Best Spray Tan Products

Enjoy a glowing tan without worrying about sun damage.

Using one of the best spray tan products allows you enjoy a sun-kissed look without subjecting your skin to damaging rays. From in-home sprays to salon systems, there's something for every budget.

1. Mystic Tan

Mystic Tan is among the best spray tan options because it was a pioneer in the field. The company that makes this product created the first spray-on tanning booths in 1998. The company's premium MyMyst booths use individual cartridges for a highly customizable skin care experience. In addition, voice instructions allow users to feel more comfortable with their tanning. The company also offers sunless tanners for in-home use.

2. Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush

Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush was the winner among department store self-tanning brands in The Glammies, Glamour magazine's reader-selected list of the best beauty products available. It is also ranked number two on an iVillage Beauty list of the best self tanners. The applicator allows for clean, streak-free spraying from multiple angles. The addition of vitamin E to the bronzer conditions skin while providing antioxidant benefits.

3. Safe Tan

Safe Tan is an aloe-based tanning solution designed to be safe and convenient to use. After spraying, use the foam brush to blend. Unlike some spray tan products, the color appears instantly, so you never have to guess if you've missed a spot. If you make a mistake, the formula can be washed off for up to an hour after applying. Although the company is based in Australia, products are shipped worldwide.

4. Coppertone Continuous Gradual Tan

Coppertone Continuous Gradual Tan dries quickly, with a streak-free, vitamin-enriched formula. It receives high customer ratings at sites such as and "Continuous" means you can spray from any angle to cover hard-to-reach areas. The product also dries quickly, for more convenient application.

5. ShowerTan

ShowerTan combines the coverage of a professional spray tan with the convenience and privacy of at-home products. The sprayer sets up easily in your shower and doesn't require an electrical connection, so it can be used safely around water. The clear tanning solution won't leave a mess in your bathroom, but develops into a tan that lasts for up to a week.

6. Fantasy Tan

Fantasy Tan is a professional tanning system that allows for quick application with quality results. Tanning salons and their patrons will enjoy its quiet operation. The system has been featured on television programs, including a makeover segment on Montel.

7. Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Spray

Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Spray was ranked third at iVillage Beauty. The spray dries quickly without streaking. Like many other best spray tan options, it can be applied from any angle for complete coverage. The formula is free of oil and alcohol and won't clog your pores.

8. Decleor Aroma Sun Express Hydrating Self-Tan Spray

Decleor Aroma Sun Express focuses on natural and healthy tanning. Rose, chamomile, and geranium oils protect your skin from sun damage while the product uses organic versions of the most common tanning agents.

9. Florida Sunspray

Florida Sunspray offers the quality and coverage of an airbrush tan in a can. It has received a five star rating in customer reviews. In testimonials on the company's site, users comment on the product's pleasant smell and the bronzed, not orange, color they achieved with its use. The aerosol can is even safe for the ozone layer.

10. Fake Bake Instant Self-Tanning Spray

Fake Bake Instant Self-Tanning Spray provides a quick-drying mist for easy use and even application. However, in user reviews, some customers have complained about the mess this mist produces. Two tanning agents increase the depth of your tan, and the formula is designed to not visibly clog pores.

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Best Spray Tan Products