Best Honeymoon Resorts

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After the crush of wedding planning, many couples opt for an all-inclusive resort to celebrate their post-nuptial bliss. While every resort offers something special to make it unique, the best resorts for honeymoons are those that provide opportunities for isolation, romance and relaxation. Honeymoon resort package prices vary depending on many factors, such as the season, duration of stay and the all-inclusive nature of the resort, as well as the type of accommodations. You may want to consult a travel agent familiar with the resort of your choice to helpyou book a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon getaway.

1. Sandals Resorts

Location: Various islands in the Caribbean

Ultra-luxury resorts are a superb choice for honeymooners. The Caribbean islands are a reader favorite. In 2011, Modern Bride Magazine's reader survey placed Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exumas, Bahamas as the best Caribbean honeymoon resort. With a temperate, tropical climate and multiple romantic amenities such as butler service, European spa treatments and gourmet dining, Sandals resort is a perfect choice. Among the popular Caribbean destinations are Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Lucia and Antigua.

2. Kahala Hotel and Resort

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

A luxury resort on nearly a mile of private white sand beach, this stunning hotel is perfect for couples interested in an island getaway. Spa facilities, a private lagoon with dolphin encounters, a shopping shuttle to local merchant districts and malls, complimentary Hawaiian cultural classes, pool cabanas, and surfing lessons offer couples a wide range of activities and indulgences to celebrate their new marriage.


3. Moon Palace Resort

Location: Cancun, Mexico

On-site wedding facilities make this a convenient resort for both a wedding and a honeymoon, and more than 120 tropical acres with luxurious gardens and white sand beaches make it a stunning getaway. Balcony Jacuzzis and other intimate details make this a memorable option for a lovely honeymoon.

4. Cruise Ship


Locations: Europe, Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Asia, Australia

Couples interested in seeing more than one destination on their honeymoon will find the convenience, romance, and luxury of a cruise ship perfect for a romantic getaway. With a tremendous range of affordable options, different itineraries, and onboard amenities, cruise ships are rapidly becoming one of the most popular honeymoon choices. Many cruise lines also offer wedding packages for couples interested in combining the two momentous events.

5. Biltmore Estate

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Once the largest private residence in the United States, this stately 250-room Biltmore mansion perfectly reflects the romance and indulgence of the gilded age. This National Historical Landmark covers more than 8,000 acres of gardens, private vineyard and winery, pool, world class spa and fine regional cuisine. The on-site inn offers couples intimate accommodations, making this a unique honeymoon resort.


6. Walt Disney World Resort

Location: Orlando, Florida

The center of the Disney universe, Walt Disney World is an increasingly popular honeymoon destination, particularly for couples who bring children to their union. The multiple theme parks offer fun, fantastical diversions throughout the day with easy transportation between them, and a lively nightlife is perfect for couples. Wedding packages are also available to combine the wedding and the honeymoon into one magical event.

7. Mackinac Island


Location: Michigan

Michigan's first state park still preserves an air of yesteryear with stunning natural beauty, more than 100 miles of hiking, bike, and horse trails, and a complete ban on motor vehicles. Carriage rides and boutique shopping are the norm in this Midwestern paradise, with spectacular sunsets and decadent fudge adding unique personality to the getaway. The famed Grand Hotel provides five-star accommodations on the island itself, or couples can choose from numerous quaint hotels on the mainland.

8. Package Tours

Location: Europe, Asia, Africa

Couples who want to experience more than one destination may opt for romantic package tours of some of the world's most popular cities and sites. Luxury tours coordinate intimate accommodations with fine dining and guided cultural tours for an in-depth, stunning experience. Meals and transportation are frequently included, making these tours a convenient, low-stress option for couples ready to relax after the wedding.


9. Local Bed and Breakfast

Location: Your Hometown

Many couples may not have the time or budget to indulge in a true honeymoon resort, but they can enjoy a similar intimate experience in their hometown. Choosing a quaint local bed and breakfast for a luxurious night alone together is an experience that can rival any luxury destination, and it gives the couple the opportunity to enjoy one another without the pressures of exploring new sites or trying new activities.

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