Free Car Repair Manual

Free Car Repair Manual
Diagnose A Car Problem Online

Is there such a thing as a free car repair manual? Car repair manuals that are entirely free may only be available at your local library. There are, however, online resources that can help you with free car repair.

Finding a Free Car Repair Manual

While you can walk into any auto parts store and purchase high-quality generic repair manuals for your car, there are enough online resources online that you shouldn't have to pay for a repair manual. In fact, the owners manual that came with your own car has a great deal of information which can help in troubleshooting problems you may be having. If you really need a more detailed free repair manual, there are plenty of websites that offer them.

Free Online Repair Manuals

You probably won't be able to find a free online repair manual, but you can find websites that will help you identify and repair car problems on your own, such as what to do if your car's engine won't start. If you are a do-it-yourself mechanic, find free online repair tips from one of these sources:

  • Real World Automotive - This website offers forums for most makes and models. You can browse for an automotive repair tip or post a question. It is free to post a question and read the forum.
  • Free Auto Mechanic - Here you can post a repair question and an ASE certified technician will answer it. The website's name "free auto mechanic" is a misnomer. Once you ask a question, technicians will answer the question for a price.
  • 10w40 - This website doesn't offer free car repair manuals but it does have many auto repair articles you can read. You can browse their article topics and post questions for free.
  • Johnson County Library - This library offers an online service that requires you to register and create a PIN number. Once registered you can view and download only Chilton auto repair manuals.
  • 2CarPros - At 2CarPros, they offer a list of general car repairs that aren't model specific. They do give a pretty detailed explanation of what each car repair entails but if you don't know anything about car mechanics, this website is a little hard to understand. They do offer a forum that you must register to utilize and posted questions are model specific.
  • Auto Books Online - You can't find free car repair manuals here, but you can find repair manuals that are make and model specific at deeply discounted prices.

A Word About Car Repair Manuals

If you are looking for a car repair manual for the exact year, make, and model of your car, it will cost you. Auto manufacturers release car repair manuals for each of their vehicles but they aren't generally sold to the public. To obtain one, you can check with a local dealer and see if they will sell you one, or visit eBay Motors and see if a seller has the year, make, and model car repair manual you want.Chilton repair manuals may say they are year, make, and model specific, but they are not factory manuals. In other words, they don't have the authorization to utilize specific manufacturer diagrams and wording, but they do a pretty good job of outlining the repair.

Finally, if you aren't a do-it-yourself mechanic but are still searching for a free car repair manual to diagnose your car's problem, consider visiting an auto repair center and let the experts help you repair your car.

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Free Car Repair Manual