54 Genius Products on Amazon You've Never Seen Before

Published December 16, 2021
We hope you enjoy the products we have selected for you. Our editorial team has independently curated this list, and you can find out more about our review process here. LoveToKnow may collect a commission on purchases made through the links below.

Oh, those elusive Amazon products - the ones that have thousands of amazing reviews but somehow flew under your radar because the shopping site is so vast and deep. Fear not - we've uncovered the best products on Amazon that'll probably be new to you and will help you live smarter, look better, relax more easily, stay organized, clean effectively, and cook delicious meals, among other benefits!

Whether you want to fall asleep faster naturally, zap acne at the source, or keep your kitchen tidier while you cook, we've got all the gadgets you're going to love. From smart light bulbs to sheets that almost broke the Internet to best-selling leggings with over 70K rave reviews, check out these handy products and start living your best life today!

You Can Play Indoors With This Hover Soccer Ball

Hover Soccer Ball

Now you can play soccer indoors with this hover soccer ball! The fan works to elevate it on tile, wood floors, or short carpet, and it has soft bumpers so walls and furniture won't get damaged. It even has LED lights that make nighttime games a blast.


This Super Effective Teeth Whitening Kit is Also Affordable

Teeth Whitening Kit

Don't spend tons at the dentist's office to get whiter teeth - do it yourself in the comfort of your home with this affordable teeth whitening kit. It has everything you need for a brighter smile from the peroxide solution to the whitening trays with fast-acting LED lights. The before and after pics from 8,000+ happy reviewers are unbelievable!

This Tea Tree Body Wash Refreshes and Soothes

Tea Tree Body Wash

If you've got dry, itchy skin or feet that could smell fresher, check out this tea tree body wash. The minty tea tree scent refreshes, while aloe vera and coconut ingredients soothe skin. This stuff's so good it has nearly 25,000 rave reviews right now!

This Scratch-Off Travel Map Is a Great Gift

Scratch-Off Travel Map

I love this scratch-off travel map that lets you keep track of where you've been and dream about where you plan to go. It's great for anyone that loves to travel, but I especially love it for kids because it makes geography fun! This one also includes flags from all countries for extra learning opportunities.


You'll Love These Best-Selling Leggings With 70K Reviews

Best-Selling Leggings

I'm pretty much an athleisure connoiser at this point since it's all I wear, and I'd rate these best-selling leggings a perfect 10. The flattering high waist smooths and holds you in, and the "peachskin" fabric is beyond comfortable. With over 70,000 glowing reviews and 25 colors to choose from, you know these are going to quickly become your fave leggings.

This Steel Bee Razor Cover Lets You Shave Longer

Steel Bee Razor Cover

I keep my razor in the shower between uses, and it has a tendency to rust and get dull super fast. This Steel Bee razor cover stops all that inconvenience, protecting your blade and keeping it sharper three times longer! It stretches to fit any men's or women's razor head, provides airflow for faster drying, and protects your razor during travel.

This Magnetic Pickup Tool Is Lighted

Magnetic Pickup Tool

Dropping something small in an inconvenient place is a total drag, it's nearly impossible to find and retrieve! Until now - this LED-lighted magnetic pickup tool telescopes up to 22 inches, so you can easily fit into hard-to-reach areas. I got one for my dad and he uses it all the time to pick up dropped screws and other small pieces of hardware.


These Heavy Duty Storage Straps Keep Things Organized

Heavy Duty Storage Straps

Think of these heavy duty storage straps as a cord keeper for your big, unwieldy items like hoses, jumper cables, and extension cords. The weather-proof straps contain and organize everything from garage to boat items with ease because they can hold up to 50 pounds each. You'll get a range of sizes in this pack of six straps for all kinds of jobs.

Keep Your Counter Cleaner With This Silicone Utensil Rest

Silicone Utensil Rest

One of my biggest problems when cooking is where to put the utensils like spoons and basting brushes between uses. This silicone spoon rest solves that problem easily with its oversized surface and four-utensil capacity! It's easy to rinse clean and comes in 23 stylish colors to match your kitchen decor.

This Silicone Popcorn Maker Is Basically Mess-Free

Silicone Popcorn Maker

Get the convenience of microwave popcorn without the questionable chemicals when you use this silicone popcorn maker. Simply pour in some oil, kernels, and a sprinkle of salt and in a few minutes you'll have the easiest, best-tasting popcorn ever. So easy to clean, too, just swish some soapy water around and rinse!


These Best-Selling Pimple Patches Zap Acne At the Source

Pimple Patches

Unfortunately, pimples aren't just for teenagers - the pesky, inconvenient spots can pop up anytime, anywhere. These top-rated pimple patches with over 76,000 glowing reviews make zits disappear overnight! The special hydrocolloid dots suck out all the pus, flatten the bump, and reduce redness and inflammation in a snap.

This Butter Bell® Crock Lets You Always Have Soft Butter on Hand


Cold butter is the worst to spread since it tears up your bread and stays in clumps. Always have soft, spreadable butter on hand with this cute Butter Bell®Crock. It's super low-maintenance, too, just fill with water to the marked line, changing it every three days to keep unrefrigerated butter fresh for a month!

This Magnetic Wristband Is a Must for Handy People

Magnetic Wristband

I gifted my dad this magnetic wristband a few holidays ago and he still uses it weekly for his DIY home and auto projects! It conveniently holds metal hardware right on your wrist while letting you have both hands to work with. No more dropped drill bits or runaway screws, the gadget even has two small pockets for tiny items.


This Meat Masher Gives You Perfectly Cooked Ground Meat

Meat Masher

We use this meat masher multiple times a week, on Taco Tuesdays and other nights to get perfectly cooked ground pork, beef, turkey, or chicken. The gadget is so much easier to use than a wooden spoon, which can harbor harmful bacteria, since it's easy to clean, non-porous plastic. You can even use it to mash potatoes or stir batter, too!

This Kitchen Wrap Box Organizer Lets You Reclaim Your Space

Box Organizer

Kitchen wrap boxes take up so much room, they fill almost two drawers in my kitchen. I could use that space for much better things, so I got this kitchen wrap box organizer caddy to put under the sink. It holds boxes of many sizes, from sandwich bags to large tinfoil boxes, because it's easily adjustable without tools and keeps everything neatly in one place!

This Jar Opener is So Easy to Use

Jar Opener

If you have trouble opening jars due to decreased hand strength or arthritis, this 5-in-1 jar opener is going to be a huge help. It lets you easily grip jar lids of various sizes and the handle provides more leverage for opening. It also has two types of bottle openers, a soda opener, and a pull tab opener in the included tool.


These Sleep Headphones Make Drifting Off So Easy

bluetooth sleep headphones

I often take hours to fall asleep, just lying there with my thoughts, but since I started using these sleep headphones I've been able to drift off so much faster. They're comfortable to use while sleeping since they lie flat against your head, and I just put on soothing music or a boring podcast to relax and distract me. They also act as an eye mask to block light so they're great for travel.

This Flameless Lighter is Safer and More Effective

Flameless Lighter

Welcome to the future with this flameless lighter. It'll work amazingly well in windy and wet conditions, so it's great for anything from camping to just lighting your favorite candle. It's easily rechargeable by USB and can be used over 600 times!

These LED Flashlight Gloves Light Up the Night

Flashlight Gloves

Now you can continue working on the car, take the bike for a spin, do household repairs, keep fishing, go for a run, walk the dog, and more with these LED flashlight gloves. They're perfect for lighting your way or doing intricate tasks and let you use both hands instead of holding a flashlight in one. The stretchy, breathable material has a velcro closure that can be adjusted to fit most adult hand sizes.


This Rechargeable LED Beanie Is So Convenient

LED Beanie

Walking the dog or going for a jog in the dark is tough, especially in winter when the sun goes down basically in mid-afternoon. This LED lighted beanie is just what you need to keep going after dark, whether you're getting some exercise, camping, hiking, or any other activity where you need to see what you're doing. It has three brightness levels so you can customize it for your task, and it's easily rechargeable via USB!

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Changed My Life

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Ok, maybe it's a little dramatic, but I do think these magnetic measuring spoons are pretty life-changing. Now I don't have to go searching through my messy kitchen drawer to find the one I need, they're all together in an easy-to-find bundle! I love that they come in sizes from 1/8 tsp to 1 tablespoon so I don't have to do as much guessing or math on measuring ingredients.

This Professional Nail Clipper Set Cuts Even the Thickest Nails

Professional Nail Clipper Set

We currently have a handful of inferior nail clippers floating around the house, but none have cut as well as this Harperton nail clipper set. The pro-grade clippers can shear through even the thickest toenails, helping prevent painful ingrown nails. You'll love the precision cut and ergonomic design that gives you an excellent grip.


Enjoy a Long Bath With These XXL Bath Bombs

XXL Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are great, but only when they last long enough for me to take one of my marathon-length baths. These ones are sure to do the trick because they're nicely oversized! Made with shea butter, Dead Sea salt, sunflower oil, and cocoa butter among other natural ingredients, this set of six bath bombs with amazing fragrances is going to be your new path to maximum relaxation.

I Look Forward to These Fuzzy Slippers All Day

Fuzzy Slippers

These top-rated fuzzy slippers are the first thing I put on in the morning before my feet hit the floor and the last thing I take off at night. They're so incredibly cozy and comfortable, and have anti-slip and waterproof soles so they can take a spin to the mailbox with ease! They come in eight stylish colors and have over 17,000 glowing reviews for being the "best slippers ever".

Stay On Trend With These Hair Clips

Hair Clips

These claw hair clips are back, baby! Well, for some of us they never went out of style, but for everyone else, these are the hot new hair accessory. I wear one daily because it's so easy to throw my hair up and look effortlessly put together!


Get Cozy With This Best-Selling Faux Fur Throw

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This double-sided faux fur throw is a best-seller for good reason! The sherpa fleece reverses to a plush faux fur and will keep you cozy like nothing else. The machine-washable blanket comes in eight pretty colors that'll easily fit right in with your home decor.

This Insulated Tumbler Has 47K+ Rave Reviews

Insulated Tumbler

I drink iced tea all day long like it's my job, but I needed a better way to keep it cold. Enter this gorgeous insulated tumbler with a straw that keeps my drink cold for hours! Available in 37 (!) colors and four sizes, it's easy to customize your cup.

All the Cool Kids Want This Bubble Candle

Bubble Candles

Need to buy a gift for hard-to-buy-for person? This soy bubble candle is all the rage among designy types! The clean-burning beauty comes in a pack of two (keep one for yourself!) that last up to 30 hours each and have beautiful floral scents to enhance your home's ambience.

Dermaplaning Razors

If you've never heard of these dermaplaning razors with over 129,000 excellent reviews, now's the time to get on board! They'll remove dead skin and facial peach fuzz so makeup goes on so much smoother. Plus, you can use them to trim eyebrows or unwanted facial hair with ease.

Get the Smoothest Skin with This Himalayan Salt Scrub

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Whisk away dry, dead skin and get glowing with this top-rated Himalayan salt scrub. The salt works with your natural pH balance for enhanced wellness, and the lychee and sweet almond oil scent is swoon-worthy. Get detoxification and hydration benefits all in one quick step!

This Cordless Hair Clipper and Trimmer Gives You Pro-Level Results

Cordless Hair Clipper and Trimmer

Make at-home haircuts a breeze with these Wahl Color Pro cordless hair clippers. The rechargeable trimmers come with eight color-coded guide combs to find and remember everyone's perfect hair length. The precision stainless steel blades are so easy to remove and rinse clean for hygienic purposes, too.


Depuff Your Face with This Jade Roller Set

Jade Roller Set

Morning puffiness is not at all attractive on me, so I use this jade roller and gua sha set to smoothe my skin. The jade roller expertly depuffs my eye area, and the gua sha reduces the appearance of fine lines and defines my jaw. I notice such a difference when I use this set, especially if I store it in the fridge overnight!

This Color-Changing Smart Bulb Works with Alexa

Color-Changing Smart Bulb

We recently got my 10 year old this smart lightbulb for her room, and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I have to agree - you can control it via Alexa, choose from 16 million bright colors and tunable whites, and set it on a schedule which we use for her bedtime routine. It's so easy to plug and play - just screw the lightbulb in and it connects with Alexa via Bluetooth!

This Hydration Multiplier Makes Water More Effective

Hydration Multiplier

Water isn't my favorite thing to drink unless I'm dying of thirst or working out. But it's important to stay hydrated all the time, so I got this Liquid I.V. electrolyte drink mix that not only makes water more effective but tastes amazing! It uses cellular transport technology to deliver hydration to your blood stream faster, so you're ready for anything.


This Washing Machine Cleaner Really Works

Washing Machine Cleaner

We have one of those front load dryers which annoyingly smells like mildew if you don't clean it. The most effective thing I've found to really kill the smell are these Affresh washing machine cleaner tablets. All you have to do is run a cycle with just the tablet and it'll clean the drum, pump and valve, and filter in one step.

This Pink Stuff Cleaner is TikTok Famous

The Pink Stuff Cleaner

Made famous by TikTok, this best kept secret Pink Stuff cleaner works on virtually every surface. It's got over 100,000 rave reviews for its ability to clean anything from sinks to stove surfaces to rust and outdoor furniture, and more! I use it on my pots and pans and have never seen them sparkle like this before.

This Cutlery Organizer Streamlines Your Kitchen Drawer

Joseph Joseph

Trying to store cutlery in a small space is tough, but this slim cutlery organizer makes it a breeze. It fits nicely into even small drawers and holds up to 48 pieces of silverware. The stacked design creates more room in your drawer to fit even more stuff!


These Microfleece Pajama Pants Have Over 30K Reviews

Microfleece Pajama Pants

My husband often chooses jeans for lounging around the house (ew), so he definitely needed a comfier option. I came across these men's microfleece pajama pants with over 30,000 reviews and I have to say, he's in love! They come in a handful of nice plaid patterns and make taking the puppy out at 4 AM a lot cozier.

This Window Defogging Sponge is Better Than Your Jacket Sleeve

Window Defogging Sponge

Fogged up windshields and side mirrors are more than just an annoyance, they're dangerous for visibility when driving. Nix yours with this window defogging sponge that works so much better than your jacket sleeve. It's also great for general cleaning of your windshield, I know for certain mine is filthy most of the time, so I'm really looking forward to getting this package delivered!

These Sheets Have Nearly 297,000 Reviews

Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

Available in 44 colors and patterns, these Amazon Basics microfiber sheets have a mind-blowing 296,969 stellar reviews! They're super soft, durable, and won't wrinkle or fade despite many washings. I love that they have deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 16 inches tall.


These Satin Pillowcases are Luxe for Less

Satin Pillowcases

This is an unbelievable price for a pair of satin pillowcases that are such a joy to sleep on. I have some for my daughters with fine, curly hair and they wake up with so many fewer tangles now! I also love sleeping on one since I don't wake up with pillow lines on my face that take hours to disappear.

This Meat Thermometer is Hyper Accurate

Meat Thermometer

Lest we forget the Great Food Poisoning Incident of 2018, I got this hyper accurate meat thermometer to avoid undercooked chicken forevermore. It boasts a three second response time and over 16,000 glowing reviews for ease of use, so I knew it was a smart choice. It has a light for easy nighttime grilling and a lock so you can view the meat's temp away from the heat.

Pretend You're a Barista with This Milk Frother

Milk Frother

I love this milk frother for making barista-level drinks in the comfort of my home but it has another purpose, too! I use it to make warm, foamy milk for my kids and they think it's the most amazing thing. They get a calcium boost and I get to have fun whipping up drinks - everyone wins!


This Fat Separator Makes Amazing Gravy

Fat Separator

I love the deep, rich flavor from meat roasting, but I don't love dealing with the mess of pouring out the juices and waiting for the fat to congeal on top. This fat separator makes it easy in one step since it automatically filters out the fat! Just pour the meat juices, herbs, and spices in through the strainer lid and watch as the magic happens. You're on your way to more flavorful gravy in no time!

Organize Your Cabinet With These Mug Stackers

Mug Stackers

Mugs can take up a ton of room on your counter or in your cabinet, but they don't have to. Organize and save space with these handy mug stackers that let you store your mugs vertically. They're completely adjustable so you can get a custom fit to your mug sizes!

This Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is Heaven

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your mattress or make it loads more comfortable is this memory foam mattress topper. It molds to custom fit your body to "hug you to sleep". And don't worry about overheating - it's infused with gel beads that capture and dissipate heat to regulate your temperature!


This Coffee Machine Descaler is a Necessity

Coffee Machine Descaler

If you haven't cleaned your coffee maker, you might be in for a nasty surprise. But I have an effective but gentle way to clean up the mess super fast! Try this coffee machine descaler for all single serve coffee and espresso makers which improves the taste, prevents corrosion, and extends the life of your machine.

This Vaccine Card Protector Fits Right In Your Wallet

Vaccine Card Protector

If you've gotten vaccinated lately, you're likely carrying around a card with important info. Protect it with these plastic vaccine card holders to keep it from tearing and getting wet or dirty. You'll get a pack of five, so there are enough to share with friends and family!

These Chobs Stop Your Cutting Board From Sliding

Chobs for Cutting Boards

Never heard of Chobs? Me either, but they're a total necessity! They simply attach to the corners of your cutting board to stop it from sliding around, and isolate the dirty side of your cutting board from countertop contact. Increase safety and functionality in one quick step.


This Vegan Leather Desk Pad Protector Keeps Things Cleaner

Vegan Leather Desk Pad

My desk is an unholy mess of crumbs, tea drips, and ink smears. To shield my desktop from further damage once I clean up, I'm going to use one of these sleek desk pad protectors. It's so easy to wipe clean and comes in 15 cool colors from neutral to neon to make your desk as stylish as you are.

These Journaling Pens Have 70K+ Amazing Reviews

journal planner pens

I'm a diehard note taker, and I like to color code my weekly schedule for convenience. These colorful journaling pens are the best I've found - they write smoother than butter, have minimal bleed through so I can use both sides of my notepaper, and the color payoff is fantastic. You'll get a set of 18 for journaling, writing in your calendar, taking notes, coloring, or drawing!

This Stainless Steel TubShroom is Miles Better


We had and loved the original gadget to catch all the hair that was clogging our shower drain, but couldn't figure out how to clean the gunk build-up and mildew stains off the silicone. We got this stainless steel TubShroom and haven't looked back! It works just as well as the original to protect drains, and cleaning it couldn't be easier.


This Bread Maker Replaces Your Dutch Oven


If you've recently gotten into bread baking or have been churning out fresh loaves for a while, you've gotta see this Lekue bread maker. The unique design lets you proof in the bowl, then put the whole thing in the oven for tender bread with a crispy crust. The special design lets air circulate so the bread stays moist and won't dry out.

The Internet Loves This Facial Cleansing Brush

silicone facial brushes

Sometimes your face wash needs some extra oomph to work as well as it should, and for that I'd grab this facial cleansing brush with over 52K reviews. The 100% silicone brush gently exfoliates while giving you a nice facial massage. Your cream and serums will absorb better after using, too.

Get Gorgeous Waves with This Triple Barrel Curling Wand

three barrel hair curler

You know those ladies with flowing, beachy waves that look perfect all day long? So annoying, but now you can get the same look! This triple barrel curling iron works amazingly well, and you can set the temperature to fit your hair type. Get a brand new 'do in minutes with this simple to use gadget.

eye cream

I feel like everyone should automatically get this anti-aging eye cream on a certain birthday. I recently started using it, and have noticed a huge difference in my fine lines and dark circles. The customer before and afters are pretty fun to see, too!

This Oogiebear is Gross but Necessary

oogiebear nose cleaner

If you are not yet a parent or are at all squeamish, maybe skip this one. I present to you the Oogiebear to clean tiny noses and ears quickly and easily, even if your baby is expressing his strong dislike for what you're doing. It'll remove snot and earwax in a snap, and is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its simple but effective design.

This Skillet Handle Cover will Save Your Hands

skillet handle cover

I can't be the only one that's grabbed a burning hot skillet handle with bare hands, right? I learned that lesson the hard way more than once, so I got this silicone skillet handle cover for protection from my scatterbrained self. We love cooking with cast iron, and this has made it so much safer!


Make Donuts a Healthier Quick Treat with This Donut Maker

donut maker

Enjoy a treat without all the fat and oil when you make them in this donut maker. Just pour your preferred batter (cake, brownie, etc) into the non-stick holes to make the best mini donuts in minutes. It's seriously so easy to use, my kids can make their own breakfast or snacks and clean up before I'm even out of bed!

Get the Most Flavorful Meat with This Meat Marinade Injector

meat marinade injector

I know you're supposed to marinate your meat for like, hours before you cook it, but I never remember in time. This meat marinade injector is my favorite kitchen tool because you can use it last minute and still get amazing flavor! It comes with three interchangeable needles based on the thickness of your marinade and a BBQ pastry brush for even more tasty goodness while you cook.

Provide the Freshest Drink with This Cat Water Fountain

cat water fountain

Everyone knows kitties can be picky, but that's just because they like the better things in life. Give them the best with this cat water fountain that provides maxiumum oxygenation for the best tasting water. It even comes with three flow speeds in case Kitty's a total diva!


Slow Down Your Dog's Eating with This Interactive Pet Feeder

interactive dog feeder

Our dog is definitely a gulper, she'll decimate a bowl of chow in no time flat if we let her. That leads to stomach troubles, so we got this interactive dog feeder to slow her down. It also keeps her busy for a while, which is always a plus!

This Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator and UV Flashlight Are a Dream Team

angry orange pet odor eliminator

Pet odors are the worst, especially when you can't find the source! But with this bundle, all you have to do is shine the UV flashlight around to find the culprit, then zap it with highly-effective Angry Orange pet odor eliminator. It took a while to potty train our puppy, and this was the best cleaner we found for the job.

Help Your Dog Take Pills with These Pill Pockets

dog pill pockets

Our puppy sometimes has to take meds she hates, so the vet gave us a sample of these pill pockets. These things are so good they should be award-winning! Simply pop a pill into the treat opening, squish it closed, and give it to your dog. Mine didn't even notice anything was amiss.


These LED Marquee Letter Lights Add a Personalized Touch

LED marquee letter lights

Whether you display these fun LED marquee letter lights in your living room, bedroom, or kids' room, they add a cool personalized touch. You can choose from 16 light colors via the included remote and four light modes for a custom display. They come with hanging holes for the back so they're easy to wall mount or just display on a bookshelf.

Safety First with This Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

dryer vent cleaning kit

It's one of those out of sight, out of mind kind of things that we often forget to clean, but for safety's sake it's super important. This dryer vent cleaning kit reaches where you can't since it has a guide wire and vacuum hose attachment for ease of use. Help your dryer work more efficiently and prevent fire risk with one easy step.

These Outdoor Rope Light Clips Level Up Your Curb Appeal

rope light clips

We use these outdoor rope light clips all over the house, from my daughter's bedroom to our front porch during the holidays. They work in temps from -20F to 125F and they're clear, so we just leave 'em up all year long. I love that you can remove them without causing damage when it's time.


Add Ambience with These Flickering Flameless Candles

flickering flameless candles

I love the look of candles, but worry about an open flame with two rambunctious young kids and a curious puppy. These flickering flameless candles provide the ambience I want without the safety hazard, and I love that I can leave the room when they're still "lit". You'll get over 350 hours of use with just two AA batteries so you can keep them on all through dinner and a movie marathon.

This Smart Plug Adds Voice Control to Any Outlet

Alexa smart plugs

Things are so much easier when you can just tell Alexa to do them. Now you can have her help all over the house with these smart plugs! Tell her to turn on the coffee maker, turn off the lights, or schedule appliances, fans, and lights to turn off automatically, which you can control from anywhere via the app.

LED Strip Lights are the Cool New Thing for Gen Z

LED strip lights

My 10 year old just had to have these LED strip lights to jazz up her room because she saw the idea online. They were surprisingly easy to install and glow in multicolors you can control with the included app. You can even sync them with music for an impromptu dance party!

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