49 Things on Amazon We're Ready to Buy Right Now

Published June 24, 2022
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Amazon has a variety of gems to assist with everyday tasks, big and small. We put our heads together and considered all the different things we do daily, from cleaning to cooking to driving around town. This is a list of items for all: the homebody, the adventurer, the parent, the gifter, the professional napper, the chef, and more. Whether you're trying to maintain your car's cleanliness or ensure your meals are cooked to the appropriate temperature, we've found products that help make life a little easier.

These Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows give you the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel without the expensive price point. Sold as a pack of two with down alternative filling, these pillows are cooling and comfortable while you sleep. The pillows have a bounce-back construction, meaning they won't lose their shape as you move. Suitable for all back, stomach, and side sleepers!


Crusty, dry, callused and cracked feet are a fact of life for many of us, but they don't have to be! This incrediblypopular foot peel helps to remove layers of dry, dead skin from your feet, leaving them supple and baby-soft - after some very satisfying bouts of peeling, of course. Check out the thousands of glowing reviews (and hundreds of satisfyingly gross reviewer photos) to see what the peeling process looks like.

Have you ever been driving and need your lip balm, a mint, or phone but realized your bag's in the backseat? Because I certainly have. Keep your purse and small items nearby with this car cache, so you don't have to do that uncomfortable reaching towards the backseat. It can also be a car barrier keeping your pets in the backseat. This mesh cache is easy to install as you hook each of the two carabiners to the front headrests, and you're ready to go!

The magic is in the name "All Natural Remedy Soap" for your feet and body. Soothe itchy skin, hydrate, and refresh with aloe, tea tree, and peppermint oils. It's a powerful odor eliminator that helps calm skin irritations, including jock itch, athlete's foot, and ringworm. You can use this shower gel for post-gym workouts or daily showers. This Truremedy Natural soap also has over 20,000 exceptional reviews!


Accomplish your car vacuuming needs with this high-power small handheld car vacuum. Not only does it clean up the crumbs and dirt on your mats and seats, but this vacuum set also comes with three heads: brush head, extension tube, and flathead hose to get those hard-to-reach spots in your vehicle. Use it to vacuum your kid's car seat, inner seatbelt buckle area, and under the seats. You won't run out of charge since it comes with a 16-foot cord that hooks up to your car's 12V outlet. Store this vacuum and accessories in the included storage bag and keep it in your trunk.

Gather and organize your outdoor cables, garden hoses, and equipment cables with these Easy-Carry Wrap-It Storage Straps. Each strap has a seven-inch adjustable Velcro strap with a heavy-duty handle so that you can sort each cable and easily carry it for your outdoor tasks. Other uses can be to hold your garden hose, workout mat, and car cables. Hang these on your garage wall, or keep them in your trunk.

Pimple patches are a staple in your toiletry cabinet and bag when you're on the go. These Dots for Spots Acne Pimple Patches keep you from picking those pesky zits and blemishes while treating them with vegan ingredients (fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and phthalates free). These small but might patches are suitable for all skin types and must be worn for at least six hours. I use pimple patches and have had nothing but success! For best results, be sure to cleanse your face, dry the acne area, and wear the patch overnight.


This is a friendly reminder to check your AirPods and earbuds because they may probably definitely need a thorough cleaning. This is a 3-in-1 dual-sided tool. One side has a delicate sponge to remove dust from the case. The other side has two means; a brush to clean the outside of the sound outlet and a metal pen tip to get any stubborn dirt. Your AirPods and earbuds will be looking brand new again! Trust me. They need it.

Whether going on a road trip or running an errand, help your backseat friends and family sit comfortably while watching their favorite movie, reading, or playing a game on a tablet or mobile device. This mount can rotate to fit the comfort and needs of your passengers, so there is no need to have their heads and neck bent looking down at a screen. No hardware or adhesives are required to install! Simply raise the front headrest and install the brackets to each rod. There are anti-slip and anti-vibration pads on the inner brackets to keep your electronic devices as steady as possible for each trip.

An all-in-one sheet set that looks luxurious and is easy to maintain. This six-piece set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases. The pieces are moisture-resistant, providing a comfortable and super soft feel with their microfiber material. This set is easy to clean as it's machine washable, and colors won't fade after washing. These are a great addition to your own bedding collection or as a housewarming gift!


Who couldn't use one of these GeeKey multi-tools? It can perform the work of more than 16 tools in one small gadget the size of a key. From a bike spoke key to a wire stripper to screwdrivers, wrenches, can openers, and more, it's like having MacGyver in your pocket.

I'm done with the frustration of using those plastic air vent phone mounts in the car and have switched to the Steelie Magnetic Phone Mounting System along with converting my husband. Since we each use it, we needed an extra Steelie dash ball for both of our cars. It keeps your phone in place so securely but lets you rotate from portrait to landscape mode so easily!

I'm pretty much an athleisure connoisseur at this point since it's all I wear, and I'd rate these best-selling leggings a perfect ten. The flattering high waist smooths and holds you in, and the "peach skin" fabric is beyond comfortable. With over 80,000 glowing reviews and 21 colors to choose from, you know these are going to quickly become your fave leggings.


Hearing loss caused by loud noise is no joke, so stay on the safe side to avoid permanent damage. These high-fidelity, noise-reducing Loop Earplugs let you hear everything, just a little less loud. Perfect for concerts, festivals, or screaming kids, these ear plugs give you a perfect fit with their included four sizes of soft silicone ear tips.

There was a time when my eldest was a baby that I decided to sew all her clothes (temporary insanity?). What I would have done for That Purple Thang - it's literally a sewer's magic wand since it can thread elastic and ribbon, give you beautifully crisp, turned-out corners, and serve as a 1/4 inch guide for hems. Give this to every quilter or crafter in your life, you'll get four total "thangs" so you can make it rain for all your favorite makers.

I brought this brush set on our family vacation to keep my toddler's water bottles clean and ready to use daily! I love that it's flat, making it easy to pack into a bag or luggage. It's great that it comes with a dual-sided straw cleaner, especially for those tough-to-reach spots in water bottle caps. I also use it at home for cups or bottles that aren't dishwasher safe. At under $10, I highly recommend this brush set!


Okay, this is the coolest lunch bag. No need to add an ice pack to this bag because the PackIt comes with freezable gel walls, AND it's collapsible?! Brilliant. Fold and store in your freezer until you need it to hold your drinks and food for a work day or a day out. This cooler has a zipper closure, a front Velcro closure, and a buckle along the back to attach to a tote, backpack, or stroller. It comes in a ton of prints to fit your style. The PackIt Cooler Lunch Bag is an excellent gift to friends and family with different styles.

These pillow covers protect your pillows from bed bugs, dust mites, mildew, liquids, and more. Insert your pillow into each cotton terry protector, zip to close, and voila! Your pillows are now protected with these hypoallergenic covers. These SureGuard covers come as a pack of two with a 10-year quality guarantee and are Greenguard Certified. And yes, the pillow protectors are machine washable and dryer-friendly on low heat.

I was blown away by this Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock with more than 40,000 reviews and a five star rating! It checks all the boxes for both indoor and outdoor adventures: packable attached storage bag, heavy-duty carabiners, and talon straps. Another cool feature is that this hammock has five separate loops so that you can adjust it to your desired height. It's made of soft, durable parachute nylon and measures nine feet in length and four and a half feet in width. No worries if this hammock takes a hit from the weather or spills; it's machine washable, and you can hang it to dry.


You're already working hard cooking a delicious dish together, so let's not make things any more difficult. This KIZEN brand digital meat and poultry thermometer can also be used to check baked goods or liquids. It's easy to read your food's temperature on the large LED screen, and it's great for use in the kitchen as well as outdoor grills. This thermometer has auto-on and auto-off features and a temperature chart as a quick guide to reference typical meat temperatures.

Add these tactical flashlights to your home for daily use or an emergency kit. With LED lights, an anti-roll head feature, a zoomable light feature, and water and drop resistance, you can find comfort in knowing you're prepared for anything from walking your pet at night to a blackout. These come as a pack of two small flashlights with two holsters for storage in your home, bag, or backpack.

Rediscover those beautiful fabrics of your furniture, car seats, and carpets with this pet hair remover tool. This tool is a reusable pet hair lint roller within a dustbin to hold all the gathered pet hair. To remove pet hair from surfaces, all you have to do is roll this tool back and forth along the surface of your sofa, seat, or carpet. A soft cloth layer on the bottom of this tool keeps your furniture and surfaces safe from scratches. When finished, empty the dustbin into the trash and admire your refreshed furnishings.


You won't need to balance or lean your phone against a random house object while shooting content anymore. This ring light and tripod are essential for content creators and social media mavens. You can live stream, take photos (yup, it has a small wireless remote that connects to your device), and record your content hands-free! The 10-inch ring light has different tone settings from daylight to cool so that you can create quality content all day and night. The tripod can stand at heights from around 16 to 50 inches to meet your needs. And when you're done with your creative project, just collapse the tripod and store it in your closet.

Pet parents, we understand that you want to bring your furry friend along for a car ride, but you also want to protect your seats. We love this pet seat cover protector for your car's backseat or trunk. It has four layers of comfortable cotton, two separate layers of waterproof coating, and a non-slip rubber backing so that the cover stays. This cover also protects your seats against your pet's claws, their hairs can be vacuumed or wiped away, and any spills can be hosed off or cleaned with a damp towel. There are also four buckles with heavy-duty anchors and two side anchors to cover the outer sides of your seats. Your pet will be comfortable for the ride as the car seats are protected.

I love a solid handheld steamer because it's easy to use and store. This Hilife steamer works to get those wrinkles out of different fabrics, including cotton, silk, chiffon, wool, linen, and nylon. And it's super user-friendly; fill the container with water, plug in the 9-ft. power cord, and steam your garments for up to 15 minutes. Save some space in your home, or bring it along for travel!


Get quality sound wherever you are with this portable speaker by the renowned brand JBL. Connect your phone or tablet for wireless streaming and let this echo-canceling speaker play your favorites for up to 10 hours. It also has a built-in metal carabiner to hook onto your backpack, bag, or belt. The big notes about this speaker are that it's durable and waterproof, so you have nearly nothing to think about when it comes to this speaker other than what song you want to play.

Spare yourself the frantic moments searching for your keys and wallets. Check out this Esky Key Finder Set that comes with a transmitter, a charging wire, and five key tags. Charge your letter-labeled key tag and attach it to those commonly lost objects such as the remote, house and car keys, wallets, and more. After fully charging, the key tag will have about six months of wireless use! The key tag will signal its location with a beep and a bright light.

This backpack will simplify packing your drinks and cold or hot food for a day out. It's leak proof, so you can fill it with ice or pack soup without worry. Design-wise, this backpack has a thick padded back and padded adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. There are also a ton of storage compartments to carry bottled water, wine, juice, and canned beverages. And, of course, extra pockets for small accessories. Great for a family picnic, hike with friends, beach day, or any of your outdoor adventures.


Have you ever looked at all those random batteries in your junk drawer and wondered, "Will any of these even work anymore?" Well, wonder no more with this battery organizer AND tester. Step 1: Gather all of the loose batteries around your home. Step 2: Use the tester to see if the battery is good or needs replacement. Step 3: Organize into the appropriate size slot. This organizer holds up to 93 batteries in sizes AA, AAA, C, D, 9-Volt, and Flat. It can be stored in a drawer, closet, tool bench, or mounted to the wall.

Making homemade pie crust is a feat on its own, but getting it to precisely the right size by eyeing it? A nearly impossible feat made easy thanks to this highly-rated silicone dough rolling bag. Use it for pie crust, pizza dough, and more, plus it makes clean up a breeze!

Need to increase your privacy but don't want to use boring opaque window film? Try this kaleidoscope pattern privacy film to capture a plethora of rainbows on sunny days! The best part? It installs with just water and static cling - no messy glues or adhesives to deal with!


As much as I hate to admit it, my parents are getting up there in age. With that comes some side effects like arthritis, especially in their hands. This convenient bottle and can opener that comes in a pack of two lends a helping hand to those with limited grip strength or dexterity.

How genius is this stretchy cell phone wallet? Now all your VIP creds, cards, and cash can stay right with your phone, just attach with the built-in 3M tape! Comes in 12 cool colors and is compatible with wireless charging.

Totally change your tablet experience with this matte iPad screen protector. It feels like you're drawing or writing on actual paper because it adds friction and resistance to the iPad glass, so artists can get super-precise detail and note takers can up their productivity. It has cool features like Nanodots technology that scatters light so your screen colors are "pixel perfect" and it works with Face ID, too.


Yes, my kids should probably learn to tie their shoes at some point, but these tieless shoelaces are what's working for us now. They're my saving grace to getting everyone out the door on time in the morning, the kids can just slip on their sneaks before the mad dash to the bus. These fit all types of shoes and are one size fits all for kids and adults.

This bamboo bag is giving summer style in a major way. It'll look perfect with all your sundresses, rompers, and warm weather 'fits, and you can easily up the cute factor by tying on a silky scarf. It comes in small or large depending on how much you need to hold!

Yes, it happens - sometimes we don't finish a bottle of bubbly in one go. On those occasions, use this champagne stopper to keep your sips sparkly until the next round of mimosas. With over 4,500 rave reviews for a perfect five-star rating, you can trust that this handy gadget has your back.


It can be such a literal pain in the neck to have to look down at your tablet while you're trying to follow a recipe or catch up on streaming shows. This gooseneck tablet holder stand is going to be your new BFF since it'll hold your tablet exactly where you need it for whatever you're doing! The clamp mounts to tables, countertops, night tables, whatever so you can comfortably consume media to your heart's content.

If you go to bed much later than your partner, it can be hard to wind down with a good book without keeping them awake. This LED book light is the answer - the entire transparent panel has a warm, clear glow that makes reading in the dark easy. You'll get a set of two so you can take one on the go, perfect for when the airplane WiFi goes out on a night flight!

Want a multifunctional kitchen gadget that looks as good as it works? The Spoon Buddy needs to jump in your cart! It'll yes, keep your spoon clean as you're cooking, but also triples as a jar opener, a pot lid lifter, and a half-cup measurer.


The metal sink strainer we have gets the job done mostly, but it's prone to clogs and is impossible to keep clean. This Dripsie Sink Strainer is a much better idea - it lets liquid drain even when it's full thanks to anti-clog technology, is easy to scrub clean, and is a universal size to fit most standard sink drains.

I've got loads of keys on my keychain, from my house, my mom's, my dad's, the car, and probably some unidentified ones. This FreeKey System makes it easy to group keys so you have easier access when detaching them. It also makes getting keys on and off so easy, no more painstakingly threading through the keyring coil, you can just squeeze to open the key ring!

It can be frustrating when you're trying to charge your devices while you're relaxing but you don't want a bunch of cords in your way. This Sofa Socket makes charging on the sofa, air mattress, or arm chair simple with its unique pop-out arm that secures it and two fast-charging USB ports. And it comes with a 10-foot cord so you don't even need to be that close to an outlet!


Finding something in the black abyss that is your handbag is a challenge unless you've got one of these Soi Handbag Lights. The motion sensor light turns on with the wave of a hand and stays on for ten seconds so you stop searching, start finding. Plus, it'll hold it's charge for 6,000 cycles, so you can go almost a year without recharging!



Ok, this may be getting too personal, but you know how regular toilet paper doesn't really get you clean, but your plumber's sick of getting calls about flushable wipes clogging your toilet? This toilet paper foam creates instant flushable wipes that are actually pipe-friendly and get you so fresh & so clean. It has witch hazel and aloe to cleanse and soothe, plus comes in a sensitive skin version too for us delicate types.

There's no doubt that s'mores are pretty much the perfect treat, but we can't always have a campfire handy. Now you can enjoy them all year round, no matter the weather with this microwave s'mores maker! It perfectly heats the graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate at the same time, so you have a toasty treat in your hands in less than 30 seconds.


Washing dishes while your camping can be a pain, but this sturdy wash and drain wash basin makes it so much easier. The drain has a strainer to catch food and debris, and lets you completely drain the basin in one step. The high sides keep soap suds and water from splashing out so there's less mess to clean up after cleaning up!

With two growing kids and a hungry husband, our fruit bowl is always filled with fresh and not-so-fresh treats. These prefilled fruit fly traps have really helped cut down the number of disgusting fruit flies that seem to swarm out of nowhere! They come in a pack of six and each lasts 30 days, so you'll enjoy a fruit fly-less experience for quite a while.

If you (or your kids) can't quite finish a canned beverage in one go, these clear soda can lids preserve freshness until you're thirsty again! I use this pack of six for seltzers, juices, and sodas - they're also perfect for the beach or any outside gathering where you don't want to worry about sand or bugs in your drink. With over 8,000 rave reviews, these handy gadgets are keepers for sure!

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