35 Genius Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Published November 10, 2021
We hope you enjoy the products we have selected for you. Our editorial team has independently curated this list, and you can find out more about our review process here. LoveToKnow may collect a commission on purchases made through the links below.

The pandemic has shown us that you can buy anything and everything without leaving your house. And while that's convenient and helpful, we can't touch and feel the products we see online. That's why reviews are more important than ever. People who already have the items can share their thoughts and help inform our purchases. But with so many options and millions of products on Amazon, who has time to sift through hundreds of reviews? Me, of course!

Below is a list of things I found on Amazon that are sure to enhance your life both at home and on-the-go. From makeup lights that turn your bathroom into a Hollywood dressing room, to a professional-yet-afforable massage gun, to a tiny vacuum that eats up your most annoying messes, I've got you covered. And by the end, you'll have a full cart of surprises that you will soon be able to experience for yourself.

A 3-in-1 Hair Dryer, Styler and Volumizer in One That Nourishes and Reduces Frizz

hair dryer styling brush

Tired of using so many hair styling tools? The Molisau 3-in-1 Hot Air Brush was designed for all hair types to help you look your best. Using Ionic technology, the brush helps improve your hair's overall condition while drying and styling quickly, all in a fraction of the time it would take to switch between hair tools.


This Surprisingly Affordable Weighted Blanket Will Help Anyone Sleep and Relieve Stress

YnM weighted blanket

If you're looking for a better night's sleep, or just want to calm your anxieties, the YnM Weighted Blanket might be just the medicine you need. One reviewer wrote she hasn't slept through the night in 6 years. After trying everything, she said the blanket "worked so magically" and "feels amazing." Its cotton construction ensures it'll stay soft and breathable for years, while premium glass beads (no plastic here!) provide even weight distrubiton across your entire body.

Save Space Under Your Sink With This Ultra-Clever Organizer

under sink organizer shelf

Too often the cabinet under a sink is a cramped, messy wasteland. That's what makes this sink organizer so brilliant! It not only helps you fit twice the amount of stuff into one space, it also adds some much-needed structure and organization. Whether you use it under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you'll be astounded when you see how much more you can fit in there. It's easy to assemble, can hold up to 40 pounds and is adjustable to four different heights to accommodate almost anything you're looking to store.

This Tiny-But-Mighty Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Your Keyboard So Clean

Rebelbod Surgical Steel Hematite Captive Bead Ring

It's annoying to get crumbs, dust and other debris on your keyboard, and almost impossible to get them back out once you do. Fortunately, this tiny vacuum has been created to solve this problem. The cordless, portable vacuum will get your desktop and workspace clean in a flash. And it's much more than a desktop vacuum. It's also convenient for tight spaces like countertops, cars, corners, bathrooms and beyond.


Charge Up to 6 Devices at Once With the Ultimate Charging Station

six-port usb charging station

Between smartphones, tablets, headphones, and smartwatches, most people have an enormous amount of charging to do every day. Add in a partner, kids, and/or roommates, and those little chargers start to become a premium around the house! Fortunately, devices like this six-port charging station make it easy and convenient to charge up to six of your devices at once, all from one plug. The Poweroni charging even notifies you with a blue LED light when your device is fully charged. And best of all, it's almost impossible to lose, so you'll never be hunting through the couch cushions for that last little charging brick again.

This Genius Gadget Turns Your Seat Backs Into Car Organizers

SIJAWEYI Car Backseat Organizer

Keep your car clean and organized with this extremely clever backseat organizer. No more fumbling around for gadgets for you or your kids when you're on the road. It'll hold anything from water bottles to tablets to tissue boxes. It even features a fold-down dining table! The organizer makes it easy to find everything, whether you're taking a road trip or just going to the grocery store, and installs in just a few minutes.

A Truly Amazing Migraine Reliever and Massager Rolled Into One

tuff hercules 6 port charging station

Are you a migraine sufferer or someone who's looking to decrease facial inflammation? Using cold therapies like this ultra-popular LATME Ice Roller can not only alleviate pain, but also promote circulation and decrease inflammation on your skin. Just store the roller in the freezer, and grab it any time you need some relief.


A Cult-Favorite Makeup Organizer With Space for Everything

rotating beauty product organizer

If your vanity looks like the sample area at a Sephora after a busy weekend sale, then it's time to invest in this rotating beauty organizer. This space saver can hold 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products and more with adjustable shelving to make it custom fit your products. No need to search for that lipstick hiding in between nail polish anymore. Get your beauty regimen done faster!

This Fidget Toy Will Keep Your Child Amused for Hours

burger and fries pop-it set

Sensory pop toys are popular these days, but this particularly cute set of a poppable burger-and-fries stands out from the rest. The manufacturer works with both children and medical experts to help formulate their unique creations, and ensures that every product is made with safe, non-toxic materials. These are so addictive, you might even want to order two of these sets: one for your kid, and one for, well... backup.

These Cute and Clever Grow Lights Will Help Your Plants Thrive

led umbrella plant grow lamp

Are your plants not growing properly or getting enough light? The GrowLED Umbrella Plant Grow Light does all the work for you. The stylish umbrella design not only looks great, but also provide provides 4000k of cool white light to plants, making it perfect for indoor growing. It's also height adjustable and has an automatic smart timer so your plants get just the right amount of light for maximum growth.


This Inexpensive Stand Puts Your Phone in the Perfect Spot Every Time

aluminum phone holder and stand

These inexpensive little stands are the perfect addition to your desk or coffee table. No more holding your phone throughout Zoom calls, or while you're watching videos on the couch, as this stand will keep it at the perfect angle, every time. With a weighted base and rugged, aluminum construction, the stand can hold any smartphone or tablet with safety and stability. It even folds up on itself, for portable phone-holding on the go.

Add Some Whimsy to Your Kitchen With the Nessie Family

nessie family kitchen tool set

Great kitchen tools don't have to be boring. No company knows that better than OTOTO, whose Nessie Family Utensils are one of the cleverest sets on Amazon. Constructed of colorful, food-grade silicone, Mamma Nessie (the colander), Nessie (the ladle), and Baby Nessie (the infuser), pack a cute punch of utility and durability that'll add some fun and whimsy to your daily kitchen duties. One reviewer writes, "These are such a fun way to spruce up your kitchen and bring some joy while you cook."

This Stackable Can Organizer Will Restore Order to Your Pantry

stackable can organizer rack

Your pantry doesn't have to be a unnavigable cabinet full of cans! This stackable can rack organizer adds much-needed order to the madness, keeping your cans in an organized, visibile layout for easy, quick access. Each organizer stores up to 36 cans, and sets up in less than a minute.


This Inexpensive Touchless Thermometer is a Must For These Times

touchless forehead thermometer

It's essential to monitor your temperature during the global pandemic. The Fenometer Touchless Forehead Thermometer makes it easy to screen for fever, and keeps things sanitary at the same time. Simply hold the thermometer close to your forehead and press the button. It is completely contactless, features an LCD-display and can even measure the temperature of objects!

This Backpack Will Store Your Laptop and Charge Your Phone

laptop storage backpack

Who says you can't take a piece of home with you wherever you go? With the 15.6 inch Kroser Laptop Backpack, you can charge your phone, store your laptop, carry kids' toys and more. Its stylish and roomy design allows you to haul major cargo in what otherwise looks to be a smaller-sized backpack. It's also water-repellent and perfect for travel.

This Smiling Alarm Clock Can Change Your Child’s (and Your) Life

mella smiling alarm clock

If you're tired of having screaming fits with your child in the morning or evening about sleeping, worry no more. LittleHippo's adorably-named MELLA alarm clock is an all-in-one device that serves as a sleep trainer, alarm clock, sound machine, night light and more, complete with adorable facial expressions. Parents can set their Mella to change colors for different parts of the sleep cycle - for example, green for wake-up time, or blue for don't-you-dare-wake-mommy-up-yet-time.


These Clever Lights Turn Your Bathroom Into a Dressing Room

LED vanity lights

Get ready for your day and feel like a movie star with the LED Vanity Hollywood Style Mirror Makeup Lights. These wildly popular lights will make you feel like you're in a professional makeup studio, for a fraction of the price. They're easy to install on most bathroom and bedroom mirrors, and even include a dimmer to help you find that perfect level of brightness.

This Spiky Silicone Mitt Feels Incredible On Your Scalp


These squishy, spiky scalp-massaging mitts are incredibly popular, and Flathead makes one of the best on Amazon. They're perfect to remove dead skin and dander, while simultaneously providing much-needed scalp stimulation that can stimulate blood flow and increase hair thickness. This may be the least expensive new addition to your daily routine.

Look Great and Feel Calm With This Lava Rock Bracelet

lava rock beaded bracelet

It's stylish aromatherapy you can wear. This lovely black lava and pink zebra jasper beaded bracelet is as beautiful as it is soothing. Add a few drops of the (included) lavender oil to the stones, and they will diffuse the scent throughout the day to help relax and calm you. Get through those stressful situations or just enjoy your own moment of Zen.


This Actually Affordable Massage Gun Has Incredible Reviews

muscle massage gun

Massage guns are popular for a reason: they work wonders. But up until recently, they've been impossibly expensive. Not anymore! The sub-$40 AERLANG Muscle Massage Gun is like having a masseuse available 24/7. With six interchangeable massage heads and 20 adjustable speeds, this massager can provide high-level, therapeutic muscle relief at a bargain-basement price.

This Dispenser Makes Perfect Pancakes With Zero Mess, Every Time

pancake batter dispenser

Make perfect pancakes with this easy-to-use dispenser that will literally change the way you make pancakes…and more! The KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser can also be used to make mess-free muffins, pizza sauce and brownie mix, so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor, and less time scraping dried batter off of every conceivable surface in your kitchen.

Make Great Coffee and Tea Fast With the Mueller Ultra Kettle

hot water boiling kettle

Boiling water can be such a drag using the microwave or stove. With the Mueller Ultra Kettle, you'll not only save time, but even make your coffee and tea taste better by naturally purifying your water. There's a reason why more than 40,000 happy customers have reviewed this kettle.


This Genius Device Turns Your Sponge Holder Into a Soap Dispenser

sponge-holding soap dispenser

Keep your kitchen clean and dry with this clever-as-heck sponge holder and soap dispenser. This clever little hybrid dispenses the perfect amount of soap every time you push down on it, and in its off-hours, keeps your sponge clean and dry. It'll hold up to 13 ounces of dish soap, so you'll rarely need to refill.

This Ingenious Device Makes Watermelon Prep Actually Fun

watermelon cutting device

It's not easy to slice up a big watermelon. Fortunately, the Watermelon Slicer Pro makes cutting watermelon a breeze, deconstructing that oblong melon into dozens of perfectly-cubed, cool bites of deliciousness. The clever, windmill-like cutter is safer than traditional knives, so even the kids can get in on the fun.

This Broom and Garden Tool Organizer Will Save Space and Sanity

broom and cleaning tool holder

Anyone with a cluttered broom closet (or broom corner, or vaguely-broom-centric area) knows just how much of a pain it is to keep your long-handled cleaning tools organized and out of the way. This broom holder and garden tool organizer is purpose-built to solve this problem, with space enough to store five full-sized tools and five smaller tools, all in an incredibly inexpensive package. With easy, hassle-free installation and thousands of 5-star ratings, this is the durable space saver you've been looking for.


De-Shed Your Pet With This Soothing Brush


A dog is your best friend right? Treat them with the love and nourishment they deserve with the Hertzko Massage Brush. The soft rubber bristles provide a gentle massage for both short and long-haired dogs (and cats), while pulling away loose, shedded fur. Your pet will come to you for brushing once they realize how nice it feels.

This Gorgeous Jewelery Case Stores Your Valuables in an Ingenious Way

cylindrical jewelery box case

Whether you're on-the-go or at home, the Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case is the perfect place to keep your tiny accessories safe. With different layers, flexible storage and a convenient hand-held design, the case is perfect for organizing earrings, bracelets, watches and more in various compartments so they don't get lost.

This Clever Invention Turns Your Car Into Another Home Office

wheeldesk automotive desk

Imagine having a tray table like they have on an airplane…in your car! The Wheeldesk makes it possible. Whether you want to eat lunch, dig out your laptop to do some work, or just get your work done in some peace and quiet, this convenient desk allows you to have an office anywhere.


This Detangling Brush With Over 50,000 Reviews


There's nothing worse than dealing with a child's tangled hair - except for the pain you're causing them by brushing it out. Fortunately, there's a host of detangling brushes available, and the original Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush may be the best of the lot. Unique, cone-shaped bristles work to gently separate hair, quickly smoothing out tangles and minimizing pain. The Crave works on all types of hair - from straight to curly, thick to thin - and provides a soothing, scalp-stimulating experience while you brush.

This Portable Light Therapy Lamp Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

portable light therapy lamp

While the days grow ever shorter, you can still maximize your light exposure with this affordable light therapy lamp. It features three adjustable brightness levels, so you can brighten up your mood at whatever level you need, and its portable design means you can take it anywhere.

These Colorful Pucks Are Like Bath Bombs for Your Shower

aromatherapy shower steamers

Normal showers are good and all, but showers with aromatherapy? Next-level. This variety pack of Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers features lavender, menthol/eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit and peppermint fragrances that'll leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed each time you wash. Simply place in the corner of your shower to be transported to another world of ahhh!


Turn Sandwich Time Into Play Time With This Sandwich Cutter and Sealer

plastic sandwich stencils

What child wants to eat boring old sandwiches? These sandwich cutters turn standard sandwiches into fun-shaped pockets of deliciousness that kids will love. BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher safe, these sandwich sealers are even backed-up by a one-year warranty, which, by our unbiased estimation, is good for about one-thousand sandwiches.

running waist belt bag

Hit the ground running and take your valuables along with you, with the AIKENDO Running Waist Belt. Its water-resistant material helps keep your phone, wallet and other valuables safe and protected while you walk, run, travel and more. Breathable fabric construction means it won't make you sweat, and an adjustable waist band will fit any member of the family.

Everyone Should Own This Tool-Packed Flashlight

flashlight and multi tool combo

There are a few things you should absolutely have in your car at all times: a flashlight, a great mix CD, and a set of tools. We can't help you on the mix CD, but you can kill two birds with one ingenious flashlight-meets-all-in-one-tool. It's an ultra-bright LED flashlight at one end, and a rugged mutli-tool at the other, featuring a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, knife blade, precision screwdriver, scissors, a can and bottle opener, and a nut wrench. All in one very glove-compartment-friendly package.

baby shusher sleep machine

Any new parent knows the power of a good "shush" when it comes to soothing an infant... and just how exhausting that "shushing" can get. That's what makes the Baby Shusher so incredible: this tiny devices uses a real human voice to coax (via "shushing" at adjustable volumes) your little one to fall asleep fast. Portable, easy-to-clean and BPA-free, set the timer to 15 or 30-minutes and let the Shusher take at least one onerous parenting task off your plate.

A Zapper That Makes Mosquito-Hunting Fun


Few things can lump the words "mosquito" and "fun" into the same sentence, but the Zap-It can. Just one swing of this rechargeable racket zaps mosquitos and other flying pests with 4,000 volts and provides a quite satisfying "Zap!" There's no need to worry about accidental zaps, as the racket features an activation button and triple-layer safety mesh to keep fingers safe. This two-pack of zappers can eliminate up to 20,000 bugs on a single charge, and recharge via any normal USB charger.

A Body Massager That Costs Less Than a Single Massage


Here's a perfect gift to buy for your partner, so you can use it for yourself! This popular and powerful Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Massager is incredibly versatile, with six purpose-built massage heads, and an ergonomic construction that's easy to use on yourself or others. Battery life here is substantial, with up to 120 minutes per charge, and a full recharge time of only one hour.


A Simple Gadget That Keeps Your Dog's Paws Clean


Cleaning a dog's dirty paws has never been easy - until now. The Dexas MudBuster is a simple product: a cylinder lined with silicone bristles that gently and quickly scrub the mud, dirty, and what-have-you off of Fido's paws. It's a small price to pay for clean carpets!

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