Shopping for gifts can go one of two ways: it can be stressful or it can be wildly fun. We prefer to lean toward the fun and leave the stress out of it, and what's more fun than getting a little something for yourself while treating someone special?

We've rounded up over three dozen of the most fun, versatile, and interesting gifts from kitchen gadgets to tech to THE coziest sherpa sweater on the planet. Once you've found something that you absolutely love, don't let your pal have ALL the fun. Grab two! One for your giftee and another that's all yours.

A Whisk Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

Whether you're a tried and true baker or you're just now jumping onto the bake-your-own-bread craze, this is such a fun tool to add to the culinary arsenal. Perfect for gently whisking together ingredients and sturdy enough to hold up when you start incorporating things that are harder to mix, the Danish Dough Whisk is uniquely shaped and uniquely capable.

For the Foodie Who Hates Chopping Onions

There are few kitchen tasks worse than chopping onions. Yes, yes, there are a thousand tricks to prevent those sneaky tears, but let's rethink that, shall we? This super helpful box-shaped chopper eliminates the need for any level of knife skill and comes with four different blades to cube, dice, and slice.

These Leafy Bookmarks That Have a Hundred Uses

At first glance, these charming little sprouts are simply a cute and quirky bit of decoration, but look a little closer, and they can be used for more than you think. This set of six sweet and eye-catching little bookmarks can be set in between the middle pages of a book to help keep it propped open or stuck at the top to mark your place when the book is closed.
No one ever said "I have too many colored pens." There is ALWAYS that moment when you're in need of a certain color and just can't seem to find it anywhere! This set of 18 fine-tipped and vibrantly pigmented pens has over 50,000 five-star reviews and is perfect for everything from colorful calendar planning to bullet journaling.

A Handy and Versatile Dot Grid Bullet Journal

Speaking of bullet journaling, this is my absolute favorite. Super affordable and available in nine beautiful colors, it has great quality thick paper to prevent bleeding - markers welcome here! And at five inches by eight inches, it's also the perfect size for every time of journal keeper. I personally love the dot grid, but this journal also comes in plain, ruled, and squared formats.
With the sort of name that confuses you at first and then makes you giggle, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is the sort of fast-paced card game that can either fill in for a quick, ten minute distraction or keep you entertained for hours on end. Even better, it's suited to all ages, making it the perfect thing to toss in a bag for a family trip.
Everyone deserves to feel special the moment they wake up in the morning. This mirror decal securely sticks to glass even in humid environments, making it great for bathrooms. Renter-friendly, it can also be peeled off without leaving behind any sticky residue.

This Stylish Mirror That Looks Almost as Good as You

There's always that one spot in the home that just feels a little... blank? A perfectly-sized and stylish piece that's ideal for any home, this mirror solves that issue for you while adding a helpful shelf that's perfect for keeping mail, keys, plants, and whatever else you need to keep on hand.

A Map of the Sky to Remember a Special Day

If there's a particularly meaningful day of the year it's important to commemorate, make it special with this map of how the night sky looked on that date! Give this to a partner to celebrate your anniversary, a new parent to celebrate the little one's birthday, or even a bestie to remember the day you met.

A Gentle Wake Up Call to Rise with the "Sun"

From deep in the winter doldrums to blocking out the early sun in the dead of summer, it's tough to develop a consistent morning wake-up routine. Once you do, though, the whole day just seems to go so much better. This sunrise-simulating alarm clock helps ease you into your waking hours without the jarring beeping sound!

This Ring Light That Fits in Your Pocket

As soon as you have a ring light, you'll find yourself using it constantly, but hardly anyone ever thinks to pack it up and take it around with them. This clip-on ring light fits right over the camera of any phone or tablet for an instant glow-up, and even better, you can toss it right into a bag to take anywhere.

A Waffle Maker That Doesn't Monopolize Your Counterspace

Whether you're trying to be super-conscious of a small kitchen with limited storage space or you're shopping for a devoted foodie who typically cooks for just one, this tiny waffle maker does it all. Make a few for a relaxed Sunday breakfast alone or make dozens to invite a group over for brunch - this little guy can handle it.

The Coziest, Fleece-Lined Slipper Socks

Nobody has "too many" slipper socks. With an incredibly soft and fluffy fleece lining and tiny rubber dots on the soles to help grip the floor without sliding around, this cozy pair is thick and warm - perfect for chilly evenings at home.

A Fluffy Sweater You Can Leave the House Wearing

No matter what your plans are, whether you're staying in with Netflix or headed out for a casual afternoon, this zip-up pullover keeps you feeling toasty without sacrificing style. Available in dozens of colors, my personal favorite is this white and gray combo that easily pairs with just about any outfit.

This Tiny Projector Turns Any Room Into a Movie Theater

A projector is one of those things that you will find a hundred opportunities to use. This miniature one is amazingly affordable and so easy to travel with. It also provides a sharp, clear image that's perfect for either gaming or just making movie night special.

Never Lose Another Wallet with This Handy Tag

Got a friend who seems to be constantly losing things? Or is that you? Either way, an electronic tag is the solution! Slip this into a wallet, clip this onto a kiddo's tablet they seem to be constantly misplacing, or add it to your luggage if you're nervous about being parted from your bag.

A Backpack That Safely Recharges Your Devices

From commuting through the city to a quick weekend trip, every type of traveler needs a good backpack, and this pick will become your new best friend in no time. The ideal size for laptop up to 15.6 inches, it even includes a USB port so you can add an inner power bank and keep all of your devices charged without digging through any pockets!

Forget Clipping Your Flashlight - Just Wear It

As much as we love a clip-on reading light, it doesn't always allow for the greatest flexibility. This neck light, on the other hand, will let you move around as often as you need to and direct the light exactly where you need it without too much fidgeting. More time to read rather than adjust? Done.
Tea lovers everywhere understand the value of a great kettle, and this countertop electric option has thousands of glowing reviews for a reason. The fashionable gooseneck design along with the durable stainless steel construction and protective cork handle make it a winner all around.

Yes, You Can Buy Plants on Amazon

It's no secret that there are a hundred benefits to keeping houseplants in your space. Even if you're not a particularly skilled green thumb, though, a snake plant is incredibly hardy and well-suited to just about any room of the home or office.

Make Showertime Even More Soothing With a Steamer

Want to up your shower game? These relaxing steamers are packed with essential oils and soothing fragrances to provide an exceptional aromatherapy experience. Simply drop one of these steamers on the floor of your shower and enjoy! Who says baths have all the fun?
Bath people, rejoice. You CAN bring everything you need to keep yourself entertained without juggling slippery things on the edge of the tub. This adjustable tray creates a table that keeps your book, your candle, even your wine all securely in place so you can enjoy those bubbles for even longer.

A Beautifully Shaped Pair of Wine Glasses

We would be remiss if we didn't include a gorgeous pair of wine glasses. Tried and true sommaliers and wine newbies alike will appreciate the elegant shape of these stems as well as the super attractive price point, making them wonderful gifts.

This Shaker Tells You How to Mix Your Favorite Cocktails

Getting into mixing your own cocktails? This is the way to learn. This durable cocktail shaker has the recipes for six popular drinks etched right onto the glass along with the appropriate lines for measuring out each ingredient.
Charcuterie boards are everywhere, and it's for a good reason. What better opportunity to make an appetizer look artistic and classy without having to cook? This tray pulls double-duty by being large enough to accommodate countless cheeses and fruits as well as durable enough to handle some serious prep chopping.

For the Budding Chef in Need of Some Guidance

Veteran home chefs everywhere are in love with this cookbook - including me. Whether you've seen Samin Nosrat's highly addictive Netflix show or are brand new to her recipes, this is a foodie must-have full of magnificent dishes like the most delicious, flakey, buttery biscuits you've ever had.

A Weighted Blanket That Easily Travels Everywhere

Weighted blankets seem to have changed the world overnight, and it's hard to imagine falling asleep without mine these days. Those who haven't tried one yet along with devotees who can't always bring theirs everywhere will appreciate this easy-to-pack set that includes a soft eye mask and a weighted shoulder and neck wrap - a relaxing solution on the go. It can even be heated to help alleviate shoulder pain.
Keep it in the shower to give some background to your morning karaoke session or clip it to your hiking gear to take it camping with you, this sturdy, pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker has a million uses and comes in six vibrant colors.

This Best-Selling Mud Mask Will Make Your Face Feel Brand New

A good mud mask is worth its weight in gold. Once per week, it's such a treat to cleanse your face and smooth on this clarifying mask made with mineral mud from the Dead Sea and Vitamin E. Designed to pull excess oil from pores and leave skin feeling extra clean, this mask also includes jojoba oil for hydration and softness.
If there's one thing we've learned in COVID times, it's that hands are a lot filthier than we realize. Keep that unseen grime off of your delicate face with an easy-to-clean silicone face brush that helps to apply masks, serums, and moisturizers.

A Face Massaging Set to Soothe Every Skin Type

This set of two will transform any skin routine from basic to spa-like. The jade roller, especially when kept cold, is great for reducing puffiness and irritation while the gua sha is the perfect skin-massaging tool to use before bedtime to help your face absorb your favorite serum.
No matter what kind of furry friend is shedding all over the couch, pet hair can be a major pain to keep up with. What I love about this lint roller designed specifically for pet hair are the environmentally-friendly design that doesn't waste sticky paper after sticky paper as well as the cover to prevent it from getting gunked up with other bits when not in use.

A Helpful Guide to Perfect Your Air Frying

Air fryers are not always as intuitive as they seem. (Trust me, I have a friend who set off the fire alarm with hers.) This helpful guide offers times and temperatures for all of the most common things to cook in an air fryer, taking out all of the guesswork! Even better, it's one giant magnet that can stick right to the fridge for easy viewing.

This Standing Vacuum That Eliminates Your Dust Pan

It may look like a tiny space ship, but this little robot has a far more practical use: you'll never bend over to sweep into a dustpan again. This standing vacuum will suck up anything you sweep into its little compartment and is perfect for smaller spaces that don't have room for a full-sized vacuum.

An Egg-Shaped Timer That Won't Let Your Eggs Overcook

I know what you're thinking. What in the world is this silly-looking piece of plastic? It is the secret to never overcooking your eggs again. Simply pop this into the pot of hot water along with your eggs and watch for this little helper to let you know when they've reached soft-boiled or hard-boiled!

A Rejuvenating Hand Peel To Rid Hands of Dead Skin

It might look wild, but trust me on this, a hand peel is SO satisfying. Just cover your hands with a thin layer, relax for twenty minutes as it works its magic, and gently peel off to make your hands look and feel unbelievably soft and refreshed.
The right set of nail clippers will last for years on end, and especially if you've got a pal addicted to keeping their fingernails in perfect shape, this is the pair they'll keep forever. Toss this into a gift bag of manicure favorites for the ultimate "handy" bundle.

Don't Forget Your Feet

It's important to show your feet some love, and this foot peel does a spectacular job of banishing callouses for the ultimate at-home pedicure experience. Keep the mask on for up to an hour, and over the following week, dead skin will fall away to reveal healthy, rejuvenated feet.

A Catch-All for Keeping Your Car Orderly

If your bag has ever slid off the armrest and onto the floor of the back seat, you know exactly how annoying it is to feel like your car is in a state of constant stress. The Car Cache creates a quick and simple barrier between the front seat and the back that includes a handy pocket for all of your immediate necessities.
Give self-care a serious upgrade with these under-eye masks that are specifically designed to target fine lines and reduce dark circles. Whether you're unwinding at the end of a long day or you're prepping to look and feel fresh first thing in the morning, this set suits skincare at any time of day.

Everyone's Favorite Makeup Sponge

Makeup fiends everywhere know that a good makeup sponge can easily and effectively blend your foundation for a flawless and photo-ready finish. This colorful set of five is tailor-made for anyone's beauty guru bestie.

String Lights Aren't Just for the Holidays

Campers, hikers, travelers, and more will find a thousand uses for the Luminoodle. Five feet long and amazingly waterproof, it includes helpful utility loops to hang wherever you need a little extra light as well as built-in magnets and a carrying bag that turns it into a lantern!

A Fitness Fanatic's Essential Headband

Got a workout junkie on your hands? This breathable and lightweight headband is made for managing sweat. With quick-drying spandex and nylon, it's a moisture-wicking marvel any athlete will be grateful to add to their gym bag.

Hundreds of Massages for the Price of One

Whether your giftee is an exercise nut or not, we all have extra tension collecting in our muscles, and this massage gun helps work out every knot in record time. Give this to the stressed out friend who could absolutely use a proper massage.