Oh, Amazon. Always there with simple solutions to our daily tasks, yet most of us overlook these helpful tools and gadgets. But not anymore! We've put our (slightly) obsessive brains together to search through Amazon to find you amazing products that you'll need to add to your cart, NOW. From kitchen stove toppers to create even more counter space to a kid-friendly designed compact first aid kit, we've thought of nearly every task you could approach, and we've found a solution, a helper, for each one.

This Top of Stove Magnetic Shelf Gives You So Much More Space

It's so convenient to store spices, salt, pepper, and oils near the stove, but the top of the appliance is so narrow and I don't want to clutter my counters. I've been using this top of stove magnetic shelf to hold all my cooking handy helpers and it's made a world of difference. Now there's room for everything I need, making cooking that much simpler!

This Fuzzy Ball Hand Towel is So Unique

When I came across this fuzzy ball hand towel I knew I had to share it with you guys! It's such a unique take on the bathroom hand towel, and dries so much faster, too, since it's made from microfiber! It's a towel that doubles as decor, and you'll get a set of two to use together or in separate bathrooms.
My 11-year-old is obsessed with this microscope keychain. I love that it's fostering her science-obsessed brain and it's small enough she can take anywhere for on-the-go investigation. This gets excellent reviews for ease of use and high-powered magnification!
Nothing says summer party like Tiki lamps, and these ones have built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite tunes! They lend the perfect atmosphere once the sun sets with their subtle LED flickering flame glow and amazing sound quality. This pair will play for up to nine hours so they can probably party harder than you.

This Bed Maker Tool Gives You Hotel-Perfect Sheets

I love a crisply-made bed with perfect sheets, but I'm not willing to spend a ton of time getting it that way. For lazy perfectionists like me, there's this bed maker tool that works like a charm. Now you can get a hotel-quality experience by barely lifting a finger!

This Cup Rinser Makes Clean Up Simple

I can't tell you how obsessed I am with this cup rinser that makes dirty jobs easy peasy lemon squeezy. The high pressure water flow quickly cleans out smoothie cups with stuck on debris, latte cups, baby bottles, big water bottles, cocktail glasses, mason jars, whatever you got! And it's engineered to let the water drain out at just the right angle. Installation takes seconds and it's such an upgrade!

This Stretchy Phone Strap Lets You Get a Grip

Phone cases can be so slippery, but this stretchy phone strap lets you get a handle on your device. The silicone straps, which come in 10 fashionable colors, work with any phone case and allow for wireless charging. Over 1K rave reviews cite things like extra thickness and width that make this strap more durable than others.

These Light Switch Key Hangers Save Your Sanity

Constantly losing your keys? Me, too. But these light switch key hangers have made such a difference, because I always know exactly where they are so I can get out the door without a frantic search!

This Pop-Up Fire Pit is Completely Portable

Want to take your fire pit on the go for impromptu weenie roasts or s'mores parties? This little number packs down small for easy transport, and then effortlessly pops up wherever you happen to land. Perfect for camping, beach parties, or festivals!

Keep Your Hands Clean with This Burger Holder

I love BBQ season and loading my burgers up with toppings and sauces, but I don't love what a mess it makes when I take bite. Enter these silicone burger holders - they hold all the mess and are more eco-friendly than using a million napkins! Easy to clean, too, just throw 'em in the dishwasher.

An All-Natural Therapeutic Foot and Body Soap

The magic is in the name "All Natural Remedy Soap" for your feet and body. Soothe itchy skin, hydrate, and refresh with aloe, tea tree, and peppermint oils. It's a powerful odor eliminator that helps calm skin irritations, including jock itch, athlete's foot, and ringworm. You can use this shower gel for post-gym workouts or daily showers. This True Remedy Natural product has over 29,000 positive reviews on Amazon!

Translucent Pimple Patches for Zits and Blemishes

Pimple patches are a staple in your toiletry cabinet and bag when you're on the go. These Dots for Spots Acne Pimple Patches keep you from picking those pesky zits and blemishes while treating them with vegan ingredients (fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and phthalates free). These small but mighty patches are suitable for all skin types and must be worn for at least six hours. I use pimple patches myself and have had nothing but success!

An Exfoliating Foot Treatment

Gift yourself or a friend a foot spa moment with a Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. This comes as a pack of two pairs of feet masks formulated with natural ingredients and botanical extracts. These masks look like booties to be worn for an hour and then rinsed promptly. There are over 15,000 reviews about how this foot mask work as cracked skin on heels and dead skin peel when used correctly.

A Complete Sheet Set with Colors That Won't Fade

An all-in-one sheet set that looks expensive and is easy to upkeep. This six-piece set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases. The pieces are moisture-resistant, providing a comfortable and super soft feel with their microfiber material. This is a machine washable set, and the colors won't fade after washing. These are a great addition to your bedding collection or as a housewarming gift!

An Elevated and Easy Inflatable Air Mattress

With its built-in pump, this queen-sized premium waterproof mattress inflates in just two minutes. It's also double the height of a standard air mattress with a super soft flocked top, enabling it to offer more support and comfort to you and your guests. This air mattress comes with a storage bag, so it's easy to store in your closet for guests or to take on a camping trip.

A Rechargeable Lighter with an Extra Long Wand

Swap out your old lighter and boxes of matches for this flameless and odorless lithium-powered lighter.This rechargeable lighter also has an extra-long wand to keep your hands away from the primary contact area, whether that be a deep candle wick, grill, or firepit.

Maintain, Protect, and Restore Your Cutting Boards

This is a friendly reminder that your cutting boards, countertops, and butcher blocks need more TLC. After cleaning these surfaces and allowing them to dry, use Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil to restore and protect them. This mineral oil will help prevent cracks and drying of your cutting boards. You can also use this mineral oil on your knives, wooden utensils, stainless steel, marble, and soapstone surfaces. It's food-safe, tasteless, odorless, colorless, and gluten-free.

A Relaxing Headrest with Neck Support for the Bath

Complete your at-home spa day with this Bathtub Pillow by Bath Haven. It has Quilted Air technology, meaning the material has constant airflow and won't get soggy or hot. There are six suction cups on the back of this pillow so that it won't slide as your slip away into total relaxation. This luxe bath pillow has cushions to support your head, neck, back, and shoulders. When you're done with your spa moment, you can hang it to dry by its included hook and then store it in its storage bag.

Luxurious Pillows to Keep You Cool at Night

Treat yourself! Feel like you're staying at a luxurious hotel without the high cost, and get a great night's rest with these Beckham Hotel Collection pillows.Sold as a pack of two with down alternative filling, these pillows are cooling and comfortable while you sleep. The pillows have a bounce-back construction, meaning they won't lose their shape as you move. Suitable for all back, stomach, and side sleepers!

A Clipper Set to Take On Even the Toughest Nails

This nail clipper set includes two clippers: one for fingernails and one for toenails. Made from stainless steel, these clippers are durable and easy to use to trim your nails and get those uncomfortable ingrowns. The clippers also have a built-in nail file so that you can take care of your nails with just one tool. I tend to misplace my nail clippers, so that's why I love that this set also comes with a pouch. Keep it with the rest of your toiletries or pack it for travel.

A Car VacuumThat You Can Store in Your Car

This high-powered handheld car vacuumwill help you meet your car cleaning needs. Not only does it clean up the crumbs and dirt on your mats and seats, but this vacuum set also comes with three heads: brush head, extension tube, and flathead hose. Use each different vacuum head to get those hard-to-reach spots in your vehicle. You can also use this vacuum to clean your kid's car seat, inner seat belt buckle area, and under the seats.

Organize Your Cords with These Heavy-Duty Straps

Gather and organize that messy pile of cords with these Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps. This set of six straps in assorted sizes fits your small cables to your larger, thick wires. Each strap can hold up to 50 lbs when hung on the wall, so think anything from yoga mats and shovels!

Get Rid of Your Feet's Dead and Dry Skin with a Foot File

Get rid of those calluses and dead skin with this simple foot tool. This foot file can be used on wet or dry feet and helps you care for dry, cracked feet. The Bare August Glass Foot File also comes with a cover, instantly making it travel-friendly.

Use These Wall-Adhesive Multifunctional Hooks in Your Home

Decorate your walls with these multifunctional silicone hooks. These come in a pack of six assorted pastel colors so that they can go with any room. They're also waterproof, and the silicone columns will firmly hold your home items. Set up these self-adhesive hooks in your bathroom to fit your washcloth, toothbrush, and razor. You can keep small handy kitchen tools within quick reach by sticking the hooks to your wall above your countertop (think bottle opener, small spatula, or mixing spoon). You can even organize your phone chargers and wires with these hooks.
Create good feng shui in your bathroom with this heavy-duty bamboo bath mat. Place it outside of your shower or below your bathtub, and this non-slip bath mat allows water to evaporate faster with its raised height. For quick storage on bathroom cleaning days, fold this bamboo mat, and place it in your closet to store.

Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean and Collect Your Lint with This Set

Skip the mess of trailing lint from your dryer with this lint bin and brush set. You'll be able to effectively clean your dryer vent, collecting all the lint and excess fabric post-dry cycle. Instead of having to bring it to your garbage bin, you can discard the lint into the magnetic lint bin that conveniently attaches to your dryer. Don't want to connect it directly to your dryer? No worries! This lint bin also has a hole to mount to your nearest wall.

No More Guessing Whether the Dishes are Clean or Not

With this dual-sided dishwasher magnet indicator, you won't need to figure out if your dishes are clean anymore. Its thin and trendy design keeps it low-key and goes with any kitchen design. All you have to do is flip it after loading the dishwasher to indicate if the dishes are dirty or clean. Great for busy households and makes it one less thing for you to figure out!

Keep Baby Safe with These Cord String Keepers

I'm a parent. I get it. Nearly everything seems to be a hazard once you have a baby. Blind cords are certainly no exception. That's why I think these blind cord safety wraps are an excellent idea to have set up throughout your home. These wraps come in a pack of four and serve as hooks for you to wrap excess blind cords. Be sure to install these safety wraps higher up on the wall to keep them out of your baby's and young kids' reach.
Use this multifunctional sprayer to help with your cooking needs. Fill the glass container with olive oil, lemon juice, water, vinegar, or your cooking sauce to spray onto your food rather than drench in these cooking liquids. The refillable bottle comes with a non-clogging nozzle and handle that allows you to spray as much or as little olive oil as you desire. Use this sprayer to prep pans for cooking or as a finishing flavor to your dishes. Or fill it with water to spray your plants!

Slow Down Your Dog's Eating to Help Reduce Bloating and Choking Hazards

I have a Labrador Retriever who would eat so fast that his body's digestion couldn't keep up. This may be TMI, but before having a slow feeder, our dog would gobble down his food and throw it all up within a few minutes. This slow feeder does its job in allowing your pet to eat without the rush. It gives their bodies time to digest the food, helps prevent bloating, and reduces choking hazards. I highly recommend this slow feeder!

A Rechargeable Light for Your Pet's Collar During Night Walks

Keep your furry friend safe on night walks with this rechargeable collar light. Night walks are pleasant but let's not forget to keep our pets safe, too! Add this small but effective light to your pet's collar before heading out so that cars and others can see your pet on a walk. This LED light can be easily clipped onto your pet's collar and has three lighting modes (high bright, medium bright, and flash). This is also a waterproof light to withstand the rain, snow, and puddles!

Make Your Favorite Grilled Cheese and Pananis with This Kitchen Gadget

Get that restaurant grilled cheese or panini without the mark-up price! Side note, I've been to places where a plain grilled cheese sandwich is over $10, and I still don't understand it. ANYWAY, this kitchen gadget uses microwavable metal plates and silicone handles, all of which can be placed together in your microwave to cook a delicious sandwich. The MACONEE Microwave Sandwich Maker uses a patented heatwave technology that mimics oven cooking. The non-stick plates and silicone handles are even dishwasher safe!

A Pan Cleaner That Won't Damage Your Cast Iron Skillet

Take care of your cast iron pans and skillets with the Pan Scraper Tool Set by Cuisinel. This set includes two pan scrapers and one grill scraper to remove those tough chunks of food from your surfaces without damaging them. You can even use these tools to stir flour, cut dough, and collect excess food on your countertops. These scrapers are made with food-grade durable silicone and have a grainy texture so you can grip and move them comfortably.

A Pizza Board for Prepping and Serving

Prep and serve your pizza all on one board. This pizza board has dual sides with different purposes. One side is flat to cut vegetables or other pizza toppings and prep your pizza or bread. This board allows you to place and grab your pizza to and from the oven. The other has a pizza shape carved out as a guide to slicing your pizza. You'll be able to cut your pieces into eight equal portions and serve right from the board.

This Flexible Fruit and Vegetable Scrubber Cleans and Preps Your Food

Scrub and prep your vegetables and fruit with this cute carrot-shaped kitchen tool. Made of durable and flexible materials, you won't need to put much work into scrubbing your vegetables like potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes. Thoroughly clean your food with gentle bristles as you can bend and wrap this kitchen tool around each vegetable and fruit. This comes as a set of two scrubbers and can be hung to dry after use and wash.

Clean Multiple Layers of Your Window Blinds with This Tool

Don't spend any more time than you need to on cleaning your blinds with this handy home tool. It's a handheld blinds cleaner that allows you to clean multiple blinds simultaneously. The seven rollers pick up dirt and dust from your window's blinds, leaving them refreshed and clean. Special microfibers grip the dust to keep it from re-entering your home's space. When you're done cleaning your blinds, simply hang this handheld tool to store!

Get the Dust Out of the Small Crevices of Your Windows

I feel like window grooves don't get the care that they need. That was before I discovered this Magic Window Groove Cleaning Brush. This tiny but mighty brush gets into the small crevices in your windows and can also be used to clean around the edges of your sink, stove racks, and keyboards. A multipurpose handheld tool that comes in a set of seven, the cleaning brush has a scouring pad that grips dirt and dust and helps remove stubborn stains.

A No-Mess Solution to Dispensing Pancake Mix

Another kitchen tool that I wish we had in our house growing up! This Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer and Dispenser is genius. Pour in the pancake batter mix and water, shake as the included blender ball will quickly and evenly mix the batter, and squeeze to dispenser your desired amount of batter into a pan or skillet. You can also use this kitchen tool for waffles or cupcake batter. Plus, it has a heat-resistant silicone dispenser, so it won't melt if it touches your pan surface. This pancake mixer and dispenser will keep your counters clean and clean-up minimal.

Keep Your Fitted Sheets on Your Mattress with These Helpful Straps

I understand your frustration when the fitted sheet doesn't work and stays on your mattress. You do one turn on to your side, and whoops! There goes a corner. These sheet straps will help keep your sheets in their place so you can sleep peacefully. This set of suspenders fasten to the corners and edges of your fitted sheet and are to be placed under your mattress. These bed sheet holder straps work on standard rectangular and circular mattresses and pads. You can sleep soundly while these adjustable straps hold your sheet tight!

A Not-So-Scary Compact First Aid Kit for Kids

First aid kits can be a bit intimidating to kids. My toddler runs for the hills as soon as I take out a bandaid from the box. I often look for kid-friendly (or less-scary) products and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this compact First Aid Kit for kids. I learned that it was created by a nurse and mom of two, so it's a reliable kit! This kit has 50 pieces of bandages of different sizes, first aid scissors, tweezers, tape, cotton applicator, burn cream, and plenty more. And, of course, it has stickers to comfort kids as you tend to their boo-boos. All that fits in a kid-friendly compact case to bring in your bag or backpack.

Non-Slip Bands to Keep Your Towel On Your Chair

Another simple yet brilliant invention: beach chair bands for your towels. No more needing to wrap or attempt to tie your towel around your beach chair or place a water bottle on it to weigh it down from the wind. These colorful towel bands wrap around your towel and chair, keeping your towel in place while you enjoy your outdoor play. The non-slip bands come in a pack of six and won't cause any comfort disruptions while you lounge. You won't lose your towel to the winds anymore!

These Bags Will Hold Your Family's Wet or Dirty Clothes

I've used these wet-dry bags since my little one was a newborn. These bags are great for holding wet or dirty clothes without any stains on the rest of your belongings in your tote or backpack. They come as a pack of two zippered bags that are waterproof and washable so that the bags can be reused again and again! Bring to hold your wet bathing suits after a day at the beach or pool. I use wet-dry bags to store my toddler's diapers and spare clothes anytime we head out the door.

Practical Ice Pops That You Won't Have to Wiggle Out of the Molds

I feel quite frustrated when my toddler keeps asking me for an ice pop, but I can't wiggle the popsicle fast enough out of its mold! I was so relieved when I came across these squeezable silicone popsicle molds. It saves adults the time and frustration of removing the pops from the standard molds and lets the kids enjoy a treat sooner. This set of six popsicle molds also comes with attached lids so that you can pour your fruit juice or smoothie mix in, cover, and place in the freezer. You can also use these molds as snack holders for nuts or candy.

Festive Summer Floating Drink Holders for the Pool

Give your summer drinks some fun personality with these festive floating drink holders. These holders come in a pack of 12 assorted designs from pineapples to swans, giving each of your guests an easy way to identify their drink in the pool. Since these are floating holders, you and your guests can cool off in the water without having to leave your drinks on the side of the pool. Simply inflate and place your cup up to 20 oz. into the float, and enjoy the summertime!
This racerback bra clip is an essential item in your bra drawer. A set of four basic colored clips turns any standard cut bra into a racerback bra. These strong clips hold your straps in a racerback style, so you can wear dresses and tank tops with that back style sans straps showing. This clip is easy to put on and take off and can be reused repeatedly!

A Seamless Hair Catcher for Your Shower and Tub

Keep your hair from clogging shower and tub drains with this square-shaped hair catcher. It comes as a pack of two catchers with suction-cupped bottoms so that it doesn't slide all over the bottom of your shower or tub. It lays flat so it won't disrupt your floor or comfort during bathtime. This catcher can also be used as a catcher in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or laundry tub to avoid clogging.
A great gift idea for kids that's also super useful for rainy weather. What makes this umbrella special? It changes colors as it gets wet from the rain! Kids will enjoy seeing new colors reveal themselves with different prints, from unicorns to rocket ships. This is the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday and one that any kid would remember.
I'm always sure to pack these mess-free coloring books for my toddler. I don't have to worry about them getting colorful ink on surfaces. This coloring book set of two comes with two water pens. When the water pen touches the coloring book, it activates the color, which wows kids! These coloring books also include activities kids can complete as they color each page. Mess-free water coloring books also make a great gift for toddlers!

An Affordable Set of Cute Silk Hair Ties

I love the look of silk hair ties, but I tend to turn away due to the higher cost. Luckily, I've found a budget-friendly set of these ten small silk hair ties. I love this set's neutral and pastel colors and prints that make them easy to match with any outfit. Silk ties are a better option to prevent hair breakage and creases caused by regular hair ties!

A Gentle Face Mask for Beginners

Do you want to use face mud masks but don't know where to begin? Check out this Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask - I've tried it myself, and it is super easy to apply. This has a cleansing clay that will remove makeup, dirt, and impurities from your face. It also gently exfoliates dead skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed. I have sensitive skin and didn't experience any irritation from this mask! Simply spread the product evenly over your face (avoiding the eyes), sit back and relax for just five minutes, and then rinse off.

Put these Amazon products to good use! Want to learn how to make your bed like a pro every morning? Be sure to read our expert article with instructions on making your bed. And if you're looking for a guide on how to throw a fun outdoor party, read our Outdoor Party Checklist.