Printable Guitar Chord Chart

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Have you ever wanted to play a certain chord and suddenly drawn a blank about the exact fingering for it? It happens to nearly every player at some point. Perhaps you're working out a song during practice with your band when someone suggests an alternate chord, and it's not one you're familiar with. What do you do?

Printable Guitar Chart

Essentially, each individual chart for a particular chord shows which strings and frets to press your fingers on. Just give it a strum and you have your chord. The beauty of having access to printable guitar chord charts is you can keep one copy at home and keep another copy in your guitar case just in case you ever find that you need it. Teachers can even print these charts and provide a copy to every new student.

Click on the image below, and it will lead you to a guitar chord chart PDF you're free to print. This is a comprehensive chart of over 126 individual chord diagrams with chords for every key. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

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Printable Guitar Chord Chart

Easy Access to Guitar Chords

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Printable Guitar Chord Chart