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Griffin Survivor Case With a Kindle Fire HDX 7
Griffin Survivor Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7"

Finding the right case for your Kindle Fire is an important key to protecting it for safe use and transport. There are a number of great options available to suit any preference. From conservative looks appropriate for professional settings to fun designs that will allow you to express your unique sense of style, there are plenty of functional and attractive choices for Kindle Fire protection.

5 Great Cases for Kindle Fire Devices

1. Griffin Survivor Cases

If you are looking for a case designed for your specific Kindle Fire model that will fit the device perfectly, the Griffin Survivor line might be an excellent option for you. Designed with military-grade technology, these cases offer a layer of protection and are made to protect your device against shock from drops. The attached screen protector helps keep environmental elements like dirt, sand and more away from the delicate screen.

Review information: According to cnet, these cases "provide an extra layer of durability" and "protect well against small drops and minor spills." Many reviewers on Amazon praise Griffin Survivor cases for great device fit and protection against drops and scratches.

Models: Styles are available to fit Kindle Fire 8.9", Kindle Fire 8.9" HDX and Kindle Fire HD 7". All sizes are available in black, and the 7" style also comes in pink. You'll need to know the size, year and whether your Fire is HD or HDX in order to select the correct model.

Pricing: Each model is priced close to $60.

2. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Standing Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch
OtterBox Defender Standing Case

If you're looking for the ultimate in rugged Kindle Fire protection and you have an HDX model, an OtterBox Defender Series case might be your best bet. Offering multiple layers of protection, this super-strong case is made to protect your device against the rigors of active use, including drops, bumps and impact shock. It encases the entire device and includes a screen protector that adheres to the glass.

Review information: Ebook Friendly and recommend this case as a heavy-duty cover for Kindle HDX models. Customer reviews on Amazon are very positive, with reviewers stating that the case fits Kindle Fire devices perfectly while offering excellent protection. One reviewer goes so far as to say, "My day to day use of this OtterBox causes me to wish I could give it 6 or 7 stars."

Models: Cases are available for 7" and 8.9" HDX models. Both sizes come in black. The smaller size is also available in pink, blue and green.

Pricing: The 7" cases cost just around $70 and the 8.9" models are priced just under $80.

3. Infiland Fire Case Cover

If you have a 6" or 7" fourth-generation Kindle Fire HD, the portfolio style Infiland Fire Case Cover is a terrific low-cost option to consider. This leather case designed specifically for the smallest two Kindle Fire sizes is slim-fitting and provides protection for the front, back and sides while allowing access to all the device's ports. The flap cover folds over to form a stand for easy viewing, and it includes an elastic holder to keep a stylus securely in place.

Review information: There aren't a lot of cases available for the 6" Kindle fire models, and this case is one of the most-praised options on Amazon that comes in this size. Amazon customers recommend the case for its great fit, sturdy construction and low price.

Models: This case is specifically designed for the 6" and 7" Kindle Fire HD models produced in 2014. It comes in black and seven other bright shades.

Pricing: Both sizes are priced close to $35.

4. Amazon Origami Case

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Polyurethane Origami Case
Amazon Origami Case

Available in both polyurethane and leather, Amazon's Origami Cases provide a great way to protect Kindle Fire devices. This case is designed and sold exclusively by Amazon, so it's crafted specifically to fit the brand's Kindle Fire devices. The cover folds over to be used as a stand that can be positioned to hold your device for landscape or portrait orientation viewing. The case attaches and closes magnetically. It offers automatic sleep/wake functionality based on whether the cover is open or closed.

Review information: GeekWire praises the case's multi-position viewing functionality as well as the feature that allows you to "push the Kindle Fire up from inside the case to expose the camera on the back of the tablet" for use without having to deal with the lock screen. indicates that using the case actually leads to improved audio quality since it is designed to redirect sound from the rear speakers toward users who are watching the device from the front.

Models: This case is available in sizes designed to fit 7" and 8.9" Kindle Fires in both HD and HDX versions. The polyurethane cover is available in purple, pink, black and gray while the leather version comes in red, blue and black.

Pricing: These cases cost between $45 and $70 depending on the specific fabric and size/version selected.

5. PureGear Universal Tablet Folio

PureGear Universal Tablet Folio
PureGear Universal Tablet Folio

If you are looking for a professional looking case with a portfolio look, the PureGear Universal Tablet Folio is a great option to consider. It fits Kindle devices (and other similarly sized tablets) well without being so customized that you'll have to buy a new case any time you upgrade to a newer model. Because it's a universal design, this case doesn't have custom cut-outs to allow for camera use, but the edges of the device remain exposed so you can easily reach all the buttons. This style of case is designed more for use in indoor business or college settings than for active outdoor activities or children.

Review information: Review the Tech praises this case for its versatility, magnetic flap, multiple viewing angles and compartments. As LoveToKnow's technology editor, I received one of these cases to review and find that it is a perfect design for my Kindle Fire HD 8.9". The sleek look is perfect for business settings, and the fact that the folio flap folds over to form a stand makes it easy to use the device to watch videos.

Models: This case comes in two sizes - one that fits 7" and 8" tablets and one that fits 9" and 10" tablets (that works for 8.9" Kindle devices). So, it will work with any Kindle model except the 6" units. Both sizes come in black only.

Pricing: The smaller case costs around $40 while the larger size is priced just under $50.

Consider Your Kindle Fire Protection Needs

When selecting a case for your Kindle Fire, consider how you plan to use the device. If your kids will be using your Kindle or you plan to use it outdoors or in other active settings, go with one of the more rugged options. If you are likely to use it in settings where it won't be exposed to the elements and is less likely to be dropped, you can go with a sleeker style. You can even opt for multiple cases, changing them out based on the setting in which you will be using your device.

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