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Amazon's reputation for incredible deals that can be delivered quickly has only grown more infamous in the last few years, and the "recommended for you" section is more and more spot-on every day. (Or is that just me?)

But wouldn't it be nice if Canadians didn't need to mess around with international shipping rates and converting USD to CAD every time they wanted to take advantage of another exceptional steal? Not to worry - that's what LoveToKnow is here for. Keep reading to discover some of our absolute favorite finds on Amazon Canada that are not only super affordable, but highly rated and well-reviewed, too!

Probably the Best Extension Cord Yet Made

Permission from Michael at Sleeksocket
Extension cords are, by default, generally pretty terrible. Either they're out in the open and a total eyesore, or they're hidden behind your couch, keeping it annoyingly non-flush from the wall. That's what makes the Sleeksocket so great. Its low profile design is barely noticeable, allowing you to extend power where you please without sacrificing aesthetics, or comfort. It even acts as an outlet protector to keep little fingers safe!

A Peel That Gives You Brand New Feet

Don't be deterred by the wild appearance! This foot peel does an exceptional job of ridding your toes and soles of layers of dead skin and calluses, leaving you feeling positively brand new.

The Most Incredible Leggings I've Found

I'm pretty much an athleisure connoisseur at this point since it's all I wear, and I'd rate these best-selling leggings a perfect 10. The flattering high waist smooths and holds you in, and the "peach skin" fabric is beyond comfortable. With over 8,000 glowing reviews and 25 colors to choose from, you know these are going to quickly become your fave leggings.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons That Will Never Lose Each Other

If there's anything I can't stand getting constantly lost in my kitchen drawer, it's that little ring you're supposed to attach every one of your measuring spoons to. I never do! Enter this magnetic set that eliminates the need for any extra attachment and keeps your drawer nice and neat!

This Rechargeable Reading Light Has 50K+ Dedicated Fans

Unlike normal clip-on (and most often, fall-off) reading lamps, this insanely popular reading lamp sits comfortably around your neck. Dual positionable lights keep you from waking your partner, while you choose from six levels of brightness across three different color temperatures. It's even rechargeable, and will provide up to 80 hours of use before you need to top it off again.

A Magical Anti-Puff Under Eye Mask

Picture it: you roll out of bed to get ready for that big morning meeting or a brunch date out, and you look in the mirror. Oh, no... puffy eyes. Whether it was too little sleep or a few too many drinks the night before (or both, no judgement), these under eye masks will slide right on and take care of that face fatigue in no time.

A Tiny Pet Odor Eliminator That Packs a Serious Punch

This wildly popular Angry Orange pet odor eliminator attacks pet stains and odors on contact, using citrus-derived oils to destroy pet urine smell, leaving only a pleasant, citrus smell behind. More than 50,000 reviewers tout Angry Orange's ability to kill even the toughest, soaked-in, hardwood-floor-ruining pee smells.

These Drain Snakes Are So Gross, and So Satisfying

If you haven't snaked your sinks recently (or ever), you're in for a particularly gross treat. These plastic gizmos grab all the built up hair, soap scum, and who-knows-what-else from your pipes, which may often look like something out of The Ring, You even get a five pack of these top-rated snakes so you can toss them every time you use them, if you're squeamish.

A Satisfying Sticky Slime That Cleans Anything

This slime is one-half fidget toy, one half clean-anything-gadget. Whether you're constantly getting crumbs stuck in the keyboard of your laptop or you've got a bit too much dust collecting in the vent of your car, this slime sticks to it all for a quick and oddly fun clean up! It reminds me of GAK from the '90s, and is quite fun to play with (when you're not sliming every spot of dust in sight!)

A Shower Head That Really Makes You Feel Like It's Raining

Give your bathroom a mini upgrade with this 8-inch wide shower head. With over 100 nozzles, you'll feel like you're standing under a waterfall. The adjustable ball joint at the base of the shower head allows you to control the angle of the water. Plus, the tool-free installation means you'll be standing under your pseudo-waterfall in no time.

Cuticle Oil to Keep Your Manicure Soft and Supple

Cuticle oil may seem like an indulgence, but if you've ever dealt with dry, cracked skin on your fingers or if you're constantly suffering from hang nails, this is a totally worthy investment. Cuccio's miracle formula keeps your cuticles soft and smooth all day long.

Facial Razors to Tidy Up Stray Hairs

This set of multipurpose razors is good for more than just eyebrow maintenance. They neatly and safely shave away pesky hair in any hard-to-reach spot, and the ability to gently shape your brows is a major bonus.

A Hand Cream That Really Does Wonders

Whether you suffer from dry skin all year long or the unpredictable weather drives your epidermis a little nuts from time to time, there's nothing more soothing than a good hand cream. This one from Burt's Bees features almond oil and vitamin E to thoroughly moisturize every inch.

A Foot Cream for Your Softest Toes Ever

If the art of the foot peel is, shall we say, not quite your thing, but you'd still love to enjoy the hydrating comfort of smooth, moisturized feet, don't sleep on O'Keefe's foot cream. Dry and cracked skin has no chance against this super effective, penetrating cream.

An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller That's Made From Volcanos

The first time I saw this viral sensation pop up on my Instagram feed, I thought it was some kind of applicator, but no! It's a volcanic stone that absorbs excess oil! Perfect for freshening up your look midday or keeping a shiny forehead at bay.

A Multi-Utensil Spoon Rest That'll Keep Your Countertop Clean

Permission from Zulay Kitchen
Foodies unite! Sometimes, when you've got more than one pot bubbling away, you're in need of more than one spoon to stir them - which means a multi-functional spoon rest is just the ticket. This one is not only incredibly easy to clean (can we say "dishwasher safe"?), it easily fits anywhere on your kitchen countertop or between burners on your stove.

Get Cozy With The Best Weighted Blanket on Amazon

The Quility weighted blanket is a best-seller for good reason! These ultra-popular blankets are available in weights ranging from five to 30 pounds, and feature your choice of ultra-soft, washable covers. More than 35,000 reviewers tout the blanket's quality construction, and the even, soothing weight provided by (what must be) millions of tiny, glass microbeads.

A Back Scratcher That Offers Total Itch Relief

No one ever realizes just how crucial a great back scratcher is until there's that one pesky spot in the exact middle of their shoulders that they just can't seem to reach! The Cactus Scratcher not only gets every last itch, it's double sided and gentle enough for pets, too!

A Sink Caddy That Safely Stores It All

Umbra's simple-yet-genius flexible sink caddy conforms to the shape of your sink to store your sponges and brushes with ease. Made of plastic-coated wire, this caddy is non-slip for a secure fit. The perforated base allows for easy drainage which prevents the growth of mold. It can be cleaned simply with warm, soapy water.

A Viral Mascara You'll Absolutely Love

Permission granted by Walmart, Nicole Pierce-Flowers
Want a mascara that doesn't clump or fade? This Lash Princess False Lash mascara and its fiber brush are here to separate your lashes for long-lasting, bold definition. With over 100,000 positive reviews, this mascara is a total customer favorite.

Wrinkles? Not Anymore Thanks to This Steamer

Say buh-bye to annoying wrinkles with this garment steamer. It heats quickly and emits steam consistently for 8-10 minutes while the 6.5 feet power cord makes it easy to reach anywhere. When it gets too hot or runs low on water, the automatic shut-off feature comes in handy. Plus, this steamer can be used on other items around your house such as bedding, tablecloths, and curtains.

This TikTok Famous Cleaning Paste 

Made famous by TikTok, this best kept secret Pink Stuff cleaner works on virtually every surface. It's got over 100,000 rave reviews for its ability to clean anything from sinks to stove surfaces to rust and outdoor furniture, and more! I use it on my pots and pans and have never seen them sparkle like this before.

An Upholstery and Fabric Cleaner That Really Gets the Job Done

Chemical Guys is widely-known for its extensive collection of stain removers and deep cleaners, but this upholstery cleaner is particularly awesome as it cuts through stains in carpeting and clothing as well. Give it a try on that pesky spill you haven't quite gotten out of your living room sofa or that weird spot on your car's back seat!

A Helpful Stand for Keeping Your Laptop at Just the Right Height

Quit hunching over your laptop! It's awful for your back! Instead, invest in a stand that keeps you sitting up straight and tall. This is also a great stand for keeping tablets and cookbooks in place while you're busy with something else.

Mattifying Primer to Keep Your Face Feeling Fresh

Calling all makeup lovers! This primer is to die for. Oily-combination girl that I am, I never (ever) thought that I'd use something so thick on my skin, but this miracle product has proven me wrong. It smoothes textures and vanishes pores in an instant for a full day's worth of smooth skin.
Well-known as an inexpensive dupe for a high-end, luxury mascara brand, this L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara is incredibly long-lasting. Even better, the conditioning properties of the formula are gentle on sensitive eyes and prevent that stiff caking feeling on your lashes.

A Marvelously Rejuvenating Body Wash

With invigorating peppermint and acne-relieving tea tree oil, this body wash ticks all of the boxes for keeping your skin feeling refreshing, rejuvenated, and squeaky clean. Try it as a daily morning body wash in the shower or save it for a special spa day to use in a luxurious bubble bath.
An adorable, affordable mini waffle maker? I'm in. A particularly great gift for apartment dwellers with limited kitchen space who still love to do it up for a homemade weekend brunch, this under $20 find makes it all too easy to transform a humble countertop into a breakfast counter.
Especially in a post-COVID world, it's essential to bring a bit of tranquility to an everyday environment. This beautiful and affordable water feature is perfectly suited to do just that in your home office, your living room, your bedroom, or anywhere you could use a bit of a calming babble.

Facial Razors to Tidy Up Stray Hairs

This set of multipurpose razors is good for more than just eyebrow maintenance. They neatly and safely shave away pesky hair in any hard-to-reach spot, and the ability to gently shape your brows is a major bonus.
How in the world did I not think of these sooner? These blackout LED light covering stickers easily hide irritating blinks and flashes that keep you up at night or distract you while you're working. The varying sizes make it super easy to align just the right sticker to just the right light, so you never have to deal with that annoying red blink on your modem ever again!
Protect your countertops from scratches and heat damage with these heat-resistant trivets. This set of two squishy, stretchy silicone trivets from Joseph Joseph can withstand temperatures up to 428°F (220°C). And best of all, when it's time to clean-up, they're dishwasher-safe and fit together for space-saving storage.

This Cushy, Comfy Bath Mat

Stepping out of that hot, steaming shower onto cold tile is just... the worst. Even if you've upgraded to a flat bath mat on the floor, you know you're missing out. Enter this fuzzy, fluffy, foot-pleasing answer that easily cushions and comforts your soles.

The Very Comfiest Jogger Sweats

Where in the world has this pair of joggers been? Why in the world didn't I know about them, like... a lot sooner? Never mind. I know about them now, and I don't plan on wearing anything else for the foreseeable future. So cozy, so stretchy, and in so many fun colors, it's tough not to love this wardrobe staple.

Silicone Baking Cups That Let Your Muffins Slide Right Out of the Pan

Silicone has long been a game changer in the kitchen. Though silicone baking sheets have been around for ages, that just scratches the surface of how exceptionally helpful the material can be for nonstick, easy removal. Never get a muffin or cupcake stuck in its pan again with this colorful set of twelve baking cups.

This Bread Maker Replaces Your Dutch Oven

Permission from Lekue
If you've recently gotten into bread baking or have been churning out fresh loaves for a while, you've gotta see this Lekue bread maker. The unique design lets you proof in the bowl, then put the whole thing in the oven for tender bread with a crispy crust. The special design lets air circulate so the bread stays moist and won't dry out.

This Internet Viral Concealer

An under $15 best seller, this concealer comes in fifteen blendable and buildable shades that instantly cover blemishes and under-eye circles. Even better, the easy-to-use sponge applicator makes it a quick solution to those last minute makeup emergencies. This is an immediate *add to cart*.
An absolute must-have for any bathroom, anywhere, Poo-Pourri not only comes in a variety of fresh scents, it has by now become the type of product everyone recognizes and uses without having to wonder, "what's this?" Guests will waste no time helping you keep your bathroom... welcoming.

Stylish Shades at a Fabulous Price

Okay, how slick are these? If you're in need of a great pair of shades that don't break the bank, this pick is your stylish solution. Wear them to brunch with to complete your favorite 'fit, or keep them in your car for those moments you turn right into a glare.

A Toaster You Will Use (and Love) Every Day

Speaking of budget-friendly kitchen goodies, this exceptionally highly rated toaster comes in at under $20 and thousands of glowing five-star reviews. Take it from someone who went toaster-less for all of her twenties before finally getting one: as soon as you have it, you'll use it constantly!

Never Lose a Lid Again with This Organizer 

There are few things more aggravating than having to dig through the cabinet for a lid to match the tub you've just put all the dinner leftovers in. This handy organizer makes it all too easy to finally see all of those pesky lids in one place!

A Figure Flattering Dress You'll Wear Over and Over

There is almost nothing in the world as universally cute and comfortable as a wrap dress. It suits any and every occasion, it's incredibly flattering on every body type, and this one in particular is both highly rated and affordable.

The Multi-Purpose Emergency Assistant

If you've ever dealt with the irritations of a power outage, I don't have to tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to charge any of your devices or get any news. This hand crank radio is ideal for getting you through those unexpected outages when you're feeling stranded.

The Ultimate Nighttime Sleep Mask 

This overnight mask aims to exfoliate, moisturize, and brighten your skin. It gently removes dead skin cells without drying out your skin to combat dullness and reveal smoother skin. It's lightweight without a sticky or greasy feeling. It can even be used in the morning before you start your day.

A Slick and Stylish Phone Case

Give your phone a little love with this stunningly fashionable wallet-like case. Made with RFID blocking material inside of its lining for maximum security (both for your phone and your necessary cards), you can be sure that your phone is both chic and safe.

Insulation Pads Designed for Outlets? Yes, Really.

Kristin Polig with Duck Brand PR Falls & Co.
I'm not sure who ever came up with this idea, but they are an absolute genius. Insulating outlets and light switches is a handy (and inexpensive!) way to prevent drafts wandering through crevices and make your home more energy efficient on a budget.

These Stretchy, Comfy Workout Tops

Cute, comfy crew neck tees are an absolute staple, and these moisture-wicking, super stretchy, and workout-friendly shirts come in two packs of versatile colors. Runner and yoga junkie that I am, I'm stocking up.

This Butter Bell® Crock Lets You Always Have Soft Butter on Hand

Permission from L. Tremain
Cold butter is the worst to spread since it tears up your bread and stays in clumps. Always have soft, spreadable butter on hand with this cute Butter Bell® Crock. It's super low-maintenance, too, just fill with water to the marked line, changing it every three days to keep unrefrigerated butter fresh for a month!

A Relaxed, Cozy Blanket Perfect for Any Room

Incredibly versatile and universally attractive, thisDII throw blanket suits any room. Though it comes in fourteen colors, I have to say I'm particularly in love with this sunny yellow that brightens up any space inside or outside.

Your New Favorite Everyday Sweatshirt

Versatile, comfortable, and all too easy to simply grab and pair with just about anything, a good men's sweatshirt suits pretty much every occasion you can think of. Hanes knows what they're doing with everyday comfort, and at prices this affordable, grab more than a few of these to round out your wardrobe.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a truly great robe these days? And I love spending a lazy Sunday morning in my robe! Well, this under $30 find is not only exceptionally comfortable, it's also the perfect length and it comes in twelve flattering colors.

Faux Vines That Will Turn Any Wall Into a Secret Garden

Whether or not you've jumped on the #cottagecore bandwagon yet, you've undoubtedly admired an ivy-covered wall and thought to yourself, "isn't that pretty?" I'm personally a big fan of this faux pick as a backdrop for photos and backyard parties, but it can be easily incorporated into year-round decor, too.

A Garlic Roller That Makes Chopping Fun

Yes, yes, we've all been told not to play with our food, but you know what? Sometimes, it's just way too much fun to resist. This little garlic chopper is easy to use, easy to clean, and will have you thinking fondly back to your Hot Wheels days.

A Baker's Favorite Tool: A Bench Scraper

If you're a baker like me, you're probably already familiar with the lifesaving device known as the bench scraper. Even if you're not... well, you will be soon. This one is especially handy with its comfy rubber grip and its helpful measurements etched into the edge. You'll find a hundred excuses to use this around the kitchen.

A Milk Frother to Make Cappuccinos Right at Home

Permission from Zulay Kitchen
Latte lovers and affogato aficionados will appreciate the ability to make their very own tasty treats right at home with this under $20 milk frother that perfectly whips your morning coffee. Even matcha, notoriously difficult to blend just so, is no match for the surprising power of this handy gadget.

A Glam Hanging Board to Your Office Wall

Gold decor is having a moment, and that isn't going away anytime soon! This eye-catching, metallic wall organizing solution is a fun and unique alternative to the typical cork board and can still artfully display everything from photos to postcards to markers and pens.

A Gorgeous Display for Your Plants

Speaking of artful displays, how cute are these little planters? Even if you're not a particularly adept green thumb, everyone can embrace the happy presence of an easy to care for aloe plant, and in a sweet little geometric holder like one from this pair, you're well on your way to becoming a top notch plant lover.

This Celestial Garland for Dreamy Decor

There is something so very relaxing about a display of the phases of the moon, which makes this glistening gold garland perfect for bedroom decor. Add it to a fun gallery wall or use it as a statement piece - you really can't go wrong.