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Make a checklist of gear.
Make a checklist of gear.

Whether you're planning a lavish honeymoon retreat or a simple trip to a nearby city, the best travel stores can provide everything you need for a carefree and enjoyable journey. From luggage to nifty gadgets that help make travel easier and more convenient, these specialty stores offer the latest and best travel products on the market.

1. Magellan's

Magellan's seems to have covered every traveling need with this one store. Luggage, packing aids and items to make flights more comfortable and secure allow for worry-free traveling. Rain gear prepares you for any weather conditions. A photography section helps you snap shots of your vacation memories. Electronic translators, maps and electrical converters enable you to make your way in a foreign land, hassle free. You can even find the perfect gift for your fellow travelers.

Website: Magellan's

2. Le Travel Store


Le Travel Store focuses on luggage and the items you'll need while in transit, such as money belts and neck pillows. In addition to the usual suitcases and duffel bags, they sell several packing kits to make the most of your storage space. They also offer a selection of electrical converters and adapters for international electrical outlets.

Website: Le Travel Store


3. Rand McNally Travel Store

When it comes time to plan your next trip, don't forget to stock up on the supplies you'll need to ensure you arrive at your destination. Rand McNally is a trusted name in maps, so you can feel confident in the company's products. If you're traveling across several states, an atlas will keep you on track from day to day. For specific destinations, you can find street maps of major cities from Portland to Paris. If you prefer turn-by-turn directions from an electronic mapping device, the Rand McNally GPS Navigator fits the bill.

Website: Rand McNally Travel Store

4. National Geographic Travel Shop

The National Geographic Travel Shop focuses on items that outdoor explorers and casual travelers use. Luggage locks and electronic translators are useful for any trip, while items like powerful binoculars, specialized clothing and boats are purely for adventurers. Don't get too carried away, though. You aren't actually on-assignment for National Geographic; it just feels that way.

Website: National Geographic Travel Shop

5. Local retailers

Sometimes, the best travel store is the retailer you visit regularly. The local Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target carries a wide variety of travel-ready products at affordable prices. Check the home department for luggage and carry-on bags, the clothing section for travel wear, the book racks for maps and guidebooks, and the sporting goods section for camping gear. One of the main advantages these stores have over online retailers is the opportunity to get your hands on something before you buy it. After purchasing an item, if you change your mind about it, then returning it is also much easier.

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