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If you're looking for a way to give your spine a break, consider replacing your traditional purse or backpack with an AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag. As a frequent business traveler who is often on-the-go with a packed handbag, I truly love this bag. It is a great way to carry a wide variety of items while minimizing upper body stress.

AmeriBag HBB Design

The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag (HBB) offers a great way to carry a lot of gear in a way that is much more comfortable and better for your back than a traditional handbag or even a two-shoulder backpack style purse. That is because this bag has a unique teardrop shape designed specifically to follow the shape of your spine. Because of this design, the bag reduces stress to your back, shoulders and neck, as compared to carrying a traditional handbag.

Not only is the back more comfortable to carry than traditionally designed handbags, it is also a practical solution for carrying a wide variety of gear. Each size includes organizer pockets inside and out to help you keep track of your belongings and a clip to store your keys with easy reach. The main compartment is roomy enough to hold your wallet and a variety of other items, such as your make-up bag, a water bottle and more.

The current generation of these bags comes with a padded compartment that is hidden away and designed to hold a tablet. Of course, the size of bag you choose impacts what tablet you can carry, so keep this in mind when choosing a bag. Available sizes and corresponding tablet accommodations include:

  • Extra-small - 15" x 8" x 5.5" (will hold small tablets up to the size of an iPad mini)
  • Small - 7" x 9" x 6" (will tablets up to the size of a regular iPad)
  • Medium - 9" x 11" x 7" (will hold all size tablets)

Available Materials

In addition to coming in multiple sizes, the AmeriBag HBB comes in a variety of materials. From leather bags that look right at home with a business suit in the most formal of professional settings to several more casual options, there is a fabric for every setting. Material options include:

  • Leather - High quality, supple full grain leather (ideal for business use in even highly professional settings)
  • Microfiber - Soft, lightweight, and water-resistant (great for everyday use and smart casual business settings)
  • Nylon - Distressed, water-resistant, strong, and lightweight (terrific for everyday and outdoor use; ideal daypack for walking or light hiking)
  • Hemp - Soft, textured, and earthy (wonderful for casual settings; ideal for an eco-conscious wardrobe)
  • Vinyl - Shiny, trendy and polished (perfect for style-conscious, trendy wear)

Each fabric is available in a variety of different colors, from bright shades to earth tones, and even patterns. Check out the full collection at

Key Benefits

AmeriBag's HBB offers a number of key features and benefits, some related to the fact that they are attractive and practical solutions for carrying must-have items and other related to the fact that they are designed to help promote spinal health and wellness. Highlights include:

  • Even distribution of weight across your back (due to its teardrop shape)
  • Even distribution of weight within the bag (due to pocket design and placement)
  • Relieves stress from the back and shoulders due to contoured shape
  • Reduces back and shoulder discomfort associated with carrying a handbag
  • Feels lighter to carry than other style backs with the same amount of gear
  • Bag contents can be accessed without having to remove the bag from your bag
  • Adjustable strap for cross-body or shoulder carrying (both with the bag compartment on your back)
  • Wide variety of fabrics and colors to work with any wardrobe or setting

Great Bag for Everyone

Whether you are looking for an everyday bag or one that can get you through cross-country business trips, it would be hard to find a better option than the AmeriBag HBB. While the brand team sent me a bag at no cost to check out for review purposes, I can definitely see myself investing in an additional HBB bag (or two) to complete my handbag wardrobe. It's a terrific bag that actually helps reduce pain and boost wellness, while also looking great and providing a practical way to tote your gear. What could be better than that?

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