I love discovering things that've gone viral on Amazon. Guaranteed they're going to be fabulous since they have hundreds of thousands of glowing reviews! From cool gadgets that are so handy to cult-favorite cosmetics, I've tracked down 35 viral products on Amazon you have to see.

Social media is often the way a lot of these products get so famous, so they can be tricky to find if you're not scrolling TikTok all day! And others are under-the-radar sleeper picks that've been around for years because they're that good. I'll help you sort out the best of the best items that cover a ton of categories, from beauty to clothing to tech to home goods. So buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride into the depths of Amazon to bring you cult favorites, new and old!

This Top-Selling Mascara Almost Broke the Internet

It's the mascara that almost broke the Internet - this Lash Princess mascara has over 213,000 glowing reviews right now. It seriously makes it look like you're wearing false lashes thanks to the special wand that creates so much volume, the before and after reviewer pics will amaze you! The cruelty-free mascara lasts all day so you can be confident it won't smudge, smear, fade, or flake on you.

This Laundry Door Prop Prevents Stinky Washers

We have a front-loading washer that gets incredibly stinky if the door's closed for even a few minutes. I've been using this popular laundry door prop to keep the airflow going, and it's made such a difference! The super strong magnet holds the gadget on your washer securely, and the rubber-coated arm won't scratch the finish.

This Detangling Brush Prevents Tears

Both my girls have thin, fine hair that's also curly, which creates mega tangles. They usually hate having their hair combed after washing it, but I've found a detangling brush that stops the meltdowns in their tracks. This brush effortlessly glides through hair like butter - with over 50,000 rave reviews, you don't just have to take my word for it!

This Hoodie Couldn't Be More Popular

Made TikTok-famous and also generally famous because it's so good, this Hanes EcoSmart fleece hoodie has over 109,000 stellar reviews with an overall 4.5/5 rating. The amazingly soft cotton-poly blend is made with up to 5% recycled plastic and comes in a plethora of colors from neon to neutral. Reviewers love that it's pill-resistant, no matter how much you wash and wear it!

This Vitamin C Serum Gives You Amazing Skin

Weighing it at about 90,500 absolutely wonderful reviews, this affordable Vitamin C serum will whip your skin into shape. The brightening Vitamin C is mixed with hydrating hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, witch hazel, and jojoba oil in a blend that provides anti-aging benefits like improving wrinkles, dark spots, and acne scars. It's also certified cruelty free and formulated, manufactured, and bottled in the USA for the freshest product.

TikTok Made Me Buy the Pink Stuff Cleaner

Made famous on social media, this Pink Stuff cleaner is actually a product that does what it says! It's a miracle, all-purpose cleaning paste that works on everything from my filthy oven to saucepans to mirrors to garden furniture, and more! With over 102,700 great reviews, this cleaner comes highly recommended.
This Revlon volumizer brush gives you supermodel hair in one step! Now you don't have to spend extra time in the morning since you can dry, style, and volumize your hair at once while cutting down on frizz. My friends with thick, hard to dry hair swear by this, and it works amazingly well on my fine, flat hair too.

Poop Better With This Squatty Potty

I didn't believe the hype until I tried it, but this Squatty Potty is now a permanent fixture in our bathroom. It positions your body to optimize your experience for an easy time, every time. I like that the unobtrusive white doesn't stick out too far from the toilet and kind of blends in so it's not right in your face when you walk into the room.

Bring Back 90s Style With These Sunglasses

Reviewers can't get enough of the retro 90s vibe these sunglasses put out. The rectangle lenses in so many frame colors look good on darn near everyone! They're the #1 best seller in women's sunglasses on Amazon for good reason.
It was a hard truth that pimples don't stop once you're out of the teenage years. For those annoying bumps that pop up, these incredibly popular Mighty Patch pimple patches are just right for the job. They use special technology or just plain magic to suck out all the pus from the pimple overnight, leaving the bump flat and not inflamed.

I Swear By This Concealer

This concealer reached cult status a while back, and it's the only one I'll use now. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser works wonders on dark circles and fine lines. The shade selection is pretty extensive, too.

These Dermaplaning Razors Get You Ready for Your Close Up

You know that annoying peach fuzz on your cheeks? These dermaplaning razors are the answer - they remove both hair and dead skin to leave your face super soft and the perfect canvas for makeup application. You can also use these on eyebrows or upper lip hair to keep things neat.

This Bug Bite Suction Tool Is a Game Changer

Remember scratching mosquito bites so much as kids we'd end up a bloody, scabby mess? Say bye to those days with this bug bite suction tool. It miraculously removes insect venom, saliva, and other irritants from the bite area to stop your body's reaction. So simple but so smart, I use this on my kids all the time.

Be Tidier With This Desktop Vacuum

My desktop is an unholy mess of dust, crumbs, pencil eraser detritus and who knows what else. This viral desktop vacuum is a handy little gadget that helps me clean up my act without having to painstakingly pick up every piece. It comes in a couple colors - I'm partial to the cheerful orange!

Create Barista-Level Drinks With This Milk Frother

Tired of paying high prices at coffee shops for your fancy beverages? DIY at home with this milk frother that'll put your barista to shame! Mom tip: it also works to create warm, foamy milk which puts my kids to sleep fast.

This Can Cooler Keeps Your Hands Warm and Dry

My hands are really sensitive to cold, so I don't love holding metal drink cans that then get overly warm and sweat everywhere when the condensation starts running. This BruMate Hopsulator Slim insulated can cooler is double-walled to keep your drink cold and your hands warm and it's the perfect size for my beloved hard seltzer cans.

This Otoscope Is All Over Reddit

Did you know there's a subreddit where people post videos of popping zits and cleaning their ears? It's both horrifying and fascinating, and the tool that's gotten super popular over there is this otoscope. Regardless of the entertainment value, I like that it lets you see exactly what you're doing when deep cleaning your sensitive ears.
Removing hair from sensitive facial areas really can hurt, but this hair removal tool makes it a pain-free experience. The 18K gold-plated gadget uses revolutionary Butterly technology to erase hair with a spinning head that never touches your skin. Just swirl the battery-operated device over unwanted hair and watch it disappear!

These Magic Hair Curlers Work So Well

Have you seen the videos of people using these Magic Hair curlers to get amazing spiral curls? They work without using heat so they'll never damage hair no matter how often you style with them. You'll get a set of 24 pieces of wave rollers and styling hooks to easily, painlessly pull hair through the curlers.
Finding a spot to store my spices neatly that doesn't take a up a ton of room is a constant battle. But I recently spotted this under cabinet spice organizer that solves all my problems! It's super easy to install and keeps spices hidden but readily accessible.

This Back Scratcher Lends a Helping Hand

Sometimes you need a little help to reach just the right spot on your itchy back, and this little cactus back scratcher does the trick. The two-sided hard plastic head feels great, and it's on a pole that extends up to 24.5 inches. Some guys swear buy it for scratching their beards, too!

These Best-Selling Essential Oils Are Easy to Mix and Match

Currently the #1 best-selling essential oil kit on Amazon, this set of six 10mL bottles covers the aromatherapy spectrum. Use peppermint for focus, lemongrass for calm, lavender for staying alert, eucalyptus for optimism, orange for peace, and tea tree for mental strength. Perfect for that diffuser you keep meaning to use!

These Dickie's Dry-Tech Socks Keep Feet Happy

Bid adieu to sweaty feet with these Dickie's socks for men. The Dry-Tech fabrication is proven to control moisture, keeping feat healthier and smelling better. Nearly 139,000 reviewer swear by these for their outstanding durability and comfort, especially if you're on your feet all day.

These LED Light Strips Are All the Rage

Made popular by what else but social media, these LED strip lights are an easy way to add a cool personal touch to your space. The remote-controlled lights glow brightly in red, green, blue, or 16 multicolor options and easily install on flat surfaces with an adhesive backing. Level up your room's ambient lighting and set a fun mood with these colorful, bright lights!

This Car Vacuum Is So Handy

You might be asking, "A vacuum just for the car"? The answer is yes, folks, this amazingly handy item keeps my car cleaner than it's ever been. It sucks up all the Goldfish crumbs and puppy hair easily, includes a full-loaded interior car detailing kit in a compact, lightweight design, and a 16 foot cord for easy access.

This Shampoo Brush Feels Heavenly

My favorite part about getting my hair cut is the amazing scalp massage my stylist does during the wash. It'd be pretty expensive to get my hair professionally washed every day, so I found this massaging shampoo brush. It's an excellent substitute and gets my hair and scalp squeaky clean while I suds up.

These Wireless Earbuds Have Nearly 263,000 Rave Reviews

I have and love these wireless earbuds. Not only are they affordable, but I found that they perform just as well as pricier brands whether I'm listening to podcasts, working out, walking the dog, or taking calls. They come in a few stylish color options and have north of 262,700 stellar reviews right now on Amazon.

These Might Be the World's Most Perfect Leggings

A trip down the social media rabbit hole led me to these extremely popular high-waisted leggings. With nearly 72,000 outstanding reviews, two lengths, and 25 colors to choose from, these pants might become your closet workhorse as they have for me! These super stretchy leggings come in two sizes to fit standard and plus sizes.

These Gold Hoop Earrings Are Right On-Trend

Gold jewelry is having a moment, and these 14K gold-plated chunky hoop earrings are the perfect jumping off point. They come in four sizes, from small 20mm to extra large 50mm, and have over 31,000 rave reviews for being comfortably lightweight and looking much more expensive than they actually are. They're so easy to mix and match with other jewelry and work with any outfit from casual to formal!

These Fuzzy Slippers Feel Like Walking on Clouds

You'll find these fuzzy slippers on my feet pretty much during all waking hours, even during trips to the mailbox thanks to their durable sole! The memory foam insole feels like a supportive cloud while you walk, and the plush fleece keeps tootsies toasty. Available in nine pretty colors plus two leopard prints, you'll be living in these as soon as Amazon delivers them to your door.

TikTok Loves This Alarm Clock

I can see why this mirrored LED alarm clock is so popular on TikTok. Its futuristic good looks and sleek style look great on your bedside table, and the large numbers are easy to read even from across the room. A thoughtful touch is the three-level brightness setting in case you don't like too much light while you're trying to sleep.

This Ice Cream Ball Gamifies Dessert Making

All that stands between you and a delicious homemade dessert is 25 minutes of play with this ice cream ball! Add ingredients to one end and ice and rock salt to the other and toss, roll, shake, and have fun with the soft-sided ball until the ice cream's done. It's made with BPA-free materials and is a breeze to clean, too.

This Insulated Tumbler Comes in 37 Colors

Available in four sizes and 37 (!) colors, this insulated tumbler from Simple Modern is my constant companion. It keeps my iced tea nicely cold for hours, but also works for hot drinks too. I like that it includes two lids - one flip lid and one straw lid, both insulated.

Depuff Your Face With This Jade Roller Set

Why is it that kids look all sleepily adorable when they wake up, but adults look like 10 day old leftovers? Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can be a scary prospect, but this jade roller set has definitely helped. I keep the jade roller and gua sha set in the fridge overnight so it can depuff my face and undereyes lightning fast in the morning.

All Hail These Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are making a comeback and I'm ecstatic because I've missed them so much! These high-waisted ones from Satina have glorious pockets that are large enough to fit my phone, which is a major plus. Importantly, the sweat-wicking, super soft fabric isn't see through at all even when you bend over.