Chocolate Sun Lip Treatment Review

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Keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated year-round is good for your smile and your skin. Chocolate Sun's Lip Treats are just the right choice for your lip care needs. A tube of the treat was provided to me at no charge, but opinions are my own.

Personal Lip Balm Review

Along with the Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning products, I received a free tube of the Pure Vanilla Lip Treat. My thoughts on using the lip treat were:

  • The smell is lovely -- a light vanilla scent that wasn't overpowering.
  • The lip treat appears slightly yellow, but is clear upon application.
  • It goes on without a hitch - it has a nice feel and keeps lips hydrated.
  • There is just a hint of graininess on rare occasions. However, this is barely detectable.

I found the lip treat to be a great option to keep my lips supple. At just $5 per tube, this is a luxury buy on a shoestring budget! Add it to a spa gift basket or use it as a stocking stuffer.

More Chocolate Sun Lip Treat Options

Multiple fragrances of the lip treat are available. They include:

  • Berry Lip Treat
  • Creme Brulee Lip Treat
  • Green Apple Blossom Lip Treat
  • Plum Lip Treat
  • Vanilla Mint Lip Treat

Keep in mind these are scented lip treatments - they are not flavored.

Purchase Lip Treatments

You can buy the lip treats online at Chocolate Sun's website. The natural treatments come in a standard lip balm size tubes. Buy several since there's a flat shipping fee of $8 per order.

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Chocolate Sun Lip Treatment Review