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The best meditation CD for you may be soft music, sounds of nature, or even chanting. A good meditation CD will allow you to let go of the noise in your mind and focus on your breathing. The best meditation CD will help you escape daily stresses and possibly transcend to another level of consciousness, alerting your senses and uniting your mind, body, and spirit.

1. Chanting the Chakras: Roots of Awakening by Layne Redmond


This CD is available at and is said to "retune the body's seven vital energy centers and encourage inner awareness." There's music, drumming, and chanting involved in this selection, and it comes with a booklet that explains the chants as well as a brief history of meditation and why it's beneficial. reviewers call it mesmerizing and say that it actually is effective at bringing the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. Since the CD comes with a 24-page booklet, listeners will be able to get a better grasp of how meditation works.

2. Invoking the Muse by Layne Redmond

This isn't your average meditation CD, so if the idea of chanting turns you off, this one might be worth looking into. Layne Redmond, voted Drum! magazine's 2002 Percussionist of the Year, uses music to calm the mind and body, and while there are voices on the CD to accompany the drums, the bansuri flute, and more, this selection is not your traditional meditation CD. It was created as a tribute to the Nine Muses and utilizes the talents of musicians from new world, jazz, and Medieval chant. reviewers call this selection "hypnotically meditative," something that will help you "transcend to another level of consciousness," "soothing and uplifting," and more. Barnes and Noble lists this CD as Redmond's most inspired yet.


3. Chanting OM: Music for Deep Meditation

You can find this CD at In the first track, there is nothing but an unbroken stream of "OM" repeated over and over. Later, more harmony and music are added in.

YogaLife magazine calls it one of the best meditation CDs available and according to, the Editor-in-Chief of Fit Yoga claims to use it often as she teaches yoga. Stress Free Living magazine calls it a "must have for meditators."

4. Living Meditations: Guided Meditations by David Harshada Wagner


This selection helps you to focus on your breath, heighten your awareness, and it even leads listeners through light visualizations as a path to focus. It is recommended for beginners and those who already meditate frequently.

This CD is mentioned at for its four guided meditations-two by voice, two by musical instruments (bansuri flute and tamboura).

5. Kundalini Meditation Music from

This CD combines traditional yoga chants with music and works perfectly with yoga postures and breathing to awaken the spirit and creativity. It also features various artists.

This selection is recommended in the March 2010 issue of Yoga Journal.


6. Sound Beginning: Guided Meditations for Inspired Living

It is music-assisted rather than voice-guided, and it focuses on bringing about a shift in attitude, new perceptions, and more. Board-certified music therapists created this CD to focus on relaxation, meditation, and visualization.

This title received five out of five stars based on seven reviews at The description on Amazon considers the visualizations "like moving mind art."

7. Detaching the World Vol. 1 – Ambient Music for Massage/Relaxation/Meditation

It's an hour of music, sans percussion or vocals. One section plays a small rainstorm, so if you like to relax to the sounds of nature, you'll especially appreciate that part.

This CD received 4.5 of five stars on based on 28 reviews. Several massage therapists mentioned how unobtrusive yet effective the CD is for their work.

Start determining the best meditation CD for your purposes by deciding whether you prefer sounds of nature, chanting, or instrumental music. Combine meditation with other healthy practices like a balanced diet and moderate exercise for the best results.

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