. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but it'll help in so many situations!

This Spoon Rest Is Too Cute

I'm always looking for a spot to put my spoon while I'm cooking, and I think I found the perfect one with this crabby little guy. This silicone spoon rest simply attaches to the side of your pot or pan and handily holds your spoon when it's not in use. No fuss, no muss - that's the way I like it!

This Whisk Wiper Keeps Things Tidy

I'm always wary of letting my kids lick the whisk after I make batter because I'm worried about the raw eggs, so this is another way to get it clean! This whisk wiper tool not only cleans the whisk in a snap, but it'll clean the bowl as well when you use the edge as a scraper. A neat little gadget every baker should own.

These Wool Dryer Balls Cut Drying Time

The monumental chore that is laundry eats up so much of my weekend, but I found a way to make it go a little faster. These wool dryer balls help loads dry quicker, saving you money on electricity and time waiting for the dang buzzer to go off so you can switch loads! They also let you skip dryer sheets since they soften clothes up as they dry.