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Stumbling upon innovative products that make life easier is a delightful surprise, but finding genius items under $30 on Amazon now that's a game-changer. Searching for unique and exemplary gadgets isn't a simple process. To find the most reliable and nuanced products, you have to read through countless reviews and be "in the know." Luckily, we've done the footwork for you and compiled a list of 35 Genius Inventions That are Somehow Under $30.

So whether you're seeking an on-the-go beauty tool to keep you looking radiant and shine-free all day long or require a multi-use utensil for your compact kitchen, you've come to the right place. Browse our picks below to find unique and mind-blowing items you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

This Remarkable Tool Makes Cleaning Pet Fur a Breeze

Loving our pets is easy, but cleaning up after them is another story. If you're exhausted from always cleaning pesky hair off your furniture and carpets every day, you need the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover. This unique tool removes fur from clothing, couches, car seats, comforters, and more in seconds. Simply swipe it over a fur-ridden fabric or carpet to easily remove pet hair around your home and store it away until you need it again.

Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Helpful Device

Are you constantly misplacing your keys? Then you need this convenient Bluetooth tracker you can attach to easy to lose items. Sync up the Tile Mate with your Smart Home device, and it'll help you find your missing keys or purse in seconds. If your device is out of Bluetooth range, just open the Tile app on your phone for worry-free assistance.

A Sensual Product That Creates a Relaxing Oasis in Seconds

These aromatherapy shower steamers are perfect if you're looking to create a quick and relaxing at-home spa. Each pack comes with six refreshing scents, including lavender, watermelon, grapefruit, menthol & eucalyptus, vanilla & sweet orange, and peppermint. Just toss a steamer in the corner of your shower before you hop in for a revitalizing experience.

A Cooling Rack Ideal for Tight Spaces

Do you ever run out of counter space in the kitchen? Then you need this 3-Tiered Cooling Rack that can hold up to three dozen cookies at a time. Even better, it comes in a collapsible design, so it's easy to store and set up when needed. If the rack gets dirty, use some soap and warm water to remove any food residue for your next baking adventure.

A Genius Solution to Never Forget to Water Your Plants Again

Do you have a knack for killing houseplants (it's okay, not everyone has a naturally green thumb)? Then give yourself a break and order this self-watering planter. The planter comes with four coconut coir disks that come to life when you add water to them to keep your plants hydrated. Not only does it have a sleek and versatile design that'll fit in with any room's decor, but it even has an easy-to-see water level indicator to let you know when it needs to be refreshed.

A Mattifying Facial Roller Perfect for on the Go

Make shininess a thing of the past with this 2-in-1 oil-absorbing facial roller. Keep it in your purse or gym bag for touch-ups throughout the day. This roller is made from real volcanic stone that soaks up oil quickly and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean. Bonus: the roller provides a soothing, massage-like feeling for the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up.

A Useful Magnet That’ll Make You a Math Wizard in the Kitchen

If you're often Googling how to convert measurements in recipes, this Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet will be your new best friend. Stick it on any magnetic surface for a quick reference to convert both dry and liquid ingredients. It even converts Celsius to Fahrenheit and has time recommendations for cooking eggs. This magnet is sure to be the best and least expensive sous chef in your home kitchen.

A Multi-Use Kitchen Tool That Can Stir, Flip, Cut, and More

You no longer need dozens of single-use kitchen utensils taking up space in your drawers. This 5-in-1 device acts as a spatula, slotted and solid spoon, turner, and cutting tool. You can use it to flip eggs, cut chicken, and scoop soup, and more. When you're done, throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

A Magnificent Device That Magnifies Your Phone Screen for Picture-Perfect Viewing

If you're constantly streaming movies from your phone, amplify your viewing with this screen magnifier. This magnifier makes your screen twice as big and works with both Apple and Android smartphones. Choose from 12, 14, and 16-inch models for under $30. The screen magnifier is also lightweight and easily folds up to take with you on the go.

A Helpful Aid for Pesky Bug Bites

What's more annoying than mosquito bites? Not much! Help take the itch out of the bite with Bug Bite Thing's Suction Tool. This tool helps remove insect saliva, venom, and other irritants from bug bites to help your body heal faster. You can use this reusable device on bites from mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers, no-see-ums, and more.

An Essential Gadget to Prevents Messes in the Car

Do you often forgo using dipping sauces when driving in the car? Now you don't have to with these in-car sauce holders created for safe dipping and driving. The Saucemoto was first seen on Shark Tank and now has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating. The Saucemoto can easily clip to your car's vent and fits both round and rectangular sauce containers for easy access.

A Unique Tool Ready to Provide a Helping Hand

Get this adorable Red Crab Spoon Rest if you're limited on counter space but still need a place to rest your spoon when cooking. Just slide its legs over the edge of your pot for a secure and supportive helping claw in the kitchen. You can feel safe knowing it's made with non-slip and BPA-free and is dishwasher safe.

This Versatile Water Bottle Helps You Save Space and Stay Hydrated

Water bottles can take up a lot of cupboard space; that's why this collapsible water bottle is one of our favorite genius inventions. Not only is it versatile in shape, but it's dishwasher safe and designed with a leakproof seal to prevent spills. The bottle comes in six different color options sure to fit anyone's style.

This Amazon Beauty Favorite Brightens and Hydrates

Vitamin C serum is having a moment, and it's easy to see why with its ability to brighten and hydrate your skin. How do you find the right one with so many on the market? Go with Amazon's cult-favorite vitamin C serum! With over 90,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this well-loved serum has reviewers raving about their clear and glowing skin after using it.

A Cozy Device to Keep You Toasty Warm Running Errands

Waiting for your car to thaw out on a cold winter's day can feel like an eternity, but you can stay warm with this electric car blanket even when the temps are cold. The blanket easily plugs into your car and quickly heats up to keep you warm during road trips or tailgates. When you're not using it, fold it up and store it in your trunk for safe-keeping.

A Pain-Free Tool That Makes Removing Unwanted Hair Effortless

Whoever said beauty is pain never used this 18K gold plated hair remover. Skip out on painful tweezing and waxing and easily remove unwanted facial hair with this pain-free tool. This hypoallergenic hair remover is safe for all skin types and gentle enough to use daily.

Luxury Yoga Pants Your Wallet Will Enjoy, Too

Comfort and luxury don't always have to cost a small fortune, and these high-waisted yoga pants definitely support that. These leggings are among Amazon's best-selling pants and have over 53,000 reviews to back up their comfort. Reviewers rave about their affordability and fit, and they even have pockets for extra storage. Score!

A Patch That Helps Heal Blemishes Overnight

Don't let a blemish ruin your plans; use Mighty Patch for a reliable and easy overnight treatment. Just peel and place a patch on your skin, and by morning you'll notice less redness and inflammation. These little miracle workers are made with hydrocolloid that helps absorb gunk from your clogged pores to heal troublesome pimples quickly.

A Handy Kitchen Tool That Makes Cooking Pasta Less of a Strain

Sometimes using a strainer to drain pasta water or grease can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be with this clip-on tool that fits on pots, pans, and bowls. Easily clip the adjustable strainer on pots and pans to remove unwanted liquids in seconds without a pile of dishes. Throw this compact strainer in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean-up when you're done.

An Adaptable Mat for Easy Puzzle Storage

Puzzle lovers unite! Save time and your sanity with this roll-up jigsaw puzzle mat. No longer do you have to worry about leaving your puzzle out on the table and losing pieces (or your cat pushing them off the table). With this mat, you can quickly and securely fold it up for safe-keeping until you're ready to sit down and enjoy your puzzle again.

A Restorative Lamp to Chase Away Winter Blues

Lack of sunlight got you down? Brighten up your mood with a HappyLight! This lamp provides effective light therapy to help you feel more energized and refreshed when the sun is away. Its small size makes it easy to fit on your desk for a much-needed boost throughout the day.

A Portable Trash Bin for Spotless Car Rides

Are your kids always throwing trash all over your car? Clean up their act with this portable trash bin made to fit in almost all vehicles. This 1.5-gallon garbage can comes in a protective vinyl covering that includes pockets and sanitizer. Just attach it to the back of your console to keep trash contained and off the floor.

Keep Your Car Tidy With This Genius Accessory

These headrest hooks are right up your alley if you love a clean car! Hang up purses, lunchboxes, and shopping bags on the durable hooks instead of throwing bags on the floor. Each pack comes with four hooks for ample space-saving organization. You don't even need to remove your headrest to install; just hook them onto your headrest and drive off into the blissfully uncluttered sunset.

This Innovative Cleaning Gel Helps Make Your Car Squeaky Clean

Slime isn't just a kid's toy; it's also great for detailing your car's interior. Use this cleaning gel to clean your car's vents, dashboard, cup holders, and other hard-to-clean spaces you haven't been able to get to until now. Just knead the gel and store it away from liquids to use it again and again.
Make traveling easier with this luggage caddy perfect for holding a cup of joe and your phone on early morning flights. The caddy features three pockets and secularly fastens to your suitcase handle with reliable Velcro strips. It's also made from oxford cloth, making it durable and safe to clean in the washer.

Make Your Fires Magical With This Colorful Addition

Add color to your bonfire with this pack of flame colorants. Just drop an unopened package into your fire pit or indoor fireplace and watch as vibrant colors dance to life. The beautiful colors, including a mix of purple, orange, blue, green, and red, will mystify and excite people of all ages.

Refreshing Gel Pads Designed to Give Your Eyes a Much-Needed Break

Pamper puffy, tired eyes with these gel eye pads. These are safe to put in the microwave or freeze and are great for relieving tension and sinus pain or during a fun spa night with your besties. You can find them in various cute designs that feature watermelons, avocados, and pineapples for an adorable perk.

A Nifty Device to Help Manage Your Time

Is it challenging to stay focused on tasks throughout the workday? Then power through the day one flip at a time with this rotating timer that will keep you on track. This cube features a clock and timer that fits perfectly on your desk and can be adjusted for 5, 10, 20, and 30-minute increments. Now that's a productive gadget!

A Simple Fix For Clogged Shower Drains

Clogged drains happen, especially when you live with someone who has long, thick hair. Prevent blocked drains due to hair build-up with this genius invention. All you have to do is replace your catcher with a TubShroom to easily trap stray hairs from clogging up the shower drain. They also come in six different color options to fit any bathroom decor.

Use the Force With These Light-up Chopsticks

Who doesn't need a set of light-up Lightsaber Chopsticks? These fun utensils are great for Star Wars lovers who want to take their fandom to the next level. Purchase a pair (or two) in vibrant colors like green, purple, blue, orange, and yellow for a fun dining experience.

A Warming Device for Your Desk

Nothing's quite as disappointing as running around all morning and coming back to your desk to a cold cup of coffee. Avoid the disappointment with this compact mug warmer made to fit snuggly on your desk. You can enjoy three different temperature settings up to 176℉ and never have to worry if you turned it off due to its auto-shut-off feature.

An Oversized Hoodie That Doubles as a Blanket

If you know someone who's always cold or you are that person, this cozy oversized blanket sweatshirt is an essential wardrobe staple. The sweatshirt is made with 100% micro plush to make you feel as if you're wrapped up in a toasty warm cloud all day long. With multiple color options and designs, you're sure to find a hoodie to fit your style and keep you toasty warm no matter the weather.

A Convenient Magnet to Keep Your House up to Speed

Is your family constantly asking each other if the dishes are clean or dirty? Stop the confusion with this stylish dishwasher magnet. Easily slide the magnet between clean and dirty, so it's easy to know if the dishes are safe to use or need a rinse. Now there's no excuse for not putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher.