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Keep that battery running better with the best synthetic blend oil.
Keep that battery running better with the best synthetic blend oil.

With the demands placed on today's vehicles by electronic devices and options, consumers look for the best car battery to provide a reliable source of power, but the average life of a battery has grown shorter due to these increased energy requirements. The life span of your vehicle's battery will depend on usage. Some make it for as little as 6 months and others are good for up to 48 months. However, it's important to note that only 30 percent of batteries achieve that 48-month mark. Even when you buy a battery that is rated as a top performer, factors like the type of vehicle, how it is driven and weather conditions all affect longevity.

1. Interstate Batteries

Since 1990, Interstate has been the top-selling car replacement battery brand in North America and lasts longer than any other automotive battery.

2. Optima Yellow Top

Autobahn Power ranks the Optima Yellow Top as the best car battery to meet the demands of car owners who drive vehicles loaded with accessories like running lights, high-performance stereo/AV systems, winches, or hydraulics. Along with all this power comes a bit more expense compared to the average automotive battery.

3. AutoCraft Titanium

This battery is listed among the leading brands at Its premium Silver/Tin/Calcium alloy is maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant which provides longer life.

4. TrueStart

TrueStart batteries are available through your local Toyota Dealer. Along with the ability to start your car every time, the stringent reserve capacity (RC) levels provide additional power to your car's electrical system when the alternator is overtaxed.

5. DieHard Security Battery

This updated version of the traditionally reliable Diehard is the only battery on the market that contains an immobilizing system. It definitely ranks as a best car battery, for it not only assures your car will have the power it needs even if the lights are left on, but it also helps prevent theft.

6. Duralast Gold claims that the patented design features found in Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries extends battery life, ranking them among the most dependable batteries ever built, no matter what climate you live in.

7. EverStart also includes EverStart among its recommended auto batteries. They cite the wide line of choices which include domestic, foreign and vintage vehicles. Plus, they can be purchased at your local Wal Mart Tire and Lube Center.

8. Motorcraft

Motorcraft batteries are installed in every new car produced by the Ford Motor Company. When it comes time to replace the battery, more than 5,000 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury dealers throughout America recommend replacing the original with another Motocraft because they are designed to work best in your car, van or truck.

9. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature batteries are available exclusively to members of Costco warehouse clubs. These dual-terminal universal batteries can be used in place of a variety of battery sizes which makes for an easier and cost-efficient decision.

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Best Car Battery