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According to the Insurance Information Institute, a car is stolen every 24 seconds, making the best car alarms essential to protecting yourself from theft. LoveToKnow is here to list the best security systems currently on the market.

1. Solenoid Immobilizer Systems

Solenoid immobilizer systems make the best car alarms due to their effectiveness in the prevention of hot-wiring. It is attached permanently to the vehicle's starter motor. The only way to steal a car with this device would be to tow it away. According to Made, PowerLock is one of the top five best car alarms. It costs about $299 plus tax and labor to install.

2. Electronic Immobilizing Device

This security device is standard on many new vehicles on the market today. Most are activated with a "Remote Keyless Entry" device. When used, they disconnect power from the starter, making it difficult to bypass the ignition to hot-wire the vehicle. The device uses a radio-frequency transponder to communicate with door locks and infrared to communicate with the engine. Top electronic immobilizing device brands include SecuriLock and SmartKey.

3. Tracking Systems

These devices transmit a radio signal to locate a car if it is being tampered with or stolen. It cannot prevent a vehicle from being taken, but it will stop most thieves from taking your vehicle too far away to be recovered. It is one of the best car alarms because they boast a 95 percent stolen vehicle recovery rate. Tracking systems can be obtained when purchasing a new vehicle or installed later by an alarm specialist. The best tracking systems available are Lojack and OnStar.

4. 2-Way Pager Alarm

Pager alarms work by letting you know when your vehicle has been tampered with by sending a buzzing signal to your remote. It may also light up with a flashing signal to get your attention. This is an effective alarm, and the only drawback is that many of them have a limited range, most within a few blocks of the car. 2-way pager car alarms range from $200-$400.

5. Pedal Locks

Pedal locks will lock up your brakes in the event of tampering. Relatively cheap, they cost around $30-$60. A popular brand is UnBREAKable Auto Lock.

6. Bar or Wheel Locks

Easy to use, the bar or wheel lock deters thieves from stealing your vehicle by preventing them from driving it away. However, more sophisticated thieves can easily cut through the device with the proper tools. It is safe to say that these locks will only stop amateur thieves. Costing $30-$60, the best and most popular bar lock is The Club.

7. Audible Alarms

Audible alarms are known as one of the most annoying auto security systems you can have installed in your vehicle. Sensitive to motion, the alarm emits a loud noise when your car is tampered with. Unfortunately, they can be so sensitive that they go off in many non-robbery situations, such as when someone brushes against them. Many people "tune out" the sound of this kind of alarm, so an amateur thief may or may not be deterred by it. Prices vary from $60-$400, and the most popular audible car alarm brands include Viper, Hellfire, Cobra, and Hornet.

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Best Car Alarms