38 Incredible Amazon Products We're Totally Obsessed With

Published July 28, 2022
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You know those times when there's something you need to buy, but just don't know what it is? That's the beauty of online shopping - the world is at your fingertips! When you have so many options, though, sometimes it's tough to pick the best items that will give you what you're truly looking for.

Well, we've rounded up a list of Amazon picks we're completely in love with, from a soap that soothes even the driest of skin to a planner that will help you reach all of your New Year's resolutions and even a few new additions to your bathroom. Check out these incredible products designed to make your life simpler, easier, and a little more fun!

This neck and back massager has three adjustable speeds to decrease muscle tension while increasing blood circulation. If you're prone to work-from-home injuries after sitting still for eight hours a day, this neck massager will work out all your knots in just 15 minutes. And if you're a commuter, you don't have to wait until you get home to relieve any aches and pains with the added car adapter.


If you'd rather look at the map than hear the directions, be sure to keep this car phone mount on your radar. This mount can rotate in any direction and you can place it wherever suits you best, so you can drive to your destination safely.

Indian chai is known for its rich flavor and and organic spice mixure, which is usually referred to as masala. This blend is so authentic that you won't see any milk powders, sweeteners, or other random ingredients on the label. Add water and a bit of fresh milk for a cup of tea that transports you to the eastern hemisphere. Dip your favorite biscuit if you're really trying to embrace tradition.

Don't you love how this umbrella has a simple button for closing and opening? If you have a daily afternoon stroll habit, this umbrella is compact enough for you to store in your purse. It's also windproof, so you can still get your steps in regardless of the weather.


Say goodbye to dry and itchy skin all over your body. Remedy Soap combines botanical tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil to naturally heal undernourished skin. Whether you struggle with odd pimples or foot odor, this body wash is made to revive. It's perfect for everyday use, so don't fret about overdoing it if you're a daily gym goer!

If you have a big event coming up and suddenly a zit so big appears that not even the best concealer could hide, then these pimple patches are for you. They're made to match your skin tone, so if you have to wear them for longer than a day, you won't have to worry about any red bumps ruining your selfies.

Being on your feet all day can be tough. While you've got your legs kicked up with an episode of Love Island on, this foot mask can help relax those aching heels and toes. We especially love how the mask is suited for a variety of needs: dryness, cracking, soreness, and more!


Shopping for the softest pillowcases and the smoothest bedsheets can get tiresome (pun intended). Luckily, we found the very best with this bedding set. The microfiber material promotes water resistance - perfect for overheated sleepers to stay comfortable. These sheets come in a variety of vibrant colors that won't fade even after dozens of washes.

Long gone are the days of you pumping air into a mattress only to have it deflate during the night as you or your loved ones sleep. Whether you're an avid camper or it's slumber party Saturday, there's never not going to be a reason to pull out this fun blow-up bed.

Lighters are one of those things that are often forgotten about, but are pretty necessary if you don't have one on hand. This lighter is special not only because of its helpful length, but it's also moisture-resistant to combat unhelpful weather. That's pretty lit!


With all that chopping and dicing, cutting boards take on a lot of the wear and tear. Show them some TLC with this versatile mineral oil that's made to prevent any cracking or drying in wooden boards. You can also use the oil on knives and other appliances to help break up baked on gunk!

It's late night and all you want to do is take a relaxing bath, but your back can't handle being pressed up against a cold, hard wall. This bath pillow will fix just that, so you can sink your body into the bubbles while enjoying a glass of bubbly on the side.

We all value our beauty sleep, and that starts with a pillow that helps you drift off as soon as your head lays down for a rest. Lucky for you, these hotel-worthy Beckham pillows stay in place and offer just the right support no matter how restless you are.


Ever wonder how your trusted manicurist always manages to clip your nails with extreme precision? These heavy duty nail clippers will shape the thickest of nails, so you don't rip them off out of impatience. They're packed in a fun, zippered pouch for trimming on the go.

Whether there are too many granola bar bits from driving around the kids, sand from sunny beach days, or pet hair from vet visits, this vacuum is equipped to zap all kinds of crumbs and dirt. It's super lightweight and doesn't take up much space, so you can store it inside your car if you need a quick clean up during your next road trip.

The garage can get messy with ropes and hoses laying about, which is why we love these wrap-around hooks that are built to hold even the thickest wires together. They're great for hanging on the wall, so you can see all the tools you need without cluttering the floor. They also make a great gift for the handy person in you life!


Foot calluses can happen to anyone, but you don't need to go to the salon every week to take care of your feet. This foot scraper won't shred your heels with its easy-to-use pumice stone that's perfect for using in the shower. If you're not in the mood to get your feet wet, this scraper works well on dry skin as well!

That bulky wallet your grandma gave you years ago might be cool, but this minimalist card holder will make your life so much easier. There are six slots, so you can carry around your most important cards. If you're worried about your ID or credit card, this wallet is built with special RFID technology to keep your personal information from being scanned and stolen.

A product that you can use at the beginning and end of your makeup routine is a win in our books! Milani has a reputation for making products for everyday folks who want to feel beautiful no matter what, and this spray is no exception - it helps your makeup look last all day! It is also completely vegan, so you'll feel confident you're wearing a product that prioritizes quality ingredients.


Whether it's picnic season or you're looking for a replacement for brown bag lunches, these beeswax wraps will keep your food fresh and covered up. Your cut up onions and half lemons will look so cute bundled up in this honeycomb designed cover, and some sizes are wide enough to even cover your larger mixing bowls. It's safe to say you'll never go back to using plastic wrap again!

If you've never owned a planner, this is your cue to get in the game. There's real power in writing down your goals and looking at the steps you plan to take each week, so you can feel proud of what you've accomplished at the end of the month. This pick features fun calendar stickers and handy bookmarks, so you can feel extra organized.

Who doesn't adore lavender? This toilet bowl spray will have the bathroom smelling like a flowery haven without any harsh aerosols or chemicals to worry about. You can spray beyond the throne, too, ensuring the laundry and other rooms also stay fresh. There are plenty of sprays to go around as this little bottle holds up to 70 uses.


Packing for a weekend away? Excitedly planning a longer trip? There's no need to sacrifice bringing along your signature necklaces or those chunky hoops you just bought and can't wait to wear. This compact box has room for all of your accessories or new ones you pick up on vacation.

We know your beloved airpods need a home that's going to last, which is why we think this custom case is great for long-term care. The personalized engraving is done with a UV laser and is immune to scraches or dirt. It also includes a running strap and a detachable keychain, so you can easily carry your case on the go.

Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for centuries, and oil pulling is just one of many ancient techniques that's been proven to have numerous benefits. Did you know oil pulling supports plaque removal and decreases levels of tartar? Keeping this oil handy in your bathroom will make sure you remember to prioritize your gum health.


It's not a surprise this TikTok-famous cleaner went viral for taking out the worst stains we've ever seen. Whether you've spilled paint on the floor, have an abundance of soap scum built up in your bathroom, or are dealing with layers of baked on grime inside your oven, this baking soda paste will revive the dirtiest of items and surfaces. Don't worry about your fingers or hands stinging - its ingredients are toxin-free!

Whether you're baking homemade protein bars or decadent chocolate lava cake, vanilla is a kitchen essential you can never have too much of. These beans can be added directly into your batter,or you can make your own vanilla extract, so you never have to rely on watery grocery store versions ever again!

This laptop stand is great for fixing your posture if you're feeling the effects of craning your neck and staring down at the screen. The riser also allows you to have more desk space, so you can keep far less clutter around you as you work. Another bonus: the stand is detachable, so it can be easily transported for business trips - or even your local coffee shop.


It's so convenient to store spices, salt, pepper, and oils near the stove, but the top of the appliance is so narrow, and I don't want to clutter my counters! I've been using this top-of-stove magnetic shelf to hold all my cooking handy helpers, and it's made a world of difference. Now there's room for everything I need, making cooking that much simpler!

When I came across this fuzzy ball hand towel, I knew I had to share it with the world! It's such a unique take on the bathroom hand towel, and it dries so much faster, too, as it's made from microfiber! It's a towel that doubles as decor, and you'll get a set of two to use together or in separate bathrooms.

My kiddo is obsessed with this microscope keychain. I love that it's fostering her science-obsessed brain and it's small enough for her to take anywhere for on-the-go investigation. This gets excellent reviews for ease of use and high power magnification!


Nothing says summer party like Tiki lamps, and these ones have built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite tunes! They lend the perfect atmosphere once the sun sets with their subtle LED flickering glow and amazing sound quality. This pair will play for up to nine hours so they can probably party even harder than you can.

I love a crisply-made bed with perfectly tucked sheets, but I'm not willing to spend a ton of time getting it that way. For lazy perfectionists like me, there's this bed-making tool that works like a charm. Now you can get a hotel-quality experience by barely lifting a finger!

I can't tell you how obsessed I am with this cup rinser that makes dirty jobs easy peasy lemon squeezy. The high pressure water flow quickly cleans out cups, baby bottles, water bottles, jars, whatever you've got! And it's engineered to let the water drain out at just the right angle. Installation takes only minutes and it's such an upgrade!


Phone cases can be so slippery, but this stretchy phone strap lets you get a handle on your device. The silicone straps, which come in ten fashionable colors, work with any phone case and allow for wireless charging. Over 1,000 rave reviews cite things like extra thickness and width that make this strap more durable than others.

Constantly losing your keys? Me, too. But these light switch key hangers have made such a difference, because I always know exactly where they are so I can get out the door without a frantic search!

Want to take your fire pit on the go for impromptu weenie roasts or s'mores parties? This little number packs down small for easy transport and then effortlessly pops up wherever you happen to land. Perfect for camping, beach parties, or festivals!


I love BBQ season and loading my burgers up with toppings and sauces, but I don't love what a mess it makes when I take bite. Enter these silicone burger holders - they hold all the mess and are more eco-friendly than using a million napkins! Easy to clean, too. Just throw 'em in the dishwasher.

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38 Incredible Amazon Products We're Totally Obsessed With