Best PlayStation 3 Video Games

Best PlayStation 3 Video Games

The best PlayStation 3 video games take advantage of this platform's capabilities, including enhanced graphics, online play, and motion-detecting controllers. There are PS3 titles available for both casual and hardcore gaming enthusiasts. Whether you prefer fighting games or titles with a sports theme, read on for advice on selecting the best PlayStation 3 video games for your needs.

1. Resistance: Fall of Man

Struggle for survival as you attempt to help Hale, a U.S. Ranger, defeat the Chimera - a species of unknown origin attempting to take over the world.

Photorealistic lighting effects, characters, and environments make this title one of the hottest games for the PlayStation 3. As an added bonus, this first-person shooter also offers fantastic opportunities for multi-player online action.

2. Call of Duty 3

Experience the Normandy Breakout as you fight hand-to-hand, disarm traps, improvise explosive devices, and face a host of other battlefield challenges.

Advanced graphics and next-generation level design make Call of Duty 3 fun for game enthusiasts seeking to capture the intensity of WWII combat.


3. Final Fantasy XIII

The first installment in the best-selling series of role-playing games from Square Enix to appear on the PS3, this game was released in early 2007.

A highly anticipated title, Final Fantasy XIII features real-time battles and a host of online gaming features.

4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

This hot PS3 title is a remake of Ninja Gaiden for Xbox with a few new upgrades.

Fans of the highly successful Ninja Gaiden series will love this title for the ability to dual wield weapons and engage in combat on top of the water.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4

The last in the series of popular stealth-based games, released in 2007.

No longer based around predefined "sneaking missions," this hot PlayStation 3 title lets players choose how to achieve their objectives. The game also features a new 360-degree third-person camera system and graphics emphasizing natural movement.


6. Need for Speed Carbon

The latest installment in the Need for Speed series, this hot PS3 title bases game play on real-life racing clubs and teams.

Pick your crew, customize your car, and get ready for some fast and furious racing fun with this popular PlayStation 3 video game.

7. Madden NFL 2007

The 17th installment in the series, Madden NFL 2007 was one of the launch titles for the PS3.

Adding new features such as Lead Blocker Control and a Highlight Stick, Madden NFL 2007 is a must-have video game for football fans of all ages.

8. Rainbow Six: Vegas

With arcade-like game play, Rainbow Six: Vegasasks players to save Las Vegas from a terrorist organization.

Released in early 2007, the sixth title in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series features two new play modes: Attack & Defend and Co-op Campaign.


9. Warhawk

A remake of the original Warhawk game, this title lets you experience your favorite missions with the power of the PlayStation 3.

By taking full advantage of the PS3 controller's motion-sensing ability, this game breathes new life into the popular sci-fi third-person shooter.

10. Heavenly Sword

A martial arts action game with freestyle combat, this PlayStation 3 video game is highly anticipated.

Released in March 2007, PlayStation 3 fanatics love this game's outstanding graphics, reactional commands, and rotational camera angles.

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Best PlayStation 3 Video Games