Ten Best Winter Camping Tents

There is no one best winter camping tent. Instead there are several contenders that can be deemed worthy of this title. People looking for tents for winter camping tend to focus more on weatherproofing qualitiies since they have to keep out not only the rain and the dirt but also what could possibly be bitter winter winds. It also has to effectively repel ice and snow to make it possible to enter and leave even during blizzard conditions.

1. Eureka's Alpenlite 2XT

This tent weighs only six pounds and has grommet corner attachments for quick and easy setup during extreme weather. The front vestibule gives campers a place to stash snowy boots and clothing without getting the main area of the tent wet. The steep walls help snow slide off instead of piling up top.

2. Betamid

The Betamid is the ultimate quick-up, quick-down shelter. It is simply a two-person pyramid tent that is held up by two center poles. It can also be hung if the ground is too frozen to accommodate poles or stakes. In this case the camper must use a separate tarp as a floor.

3. REI's Convert Mountain

Built as a climbing shelter, this tent has a D-shaped door to allow for quick exit and entry. Its triangular shape lets the camper burrow it into the snow or the side of a rocky ledge. It has clear windows so a person can see out well without the weather getting in. Six guy ropes keep it up and in place.

4. Golite Shangri-La 3

This tent is a five-sided pyramid that can be pitched or hung. Its seams are made of thread that's designed to expand when it gets wet, so the seams get tighter, not leakier, in the snow. An optional Nest insert helps to further keep campers dry and warm. It can also keep the bugs off in the hotter months.

5. MWR TwinPeaks

Named for its dual pyramid design, this is a tent and a tarp in one. The camper can pitch it on trekking poles or hang it using a guy cord. The ventilation holes are near the top so campers can still breathe easy even if the base of the tent becomes buried in the snow.

6. Hilleberg Kaitum GT 3

This three-person tent has a tunnel design that helps protect the camper against high winds.

7. Mountain Hardwear EV2

This tent has just one angled wall, which allows campers to easily brace it to fight off high winds. Its vents are specially designed to be moisture resistant.

8. Snowtrekker Tents

These tents are designed for large groups, such as hunting or dog sledding parties. They are designed to house not only sleeping areas but also camp stoves, which to many could help them clinch the best winter camping tent title. They have flaps on the outside which are made to be covered with snow. Campers can use the weather to their advantage when anchoring these tents to the ground.

9. Black Diamond Stormtrack

This tent has a door opening on two sides. It allows two campers to enter or exit at the same time, which can be essential during extreme weather.

10. Snow Caves

Some campers swear that the best winter camping tent is the one they make themselves by tunneling a crevice in the snow. Those who choose this option are advised to bring a good winter sleeping bag as well.

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Ten Best Winter Camping Tents