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23 Best Motivational Books That Really Work

23 Best Motivational Books That Really Work

You are stuck and in a rut. You know you need to make some changes in yourself, but taking an initial step feels impossible and overwhelming. If a step feels like it's too much, try a reach and pluck one of these… Keep reading »

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The best literature and poetry allows you to explore the recesses of humanity's head and heart. It sparks your imagination and takes you on adventures that ignite your passions and turn your mundane world into something magical. It speaks to readers of every age, race, religion, and social status, and breaks down barriers while revealing universal truths about the human condition.

Best Books

You don't have to be an English major to enjoy the best literature. From the classics to romance, there's something for everyone.

  • The best literature for children can help start kids on the road to a lifetime of reading.
  • The best books for teens allow them to challenge stereotypes and broaden their horizons during the confusing adolescent years.
  • Want to go beyond traditional literature? The best in motivational books and magazines can provide helpful information.

Best Poetry

If you've ever recited, "Roses are red, violets are blue" or other nursery rhymes, then you've enjoyed poetry. Of course, the best poetry goes much deeper than these simple children's rhymes. Poets use figurative language, rhyme, and meter to tell a story, express an emotion, and leave readers with a lasting impression. Whether a poem takes a traditional form, like the sonnet or haiku, is written in modern free verse or is the poetry of a song, the top poetry selections leave a lasting legacy for poetry fans of all ages.

Best Quotes

Perhaps all you need a is few words of wisdom to mark a special occasion or to provide inspiration. Collections of the best quotes on topics like friendship and love can help you find the right thing to say.

So Many Choices

With so many titles available on the shelves of your local libraries and bookstores, choosing the best book can be difficult. LoveToKnow Literature and Poetry can be a great resource; here you'll find gathered the best in all literary and poetry genres.

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