Best High School Pranks

High School Pranks

The best high school pranks are the ones that make everyone laugh together when they're over. Pranks should be fun and not make fun of a single individual or group. High school seniors celebrate special days like Senior Day which opens the door for fun and hijinks and the ritual of coming up with the most prestigious school pranks. It becomes a challenge for school administrators because most of the time perpetrators are never caught if they don't tell too many people their plans.

1. Car Pranks

Hijinks involving cars are popular because cars are big and noticeable. One high school in northern GA targeted the principal's car. Students jacked the back end of the car up, placed blocks under the rear axel and let the car down so the rear tires rested about ¼ of an inch off the ground. When he climbed in and started the car it went nowhere without traction.At the Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School, officials discovered a neon pink Honda Accord on the roof of the school. Now that took some planning and teamwork! The police determined that it probably involved dozens of students using crude ramps to pull the Honda onto the school roof.

2. Animal Pranks

Some of the best high school pranks involve animals, but remember if you use an animal for your mischief take the safety of the animal into consideration. Animal death or maiming will not be funny and can even get you in trouble. For example, in 1969 the senior assembly at Maine West Township High School in Des Plaines, Illinois witnessed the release of a greased pig. In this large suburb of Chicago, not many knew much about farm animals and the teachers and administrators trying to catch a greased pig brought waves of laughter from the student body. The perpetrators were never caught.

Other animal pranks include things like all students bringing their dogs to school on the same day. If you choose another variation of this theme, be sure the animals involved can walk up and down the stairs and be prepared to clean up any mess your pet makes while in the school.

3. Fun with the Faculty

All kinds of pranks have been pulled involving faculty members. In one high school, the students collected 'For Sale' signs from yards and moved them to the lawns of faculty members.

4. Pranks on Lower Classmen

The friendly feuds between juniors and seniors leave the door open to shenanigans as one class plays jokes on the other. In 2007, Marist seniors left notes for the juniors on their cars parked in the school parking lot to "Go find your license plate." Plates were lined up on the soccer field. Unfortunately, for the students who didn't know their tag number, it was a long ordeal.

5. Mascots

Pulling off a high school prank involving the school mascot can be tricky. You need to make sure you don't damage school property or injure anyone. It is a common prank to kidnap the mascot before a big game.

6. Bathroom Mischief

Bathrooms generate a lot of ideas for pranks, but one that doesn't cause damage or require clean up is placing dry ice in urinals, toilets and sinks to create an eerie scenario. Using trash bags to cover windows and allowing limited light adds to the creepy atmosphere.

7. Computer Practical Jokes

Technology opens the door for more opportunities. One harmless joke is to switch cables on all the computers so the keyboard from one controls another.

8. At the Flagpole

This is a perfect prank for everyone to see when they arrive at school. For this one, a student's father owned a construction company giving him access to his father's lift. He used it to place used tires all the way up the flagpole.

9. Sports Team

This joke works for sports teams who have a supply of Gatorade to drink while practicing. While the team practices, empty their Gatorade and replace it with water mixed with salt and food coloring matching the Gatorade you dumped out.

10. Classic School Pranks

Some of the best high school pranks are the timeless classics. This includes things like placing whoopie cushions on teacher's chairs, or placing signs on all the exit doors saying, "Please Use the Other Door."

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Best High School Pranks