Who is the Best College Football Team

Best College Football Team

Debating who is the best college football team can stir heated arguments among fans, and when it comes to the best college teams of all time conversations can grow even livelier, especially when you add generations of sport fans into the mix. Think of all of the great teams throughout history. Which college football team would you choose as the best?

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1995)

When OTB Sports is asked who is the best college football team, they rank the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers as the number one. Tom Osborne coached this team. Both their offense and defense were filled with talent and when they ran their traditional triple option, nobody could stop them.

2. USC Trojans (1972)

The Bleacher Report puts the 1972 USC roster at number two for the best college football team. The Trojans' stats for the 12-0 season included a 42-17 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. That season, USC was ranked number one on every ballot cast by coaches and the media.

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1971)

The Cornhuskers make the list again as they come in at the number one spot on ESPN Sport's list of best college teams ever. The 1971 Cornhuskers won 35-31 against Oklahoma on Thanksgiving Day. To this day, many sports fans call this "The Game of the Century."

4. Miami Hurricanes (2001)

The 2001 Miami Hurricanes come in at number five on ESPN's list of the greatest college football teams. Sports fans will never forget Ken Dorsey and Clinton Portis, who led their team to a 12-0 season. Dorsey was an exemplary college quarterback, and along with the dominating defensive squad, the team won by an average of 34 points each game.

5. Army (1945)

Number four on ESPN's list of best college teams is the 1945 Army football team. Heisman Trophy winner Felix Blanchard lead the team, also featuring Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard, to a 9-0 season. This team averaged an unbelievable eight yards per play and their 48-0 win over Notre Dame is unforgettable.

6. Michigan Wolverines (1947)

The Bleacher Report's sixth-place pick for who is the best college football team is the 1947 Michigan Wolverines. They enjoyed an undefeated season under head coach Fritz Crisler. His team became known as the "Mad Magicians" because they ran such a complex offense. They finished the season 10-0 and beat USC 49-0 in the Rose Bowl.

7. Notre Dame (1947)

You'll notice this team is from the same year as the previouly mentioned Wolverines. Notre Dame came in at number six on ESPN's list of best college footballs teams. They won a disputed national championship after the AP voted them number one at the end of the regular season, dropping 10-0 Michigan to the number two spot.

8. Oklahoma Sooners (1956)

The 1956 Oklahoma Sooners come in at number seven on the Bleacher Report list. The '56 Sooners went 10-0, and extended the Sooners' winning streak to 47 games.

9. Oklahoma Sooners (1974)

That's right, the Sooners make the list again as they come in at the number nine slot on the Bleacher Report. This Sooner squad earned 56 first-place votes in the final ballots, and had eight players win All-American honors.

10. Alabama (1961)

Alabama 1961 claims the number ten spot at ESPN's best college football teams list. They won the first of Bear Bryant's six national titles at the school.

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Who is the Best College Football Team