Best Gangster Poems


The best gangster poems are a mix of sadness and hope. Sometimes the best gangster poems don't mention the gangster life at all, but speak of religion as a way out of their confusion. In some cases the poems are written by insiders; in others, the poems are written by those who love them.

1. "Too Many Caskets Not Enough Tears" by Poetry 801


This is a sad poem about the death of a fellow gang member's baby's mother and how the gang members have to avenge her death. It talks about how the guys have become unable to cry as more and more people are killed.

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2. Gangs and Kids' "I Heard This in a Whisper" by G. Alvarado

This poem talks about the beauty of the earth and the wonders of things like the moon, a baby's cry, the miracle of life, and more. It's one of the best gangster poems because it doesn't focus on the life of a gangster at all, but a glimmer of hope.

Website: Gangs and Kids'


3. Gangs and Kids' "An Epiphany" by G. Alvarado

This poem discusses the confusion wrapped up in the gangster lifestyle and how it sometimes ends in mace and a jail cell. It discusses the temptation to just quit and give into the worst parts of the life. If a kid is in a gang or considering becoming a part of one, this one paints a picture that lets them know they're not alone in their confusion, but also shows the outcome of making the leap into a gang.

Website: Gangs and Kids'

4. Gangs and Kids' "Forgotton" by Rafael Gonzalez

This poem talks about how he got involved in the gang-feeling lost and uncared for-and how it's not much different as an adult now that he's been through everything he has. He's attempting to turn his life around.

Website: Gangs and Kids'

The best gangster poems can make a kid in a gang or one interested in a gang understand what it's like. The poems can let the kids know that they aren't alone in their confusion about life, and even let them know that there are ways to deal with the pain without resorting to violence.

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Best Gangster Poems