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Of the many sites that provide medical information, a few are worthy of being described as the best medical websites. Each year, the Web Marketing Association recognizes a select few of the many health information sites with a "best" designation. Sites are evaluated based on several criteria, including the quality of content and writing, how easy they are to use, ease of navigation, and the effective use of technology.

1. The Guardian Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Tutorial

This interactive tutorial site was recognized in 2008 as the best medical equipment website. It was developed by Greater than One, a full service digital marketing agency.

Website: The Guardian Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Tutorial


This site was recognized in 2007 as the best website for a medical equipment company. It was developed by Cynosure and the Boston-based Small Army advertising firm.


3. Centers for Disease Control

In 2007, the official website for the Centers for Disease Control was named the "best of the best" among medical sites. The site features resources of interest to students, consumers, clinical professionals, and scientific researchers.

Website: Centers for Disease Control

4. Web MD

Web MD, a popular consumer-oriented health information website was recognized in 2006 with a "best" award. Site visitors can find information about various types of medical conditions and treatment options.

Website: Web MD


Mojo Interactive's physician locator website was recognized as the overall "best" medical website in 2005. In 2008, it was also recognized as a Top 10 Hit Wise website. Users are able to quickly and easily locate doctors by specialty in their local area.



Roche Diagnostics' website earned the 2004 award for best website for medical information. The site was created by i-Frontier and contains detailed information about the Accu-Chek glucose monitoring system.



The website developed by American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) was ranked at the top of the list of best medical websites in 2003. It is filled with information of benefit to the medical professionals who are members of the association.


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The Best Medical Websites