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Some of the best male blogs are those that give an overview of several subjects concerning what it's like to be a man. However, some are specific to a common male interest, like sports, gadgets, or movies. Sometimes they're considered the best male blogs because of their wide range of topics while others are ranked best based on their number of followers, their shared readership with major men's magazines, or the number of fans on an accompanying Facebook page.

1. College Humor

You get highlights from the original College Humor site, plus additional content from a handful of writers. Humor revolves around everything from clips of the Vice President accidentally swearing to funny things that parents do. You may also find the occasional college girl posing in a bikini, so you may not want to visit the site at work. has been online since 2007, and the site's staff launched a blog in 2010. College Humor has over 75,000 Twitter followers and 134,000 Facebook fans.

Website: College Humor

2. Art of Manliness


With a title like this, it's bound to get a man's man interested. It's not just about working on cars, the hottest women on the planet, or the most adventurous camping trips you could possibly take. Topics covered include A Man's Life, Dress & Grooming, Health & Sports, Manly Skills, Money & Career, and Relationships & Family.The site is injected with humor, and it's not uncommon to see that a single post has been shared over 100 times. The blog has over 39,000 subscribers as of this writing.

Website: Art of Manliness


3.'s Geek Dad

This is an extension of popular Wired magazine, one of several read-worthy blogs. Here, you'll find two things that are important to a large number of men: being a dad and knowing what's new in technology your kids might like, including geek entertainment, toys, and more. In some cases, you'll even find a comic strip or a post about Legos to enjoy. Wired has over 81,000 fans on Facebook.

Website:'s Geek Dad

4. Dot Tech

As you can tell from the name of the blog, the articles on this site focus on the latest technology. You can get software reviews, quick how-tos, like how to type upside down, and more. Besides the information about new gadgets and technology, this blog has an active forum that includes topics like technology, freebies, artistic skills, programming abilities, and more.

Website: Dot Tech

5. The Movie Blog

If you're a man who loves movies, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this movie blog. A great mix of movie reviews, news, and articles make this a go-to source for movie lovers. It's been around since 2003, offering reviews on some of the newest movies plus posts like "How to (and Not to) Pick a DVD With Your Girlfriend," "Top 100 Movies Based on Books," and "Why Women Need to Stop Watching Romantic Comedies."

Website: The Movie Blog


6. The Urban Agent


The Urban Agent is part urban fashion, part how to be a gentleman. You'll also find workout tips from celebrities, information about new gadgets, but most of all, men's fashion tips. This blog has a Facebook page attached with over 2,000 fans.

Website: The Urban Agent

You may also enjoy LoveToKnow Movies or LoveToKnow Men's Fashion.

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