35 Gifts With Near Perfect Reviews

Published November 12, 2021
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Amazon is a glorious place. You can read there, watch movies there, even store your most precious memories there. But, most importantly, you can find absolutely anything you could possibly need and have it delivered right to your door in two days or sooner. Sure, it's an indispensible resource for your daily goods and necessities, but it's also an incredible place to find a whole bunch of ingenious things that could make your life so much easier. And we could all use a little more happy.

So I've put together a list of 35 of the best inventions on Amazon, all with incredible reviews. From a little tool that carries your groceries for you, to a special pillow that is basically like finding the fountain of youth, I've scoured this giant oasis on the internet and found 35 of the cleverest things on Amazon you didn't know you needed. You can thank me later.

This Clever Clip Carries Your Groceries So Your Hands Don’t Have To

click carry grocery bag carrier

This cushioned, over-the-shoulder bag carrier allows you to comfortably carry a host of bags at once, all while keeping your hands free to hold your coffee, your kid's hand, a dog leash, or phone. Not only will it keep your hands free, it'll make those annoying car-to-kitchen post-grocery trips so much shorter.


This Miracle Paste Can Replace Every Other Cleaning Product in Your Home

the pink stuff cleaning paste

A lot of non-toxic cleaning products don't actually clean that well, but there's a reason The Pink Stuff has been around since 1938: it just works. Utilizing a blend of baking soda, quartz, sodium silicate, and soap, this stuff can clean the grime off of any hard surface, inside or outside the home. It's safe for kids and pets, non-toxic, and yes, actually pink. Check out the incredible user photos among the almost 100,000 glowing reviews!

This Fun and Functional Conversation Starter Keeps Wine Fresh for Days

wine condom

Who wouldn't ask about something called a Wine Condom? This fun wine preserver is a great conversation starter and makes a perfect gift for the host when paired with a bottle of wine. Not only does the reusable wine condom ensure a good laugh, the watertight and airtight seal keeps your wine fresh for days.

This Odd-Looking Pillow Can Prevent Wrinkles, Acne and Neck Pain

your face pillow side sleeper pillow

Stomach and side sleepers, beware: you're causing wrinkles! The clever (and odd) YourFacePillow trains you to sleep on your back, helping to prevent wrinkles and acne, while also providing a more restful night of sleep. The ergonomic design prevents back and neck pain, and can even reduce snoring. Who wouldn't want better skin just from sleeping?


This Multi-Purpose Label Scraper Gets Gunk Off of Anything

plastic scraper tool set

This tiny tool can remove any gunk from any surface. From scraping stickers off of picture frames and gifts to cleaning candle wax out of that beautiful reusable jar, this inexpensive little scraper removes the hassle and elbow grease from cleaning gooey messes. This mighty tool is safe on any surface, and leaves a clean scratch-free finish.

This Clever Cup Takes Your Bowl of Cereal Anywhere

crunch cup cereal cup

This portable cereal cup is perfect for those of us that love our cereal every morning. The CrunchCup keeps the cereal and milk separate to keep the cereal nice and crunchy. With every sip you get the perfect milk to cereal ratio, so there's no need for a spoon. Save some time and take your cereal to go!

This Brilliant Cylinder Keeps Your Floors Mud-Free


This portable dog paw cleaner is a must-have for dog owners everywhere! Simply add a little water, slide your dog's dirty paws into the gentle silicone-lined cleaner, and they come out clean for your car ride home from the park or beach. It's great to keep by the back door at home, too!


This Genius Device Makes Your Cupholder Hold Anything

cup holder expander

The struggle is real when it comes to securing a large water bottle in the car. It won't fit in the cup holders, so you keep it in the front seat where it ends up on the ground every time you hit the brakes. This Cup Holder Expander solves that problem. Just slip it into your cupholder and boom! It can hold bottles over four inches in diameter.

This Special Butter Knife Spreads Cold Butter With Ease

elifana butter knife

Have you ever tried buttering a piece of fresh bread with cold butter? You get torn-up bread and end up eating a huge chunk of butter. This unique butter knife carves narrow ribbons of butter from a cold stick, rendering them soft enough to spread over soft bread with ease. Stainless steel construction means it's dishwasher safe, and its wide blade and serrated edge make it quite useful beyond its basic buttery application.

This Ridiculously Affordable Peel-off Mask Is Just as Effective as Pricier Beauty Brands

peel off facial mask

Peel-off facial masks are definitely trending. This anti-aging peel-off mask promises to purify and refine pores just as well as the mega beauty brands do, at a fraction of the price. (Seriously, a small fraction). There is also about twice as much in the bottle, and reviewers say it smells delightful, too.


Upgrade Shower Time With This Clever Caddy

sipcaddy bathtub wine holder

When you're short on time in the morning and desperate for a cup of coffee, be like Jessica Biel and take it in the shower with you! This goofy-yet-cool SipCaddy holds a wine glass during a hot bath, coffee in the morning, and it even holds cans and plastic cups. Does it look ridiculous? Of course. Does it make total sense? Oh yes.

This Personal Water Filter Lets You Drink Basically Anything

lifestraw water filter

This personal water filter can turn dirty water into crystal clear, completely drinkable H2O, free of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. Whether you run out of water on a hike, or a natural disaster strikes, this small, portable filter can save your life. Even better, every LifeStraw sold provides one year of clean water to a child that needs it.

This Chemical-Free Bug Repellant Fan Keeps Bugs At Bay

bug repellant fan

Get rid of those smelly, toxic insect sprays and useless citronella candles. This chemical-free insect repellent fan uses reflective patterns on its blades to confuse flying insects and keep them away. Place this noiseless fan next to the food to drive off flies, and place a few around you to avoid mosquito bites.


This All-in-One Travel Razor is Perfect for Touch Ups On-The-Go

portable travel razor

This all-in-one travel razor manages to include a razor, water sprayer, and shea butter moisturizing bar all inside one extremely portable package. Simply click to rotate, moisten your skin, moisturize, and shave. It's perfect to keep in your purse for quick touch-ups, and a serious space-saver for any trip you take.

These Car Seat Headrest Hooks Hold Pretty Much Anything

headrest hooks

I am notorious for having a messy car. With two kids and a dog, I always have stuff everywhere. Enter the Headrest Hooks. I keep my dog leash on one hook, my purse on another, and kids' backpacks on the remaining hooks. The possibilities are endless, and finally having a clean and tidy car is priceless. Why doesn't every car come with these included?

This Sleek Organizer Keeps All of Your Glasses in One Secure Place

sunglasses organizer

Instead of taking five separate cases of sunglasses on vacation, just take one. This chic clutch keeps all of your glasses dust-free and scratch-free. It slides easily into any suitcase or drawer, and can also be hung on a hook for easy access. Don't risk losing expensive glasses while traveling.


This Simple Machine Keeps Makeup Brushes Clean, Dry, and Bacteria-Free

makeup brush cleaner

Estheticians can't stress enough how important it is to keep makeup brushes clean. Makeup brushes are full of bacteria, which can transfer to your face and cause acne. This brush cleaner takes 10 seconds to fully clean and dry your brushes. You never have to use your hands or wait for brushes to dry again!

Keep Bagels Fresher Longer With This Airtight Bagel Storage Box

bagel holder

Don't let bagels dry out, become stale, or get moldy in a paper or plastic bag. This air-tight, purpose-built storage container keeps those delicious rings of dough as fresh as the day you bought them. It's refrigerator, freezer and microwave friendly, making storing, freezing, and thawing fresh-tasting bagels a breeze.

This Chin-Lifting Face Mask Keeps Selfies and Zoom Calls Double Chin Free

wrinkle-saving chin mask

Selfies, Google Meets, and Zoom Calls have made double chins more noticeable than ever. We are always looking at our phones and computers. Reduce double chins and contour your jawline with this reusable neck-lifting mask. According to some of its 8,000 reviewers, the mask is extremely comfortable to sleep in, and works well in combination with firming beauty products.


Never Deal With Bunched Up Swimsuit Cups Again With This Clever Cup Clip Tool

cup claw sports bra cup tool

Those removable cups that come in bathing suits and activewear always seem to end up in the bottom of the washing machine. And once they fall out, they're impossible to get back in correctly. That is the purpose of this clever tool! This clamp is specifically designed to put those stubborn cups back in place and spread them out evenly, restoring expensive bras, bathing suits, and active-wear to their original glory.

These Smart Bottle Emptying Caps Ensure You Never Waste a Drop of Expensive Product Again

flip-it bottle emptying kit

You're basically throwing away money when you don't get every last drop of an expensive beauty or home product out of the bottle. These simple-yet-brilliant Flip-It! bottle caps keep your products stored upside-down, using the power of gravity to ensure you get every last drop of every last product.

This Heat Resistant Flat Iron Pouch Keeps Surfaces Burn-Free

heat resistant silicone mat

If you own a curling iron or flat iron, you need this two pack of heat resistant silicone pouches. Just place the hot styling tool on the mat to protect the counter surface. When done, there is no need to wait for the iron to cool off. Simply slide it in the heat-safe pouch and put it away!


This Genius Car Escape Keychain Can Rescue You From Any Emergency

resqme car escape tool

This little tool can save a life. It looks small, but the spring loaded spike on the Resqme keychain can easily break through any car window, and its concealed razor blade can cut through seatbelts to help stranded drivers escape. This tiny tool is a great stocking stuffer for loved ones, and a great gift for new drivers.

Hit Hydration Goals With This Motivational Bottle

gallon water bottle

I've had many goals to drink more water every day, but I rarely ever follow through. This massive water bottle holds a gallon of water, and features motivational time stamps that remind you to drink water throughout the day. It's available in a host of colors, and each bottle comes with two removable caps: one with a silicone straw for sipping, and the other's a leak-proof "chug lid" for when you need to hydrate, fast.

These Coveted Beauty Patches That Prevent Frown Lines and Forehead Wrinkles

frownies forehead patches

These cult favorite beauty patches actually don't contain any beauty product at all, making them completely chemical and toxin-free. Place these simple stickers on your forehead at night to flatten and prevent wrinkles. These are great for stomach sleepers who tend to bunch facial skin against a pillow.


This Tiny Vacuum Charges in the Car and Effortlessly Picks Up Messes

bissell aeroslim vacuum

This slim cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect everyday sidekick. It quickly charges with a USB cable, which makes it easy to keep in the car for on-the-go messes. It offers powerful suction and is completely portable and easy to use on stairs, blinds, baseboards - basically anywhere a standard vacuum can't go.

These Freezable Glasses Keep Wine Chilled at the Perfect Temperature

chillable wine cups

These stemless wine glasses keep any wine at the perfect temperature. When frozen or refrigerated, the special gel within the walls of the glass keep your wine perfectly chilled. Store them in the freezer to quickly chill white wine, or store them in the refrigerator to chill red wine to perfect cellar temperature. Silicone rings make these glasses easy to hold.

Take a Warmer, Deeper, More Relaxing Bath With This Overflow Drain Cover

overflow drain cover

Baths aren't very relaxing if the water only covers half of your body. This simple but bath-changing invention covers your overflow drain, ensuring a deeper, more relaxing bath that engulfs your entire body in warm water. Simple, but genius.


This Headache Hat™ Offers Instant Relief From Migraines and Tension Headaches

headache hat

Thousands of migraine sufferers swear by this freezable Headache Hat™. The soft, flexible material fits comfortably on your head, and can be pulled over your eyes to protect them from light. Just toss the Headache Hat™ in the freezer to get it ice cold, then wrap it around your head for relief. The patented design targets headache relief pressure points, and the cooling effect lasts for hours.

These Sports Bras With Pockets Make So Much Sense

sports bra with pocket

The pocket on this genius sports bra holds your phone, keys, cash or credit cards while you work out. No risking your phone flying out of your sweaty hands while jogging, or uncomfortable fanny packs flopping around! There's even a hole to thread your headphone wire through. This handy pocket keeps your stuff out of your hands, so you can lift weights or focus on your run. And you can work out in coordinated style, as the bras are available in over 25 colors.

These Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Air Purifying Bags Drink Up Odors

deodorizing bags

These non-toxic air purification bags are your key to an odor-free existence. Rather than covering up odors, this four-pack of colorful bags actually absorbs odor-causing agents in your car, gym bag, nursery, even your refrigerator.


This Pineapple Corer Looks so Fun to Use 

pineapple corer

Pineapples are incredibly delicious, and a real pain to peel and slice. Most of us end up with large, irregular pieces with part of the peel still attached. This clever tool can perfectly peel, core and slice a pineapple in just a few seconds. Simply cut the top of the pineapple, twist this tool in, and you have perfectly sliced pineapple ready to eat - and a cored-out pineapple husk begging for a pina colada.

This Simple Invention Keeps Your Purse Right Where You Need It

car cache handbag holder

Ensure the contents of your purse don't end up all over the floor with this smart purse holder. This handbag organizer holds any purse or bag securely between the two front seats. No more fumbling through your purse in the wheel wells, or stretching into the back seat. Just install the Car Cache, and enjoy mess-free accessibility immediately. And since it sits between your two front seats, the Car Cache even acts as a defacto doggy car gate.

This Smart No-Touch Door Opening Tool Keeps Hands Germ Free

door opening tool

There's no better time than now to avoid unwanted germs, and this easy-to-use keychain may be your new secret weapon. Its unique hook-shaped design opens any door handle without touching it, while a stylus tip can be used on your phone, elevator buttons, and even payment keypads. And it's even wildly affordable, as you get three tools for under $9.


Become a Baguette Master With This Ingenious Pan

french bread pan

This commercial-quality bakeware bakes baguettes and french bread loaves with ease. Of course, you can make epic bread from scratch in this non-stick pan. But it also effortlessly warms up a store-bought or par-baked loaf. Whether you're channeling your inner French baker, or just heating up a grocery store baguette, you can enjoy that fresh-baked-bread deliciousness anytime with this pan.

An Ultra-Plush Heating Pad With More Than 80,000 Reviews


Whether you're suffering with cramps, muscle aches, or just some cold feet, a great heating pad can do you a world of good. Fortunately, there's a host of affordable, ultra-plush options on the market, and this Mighty Bliss heating pad is one of the best. Featuring a dimpled microfiber construction, the Mighty Bliss heats up in seconds, allowing you to get much-needed heat where you need it, fast. It's larger than traditional heating pads (12" x 24"), which means it can cover your shoulders, back, belly, or legs with ease.

A $22 Attachment That Turns Any Toilet Into a Bidet


There are a lot of advantages to using a bidet, and now you can add economy to that list! This $22 bidet attachment comes with everything you need to quicky install on your own porcelain throne, with no plumbing or electricity required. A built-in control dial allows you to vary the water pressure as needed, paired with a nozzle angle switch to ensure you're cleaning right where you need to.


A Clip-on Strainer So You'll Never Use a Colander Again


If you can't stand scrubbing cemented-on bits of noodle from your colander, the Snap N' Strain is for you. This flexible gizmo clips to nearly any round pan, pot, or bowl, allowing you to safely strain your food without busting out that colander. Almost twenty-thousand reviewers swear by this gadget, and the manufacturer backs it up with a one-year warranty.

A Honey Dispenser Without the Sticky Mess


Today's award for most clever condiment dispenser goes to the Hunnibi, a revolutionary way to dispense thick, delicious honey (or any kind of syrup) without any sticky mess. How? This little glass beehive holds eight ounces of the good stuff, and dispenses it from the bottom, letting gravity do its mighty work. No sticky trails of honey or syrup across the kitchen table, or impatiently squeezing bottles, waiting for honey to ooze to the bottom.

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