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Best friends support you no matter what. You want to show these special people in your life that you appreciate them by picking out just the right gift. Even though you know your best friend well it can still be difficult to find the perfect present. Consider her style and tastes, as well as any inside jokes or shared experiences the two of you have together. Use some of these suggestions to put together a memorable gift that she will appreciate.

1. Artwork or Supplies


A custom piece of art is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a best friend. Browse websites and contact an artist directly to ask about painting something with a theme specifically suited to your friend, such as a favorite pet or an activity you share together. Alternatively, create your own piece of art to give.

2. Spa Inspired Gifts


Most friends like the idea of being pampered. Why not give a spa gift card as a special gift. You can also give a scented candle, bath salts and a pair of fuzzy slippers so your best friend can have her own spa day at home. If finances allow pick up a gift card for both of you to visit the spa together, just be sure to add a little extra something that's just for your friend to enjoy.


3. Travel Gifts


Travel gifts are a great way to surprise someonewho loves adventure. Yes and Yes has some thoughtful suggestions for your travelling friends including a travel journal and Skype credit so your friend can stay in touch. Other gift ideas include a travel alarm clock, international currency, and personalized luggage tags.

4. Media Gifts


Parenting magazine offers the idea of a season of your friend's favorite television show as a gift. You could also create a CD with your friend's favorite songs, or songs that mean a lot to the two of you. If you're unsure what to give but know that your friend loves music, movies, and television, pick up an iTunes gift card so she can choose whatever she likes. Add some gourmet popcorn and a bottle of wine or sparkling soda and watch together.

5. Birthstone Gift

Hallmark offers a great gift idea for your best friend: a piece of jewelry featuring her birthstone. This gift choice can cost a little more than others, but it makes a truly special present for a best friend. Birthstone gifts can range from earrings and rings to belly button rings, pendants and more.


6. Food Gifts and Gift Baskets


Red Envelope suggests gifting gourmet foods to a special someone. Fill a basket full of foods and other goodies for a more personal touch, or pack up a complete meal in a picnic basket and treat your friend to a gourmet lunch or dinner outdoors. Gifts like these can be lots of fun to put together and can include anything from vintage wines to baked confections.

7. Memory Scrapbook

Scrapbook.JPG suggests making a memory scrapbook for a friend. This is a fun gift to make for a friend, but you'll have to plan ahead as this will take some time if you want to do it right. Shop at your local scrapbook store for all the supplies you need and choose favorite photos to create an attractive layout.

8. A Special Book


The Huffington Post lists some great book related gift ideas for the Bestie bookworm. Find out what her favorite book is and ask your local bookseller for recommendations based on that title. For non-fiction fans, try biographies, cookbooks, or do-it-yourself volumes. The Best Friends Book by Todd Parr a fun alternative. It follows the format of a children's book, and has some silly definitions of what it means to be a best friend. This book is reasonably priced and will make you both laugh.


9. Event Tickets


Money Crashers offers the idea of tickets to a sporting event. If your BFF isn't into sports, opt for tickets to a concert, musical, or play instead. Get two tickets to something that your friend enjoys so that the two of you can attend together, or if nothing on the schedule appeals, choose a gift certificate so your friend can pick up tickets to an upcoming event instead.

10. Poetry Gifts

Why not offer the gift of poetry, such as a friend-themed poem on a decorative sculpture. A musical poetry frame is also a unique, personalized gift which includes poems written specifically for your friend, with her name written at the top of the frame and yours at the bottom. It plays music when you wind it up to make it extra special.

11. Best Friend Necklace or Bracelet

Give your bestie a piece of jewelry to remind her of your special friendship. If your best friend is a school-aged girl, you can't do much better than giving her half of a best friend necklace and keeping the other half for yourself. That way everyone will know you're best friends when you wear your matching jewelry at the same time.


12. Photo Gifts


Real Simple suggests that readerse buy their BFF a gift featuring a favorite photo. This could include photo wall art or a personalized cell phone case. Both men and women like pictures, so a picture frame is a very good idea, especially if you fill it with a picture of the two of you together. It can be goofy or sweet, depending on the nature of your friendship. Digital photo frames work too, pre-loaded with photos of you and your friend together.

13. Homemade Food encourages readers to create homemade food gifts as a special way to tell someone they are loved. Everyone has a favorite food, and most would appreciate their best friend preparing it for them. Alternatively, introduce her to a new recipe that you think she might enjoy .

14. Coin Purse or Handbag

Teen Vogue also recommends a best friend coin purse. One half of this designer purse goes to you and the other to your bestie. If designer swag isn't in the budget, choose a trendy handbag or other accessory that will suit your friend's personal style instead.

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