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A list of best magazines is comprised of not just the magazines with the best writing, design, or photographs, but also the ability to reach out to several different groups. Sure, there are magazines just for those who closely follow fashion or those who love their Macs, but which ones are smart enough-but general enough-to entertain and inform the masses?

1. Wired

Wired has an eclectic mix of articles, making it interesting at least in part to many types of people, not just tech geeks as the name might sometimes imply. There are articles about culture, science, gadgets, and more, and the articles are written in a way that you don't have to be an expert on the subjects to understand. Find out more about everything from Twitter to cosmic ice sculptures.

Website: Wired

2. Time

No list of best magazines would be complete without Time. It's a classic, delivering information about almost everything, from politics to art, travel to business. Time dives a bit deeper into the news that shows up in headlines day after day, giving you a richer look at the world around you.

Website: Time


3. People


Sometimes the best way to escape your life is to dive into someone else's, and when that's what you need, why not dive into some of the most glamorous lives available? People covers celebrity gossip like no other. See what they're wearing, find out who is together and why or why not, and more.

Website: People

4. Women's Health

When leading a healthy lifestyle and getting fit and toned are your goals, look no further than Women's Health. The recipes and workout routines are outstanding and there's a bit of style advice in there too (what woman doesn't like a bonus makeup or fashion tip here and there?). Learn about nutrition, relationships, mental health, and how to have your best body, all in one place.

Website: Women's Health

5. Green Living

If you want tips and motivation when it comes to living a life that's better for you and the environment, Green Living can help. Find information on green living in categories like travel, food, fashion, energy, and more. If you like reading reviews before you invest in a product, you'll love the review section on the site as well.

Website: Green Living


6. Marie Claire

Marie Claire offers a healthy dose of fashion and beauty advice, but it's ideal for the multi-dimensional woman because it also has world report articles, tips for staying healthy, and career and financial advice. While many women love sitting down with a magazine that tells them the hottest lip color trends for fall or how to get the perfect undone updo, a magazine that delivers it all between the pages of a single cover deserves a spot on the list of best magazines.

Website: Marie Claire

7. Discover

Do you have an insatiable curiosity about, well, everything? Discover magazine offers columns and articles about everything from medical mysteries to technology, plus random bits of interesting information you probably never knew.

Website: Discover

8. Family Fun


For those who are at a loss when it comes to entertaining their kids day after day (especially during the toddler years or during holidays), Family Fun can be a life-saver. It's packed with ideas for projects, crafts, and recipes to do with kids to keep everyone learning, engaged, and entertained.

Website: Family Fun


Your personal list of best magazines will vary as you open yourself up to more and more publications, but there are some that are more universally appealing than others. Prices will vary based on available deals at the time you wish to subscribe. Be sure to check sites like Best Magazine Deals periodically for a bargain on a magazine subscription you're interested in.

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List of Best Magazines