Best Humor Sites

Enjoy one liners?
Enjoy one liners?

The best humor sites can brighten your day, make you laugh out loud, and maybe even make you think. Some sites are broad in scope and others appeal to a particular sense of humor, but all together, you're sure to find hours of reading fun at these sites.

1. Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner Wiki

Filled with quotable lines and unique characters, the web cartoons of Homestar Runner are a great place for a good laugh. The most popular feature is the Strongbad Emails, a series of responses to visitor emails that often result in wildly unrelated stories and adventures. Unlike many humor sites, this is a site you won't have to keep from the kids. They may not share in the laughs, but the worst things they'll see are some cartoon violence and Strongbad longing for "a cold one."

Website: Homestar Runner

2. The Onion

All the fake news that's fit to print. The Onion has been satirizing the news industry for over seven years. While not as topical or political as The Daily Show, it appeals to a similar fan base of young, educated readers who are tired of the spin traditional media puts on the news.

Website: The Onion


3. College Humor

College Humor is heavy on juvenile laughs and the joys of watching others get injured. It's not everyone's style, but there's certainly a market for its brand of sophomoric silliness.

Website: College Humor

4. GoComics and

Long before the rise of the Internet, people found their daily dose of humor in newspapers' comics pages. Now you can enjoy your favorite strips in full color on the official websites of the syndicates. Look for special features like character descriptions and creator bios to learn more about your favorite strips.

Website: GoComics

5. has been providing a daily dose of humor since 1995. The site focuses on clean, politically-correct jokes all audiences can enjoy. Sign up to have the day's joke sent directly to your email inbox, or just browse the site's collection of past jokes.



6. Happy Tree Friends

Humor for the more sadistic, these aren't your usual cute and fuzzy cartoon characters. Graphic death and dismemberment is the order of the day for these animated friends. If you're looking for dark comedy and you're not easily offended, this just may be the site for you.

Website: Happy Tree Friends

7. YouTube

While the site wasn't created with humor in mind, the hilarious clips found within its archives easily make it one of the best humor sites. YouTube has also increased its impact by making it easy to share clips and imbed video in websites and blogs.

Website: YouTube

8. Niche Sites

Sometimes the best humor sites share jokes only a particular audience would find funny. For example, Television Without Pity exists to poke fun at hot television shows, but if you're not already watching the programs, many of the jokes will be lost on you. Find your own favorite niche site for hours of humorous entertainment.


9. Blogs

With their potential for instant analysis and commentary, and an emphasis on personality and voice in their writers, many blogs can also be considered humor sites. Maybe you have a hilarious friend or family member, or perhaps you prefer the mean-spirited fun of Go Fug Yourself, where celebrities looking their worst are displayed for your amusement. Check Technorati for popular humor blogs if you're looking for an amusing new read.

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Best Humor Sites