Chocolate Sun Body Scrub Review

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A good body scrub is essential for keeping skin renewed and fresh. Chocolate Sun Body Scrubs are one way to keep your skin looking great no matter what season it is. The product was provided to me at no charge, but all opinions are my own.

Chocolate Sun Dark Truffle Body Scrub Review

I received the Chocolate Sun Dark Truffle Body Scrub to use with the Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning products. It came in a lovely wide-mouthed 6-ounce jar. Prior to using the tanning products, I used the body scrub to exfoliate and prepare my skin.

Skin Condition

Unlike other body scrubs, this one did not irritate my skin. Instead, it left it feeling moisturized and soft. The scrub was gentle and I didn't experience any issues that would cause problems. The scrub is marketed as "detoxifying and hydrating" and I felt it fulfilled this claim. My skin was supple and smooth; I didn't feel like I had any build-up or other issues.


The scent was another key selling point for me. I found it quite decadent - just like the chocolate in its name!

Potential Downsides of the Scrub

While I found the scrub to be a great option for my skin, some people may not care for the chocolate scent (although there are other scents available). Also, the price tag is over $20, which might be out of budget for some people.

More Body Scrub Options

In addition to the Dark Truffle version, Chocolate Sun sells four more body scrubs. They are:

  • Cocoa Gardenia - This version is advertised as "decadent and hydrating."
  • Cranberry & Green Tea - You'll find this scrub is "protective and hydrating."
  • Lavender & Vanilla - The scrub is "calming and hydrating."
  • White Tea & Citrus - "Protective and invigorating" is how this scrub is marketed.

Buy Body Scrubs

The body scrubs are available for $22.50 through Chocolate Sun's website. Give one a try to see how your skin feels after your shower experience!

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Chocolate Sun Body Scrub Review